Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday 13: Inhabitants of Provincetown

Aptly entitled "The Tourists"
For Anon: The Birds
With rare permission: Relaxed Happy JB
Miss Richfield
Ms. Stella
The Metalsmith The Beachers
Mr. Ryan and His Dad
Mr. Ryan and "BB"
The Locals
Heather's Birthday Cake Part 1
Heather's Birthday Cake Part 2
Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being Known

Provincetown is not a place where cell phones or internet service work too well. So it's as good a time as any for a poem or two, written on a red sectional couch and surrounded by lovely ample time to think and feel:
I thought it was that chuckle when you lean back and laugh,
Your willingness to dare even when the forecast’s grim,
The details and years piling up until you are now your age,
And plans that don’t materialize but still sometimes thrill.
To my surprise it’s so much less.
It’s being known.
To lose that
Is reason
To try

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Many people say the light at the tip of Cape Cod and the islands is magical . Every artist who paints there would tell you that is absolutely true. And I, well, I will tell you I've never seen light more vibrant or beautiful than it is in this part of the world.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Provincetown: Priorities

Just in case there was any doubt....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Provincetown--Stroll-a-Long Part 6

Open the screen door to the roof deck...

Sit awhile with the sun on your face...

Until you are ready to twirl down the spiral staircase...

And stroll down the walkway...

To the street...

Where you pause to notice the bird nest tucked into the house next door.

You walk a block until you hit the bay and turn right...

And easily enjoy the buildings and houses of Commercial Street in Provincetown...

Where even the liquor store can't resist a creative turn of words...
And those blue hydrangeas dance for you everywhere...

And in between each building and house, there again is the ocean...
And you breathe...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Provincetown--Beachy Part 5

Mid afternoon, after an early morning breakfast of coffee cake and vanilla yogurt and blueberries and granola and of course strong coffee, after bike rides and books and meandering along Commercial Street, after a tasty chicken and cranberry salad lunch at Cafe Heaven, after lounging around and catching up as good friends are apt to do, the crew arrives at Herring Cove Beach. It is close to 90 degrees and the water temperature hovers at 70. Three women, one guy, two kids, and two inner tubes find their place in the sand and venture forth.
The beach is perfect.

You can't escape sand dunes in this part of Cape Cod.

The vegetation is both fragile and rugged, and the sand is soft.

Of course, I manage to find the perfect view from the perfect location......

Still, the ocean was wild. The waves were pretty high. Just right for being wildly tossed around in one's inner tube. (I was forced to decline because of my %%$@@# knee, but this is an experience I usually would never pass up).

What a difference a day makes.

One day the waves are wild, another they're downright wistful.

I however had a mission to accomplish. One word: ANON! It was time for bird sightings.

I saw dozens of healthy soaring gulls and one very mysterious unidentified bird:

Wow! Look at that! What kind of bird can this be???

Final words: it's a wonderful world.

Sometimes, just lying on a towel with the sun on my face I stop worrying and planning and regretting and wishing and just let myself be.

Only sometimes, but sometimes that's good enough.

Provincetown--Part 4

He's 13 and we're both snapping photos at every chance. So we decide he and I will wake up in time for the "magic hour", as he calls it. We are out the door at 7 am,
first through the West End heading to the Dunes.

We drive up to Race Point through the Beech Forest and to the top of the Ranger Station.

Then we drive back to Commercial Street , to the town Pier.

I take this shot and I think of Anon.

The fishermen struggle, but they persevere. No doubt they have the best view of town.

We're back by 9.

We will return to water by mid-afternoon, beaching and bobbing into the waves of the Atlantic.