Thursday, May 29, 2014


I have a dilemma. 

I am forty pages into writing a new book. Two of the characters especially--Claudia who dresses in various disguises for meet ups with a married man, and her Mother, who is still nameless, who has taught her four children that poetry solves anything and everything and who adores John Denver like a religion, has had a bad childhood that she's transformed into a passion for life.  They are both spunky and heroic and yes too, tragic. 

So I'm working my way through some kind of a schedule where I write reliably and I'm excited by this story--Claudia and her Mother and her brother Cole and sister Emily and the affair with Mr. Bigshot and his betrayal of his good and kind wife. It's already all a tangled mess and I love it.


This week I received a response from a reputable publisher to whom I had on a whim submitted a query for my first book, one I self published and haven't given it the chance it deserves. The response was no, the book's not right for us because it would need to be longer--more words and pages-before we can consider it. I have the feeling that if I lengthen the story, The Light Stays On may well get picked up by this publisher. I would of course LOVE that.

So what would you do? Providing back story about the characters and introducing more about place(s) and complexities is, I think, doable.  But I don't think I can work on two books at the same time. 

I'd love your advice. Help!


Friday, May 23, 2014

What's Going On with Me

1. Friends: I think this is corny but I keep going back to read it because there is something pretty great about having a friend like this. I have friends, good friends. I'm also presently doing some weeding (and being weeded). I don't like short term friendships; I prefer long and loyal. And I want real. And, to be honest, although not tit for tat, I like reciprocal too. One way friendships (one person's energy) are not for me.

I've notieed I'm more willing to cut loose on certain people. I have a preference to hold on so this is a change for me. I want to hold myself to being kind and interesting and loving, but I am working willingly on not caring if someone doesn't like me. I want to say I'm sorry when I should, but it's okay if I don't care enough to hold on.

I have a good friend who is having a terrible time. It hurts me. Someitmes I think I advise when I should just listen. I just hope I help.

2. Last year I neglected my yard all spring and summer because I had a knee replacement. This year I am back to my turtle approach to gardening and yard work: I do it because I want to and I don't let myself get overwhelmed. I just do the best I can. So today JB and I finished the circle around the front yard tree and it is a beauty. Took about 20 wheelbarrows of mulch. Next comes the front of the house, still turtle style. And then, hopefully, the garden.

3. I write about Provinctown a lot because JB and I  now try to spend two long weekends a month there. But I live in a ranch style house with a nice yard and great trees. People tell us that our house is comfy and cozy and it definitely that for me. I love it here especially this time of year. The yard and I are friends. Birds splash in the bird bath. The colors of the blue sky and green trees together just about make me sing.I'll soon have pink zinnias.

This is Memorial Day weekend and that means the kick-off of summer. I want it to be a good one.  Yesterday I read THIS about people who are happy and I'm inspired to be myself.

How about you?


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday 13

I used to do Thursday 13 just about every week and I've made up a reason to do it this week. My reason is simple--here's what I've been up to:

1. Where I live in Western Massachusetts is farmland all around with a good douse of culture (five colleges) and great little restaurants. This is my new favorite for lunch: fantastic home made biscuits and the heck with everything else :^)

 2. This is Jess and Mike's front door in their new house. I was there for a few days when Mike was out of town. I love seeing Jess and the kids living their lives.

3. This is the moors in Provincetown, at dusk.

4. My Mother's nursing home has chosen her for a bulletin board of 'this is your life.' My brother and I have given them photos and it has been humbling to tell the story of my Mother. Here she is with my brother, well before I was born.

5. I am now looking for and greeting birds every morning, outside my kitchen window. I can't yet get my camera to focus well, but what a tweet.

6. My friend Hells and I met on the blogs six years ago. She lives in Sydney Australia and we know some of each other's secrets.  Last weekend we met--very wonderful. We drove the back roads with JB and found ourselves at an old mill with an old real deal bookstore.

7. Here we are: two good friends.

8. I have had my first lobster roll. It is finally May and summer is coming. 

9. I never thought I would have four little ones in my life now but here they are. Lucky lucky me.

10.  I love this graphic. 

11.This is the Blue Bonnet Diner.  Another real deal.

12. Morning light in May? Perfection.

13. And here is our tiny water view in Provincetown (altered in Waterlogue). We have successfully rented out our place for 8 one week stays. It should be sad we won't be there much of the summer but it's quite good that we will have money for repairs and upgrades. Slowly and surely we will make this house shine.

If you would like to do a Thursday 13 on any day, please do. It's pretty fun.


Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Anne This Spring

Anne and I had a friendship, then for a time we didn’t, then, thankfully, certainly, we did again, and we kept it that way.  We met on the blogs, we talked on the phone, we passed along emails, shared colors and words and advice, and laughed hilariously about the follies of friends and foes and all the world.  When she lambasted some injustice, always with cause, I listened, but often with the sneaky goal of saying something I hoped would lower her temperature. When I complained, she offered solutions--good solutions. Anne knew alot about alot. Anything she told me I knew I could take to the bank.

I won’t say Anne was a martyr about this damn cancer, but she came close. She never complained. Even when the medical problems kept piling on, she was feisty and matter of fact and always her take-no-prisoners-grateful self. I knew when Anne stopped eating that she had decided enough was enough, because I knew Anne would handle her passing the way she wanted and the way she thought was best for Gary.

Anne loved her husband. She told me a hundred times that she wanted to know he would be okay when she was gone and she’s done her best to hope and plan for that. I imagine any home would have a deep and painful silence when a beloved voice is no longer heard, but I think the absence of Anne’s voice will be unique in all the world. It is the sound of her  voice I want to remember most.  She could elevate irritation to an art form, but there was never a meanness to it. Most of the time she just knew what was right and what wasn’t. 

 I always hoped Anne and my Emily Rabbit would write a book together. Anne’s poems to Emily were magnificent. She was as smart and talented as anyone I will ever know. And, she was my great friend. I will miss her like nobody’s business. 

Fly well, Anne. I know there are gardens and art studios in heaven. There may even be tractors and designer shoes. There is definitely no cancer. Thank you for being my friend. Your spunk lives in my heart and always will. 


Damn I miss her. We had fun.

Anne was friend to the mischievous incorrigible Emily Rabbit. Here is a poem she wrote in response to Emily's criminal scheme to start an avocado business.

Here--give a high five to Heaven-Rebel-Rouser Anne yourself:



Emily dear,
I am at a loss,
A perfect adventure
Where you are the boss,

And then here comes KJ~~
Donned in wet-blanket
To try and discourage
the cash you'd be bankin'.

I'm thinking that maybe,
the great time is near,
when YOU have your own blog
And leave KJ here. (just sayin'....she's really cramping your style...)

You know that we'd follow,
And there would be more
Awaiting your wisdom
Awaiting your store

For selling the mean green
and getting revenge,
served up COLD and quite HARD
~~that's soooo good in the end! >:-}

And just to assure you
of profits quite grand
I'd be the first order;
Cold cash in my hand!

For probably a dozen
(and bazooka gun too)
As I need them to fly
Quite a ways from Peru!

So sneak right on out,
(wait till KJ's in slumber)
And you and I, Bunn-friend,
Will cut quite a number!!!

Your loyal poet~~Anne