Monday, March 23, 2009

Time to Rhyme

It's been a while since I've let myself write poetry. My heart hasn't been in it. Tonight in my Monday night Big Yellow writing group, I decided it's about time. And not just poetry, but rhymes. I love rhyming, so that's what I wrote about in poem # 2.
Poem # 1: Untitled
If a heart breaks in pieces
Does it glue itself back together
Or does it take on a new shape
Like rising dough on a warm day?
Poem # 2: Time to Rhyme
I think it’s time
I returned to rhyme
Forget that I’m still bemoaning
The toss of my will
& the loss of the thrill
Still, it’s time to cool down the groaning.
If John Donne can write
With a meter in sight
I can surely let loose and start playing
Let the words rock and roll
Far into my soul
And let it be my way of praying
I’m told to remember
From June to September
That poems should never be dire.
They must dance the two step
Bounce with grace and adept
To nuance and rhythm and fire.
I stopped for a while
My heart raced a far mile.
I lost all the fancy and fun
Of choosing the words
That together are heard
With a twinkle and wink of the sun.
How does one become
So stuck and so glum
That silliness goes out of season?
Is living so tough
When the going gets rough
That a poet stops rhyme without reason?
No, no, I'm willing to say
I won’t have it that way
Any longer, any deeper, any how--
I’m a fool starting fresh
Confused with the best
And I’ll start with the rhythm of now.


  1. Confused with the best! Haha! Welcome to my world!

  2. ms sweets: of course! let's take our place at the head of the class!

  3. I wish I was feeling more with it right now so I could rhyme back at ya!

    These are great KJ! I'm not a huge lover of rhyming but I do love it when it works, and THIS works! I have a friend who'd love to sit and rhyme with you.

    I only have a problem with one line. "I'm a fool starting fresh..."
    I think you're a wise woman to start fresh ;)

    And I LOVE "I'll start with the rhythm of now." Brilliant!


  4. Oodles of optimism here, and I love that! Wonderful poems, both of them. Now I'm in a happy sing-songy mood. :)

  5. LOVE both poems. The first one is very adroit and moving. Some of my writer friends write rhyming poems - and they are published poets; rhyming poetry is taking on a new resurgence I believe. Keep it up! I'm glad the rhyming muse has returned for you.

  6. KJ, I think that you might enjoy The Golden GAte, by Vikram Seth. It is a novel written entirely in iambic pentameter.

  7. cute rhyming chiming. made me laugh

  8. hey KJ... you rock!

    your first poem was short but so thought-provoking... with that original image:
    the rising dough changes to be something better... edible... useful...
    we get the sense that the broken heart is changed to something new... that can be better than before...
    and i think this is true as the experience matures the heart... thus the broken heart is more aware... and wise...

    really loved it...

    the second one with that playful rhythm really made me alive... think if John Donne read it, he would love your rock and roll and would dance to it... this new and truthful form of praying...

    yes composing poetry is praying... how deep you probe...

    this RE-turn to poetry is a journey... and just the fool knows how to do it again... this time better than before...

    once i wrote,
    the real king is the fool not Lear...

    here we have the same archetypal image of the wise fool...

    really really enjoyed your works... epiphanies of a beautiful soul...


  9. Hi Kj,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment a while back. It was appreciated. I enjoy reading your words and especially how you describe yourself.

    Have a great night.

  10. I love Poem 1 and Poem 2 is not shappby either.

    Thank you for your sweet words.

    I'm sorry it took forever to do comments today, my neck is killing me, so I am going as slow as molasses.

    Another Canadian -- did you tell Laurel.

    Love Renee

  11. KJ,

    You are so very sweet,
    Your writing can't be beat,
    I'll think of you
    And smile I'll do
    The next time I draw feet.


    I'm keeping my day job.

  12. Wonderful rhyming! I'm thrilled and inspired by your poetic embrace. Thanks for sharing!

  13. tammy, why, thank you!

    lolo, my friend, you know, i think i might be better off starting again as the fool... :)

    dear happy sing-songy bella, are you also skipping down your pokadot street?

    chief, ha! i have volumes of rhyming poems. i sing in rhyme in my sleep. i can;t help it!

  14. greta jane, what if i admitted i did not know i wrote this poem in iambic pentameter?! i'll check out vikrem seth for sure. thanks!

    suki, any time i can make you laugh, it's a good day! i'm glad!

    hb, you rock too. manohman, would i like to meet you! if you ever come to the states....i treasure your comments on my poems. i treasure your poems. xo

    rochambeau, how i really describe myself depends on the minute and the day!!

  15. renee, i've come to look forward to your comments. i hope your neck is sticking into orgasmically fun situations and not sore for no non-orgasmic reasons. (smile) love you too.

    bella, i look forward to you too.
    i like what you do.
    and whenever you draw
    i smile in awe.
    i think you are also sweet
    and i love love love those little feet.

    zapped, thrilled and inspired? i'm blushing and doing cartwheels.

    wolfie, thanks. nice to see you here.

  16. Nice! I especially like the first, and my thinking is that it takes on a new shape. Which is probably for the best.