Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Road Trip

Come the end of January, JB and I are starting a 2 month road trip. We'll be heading south in our car, away from snow and colder weather, down to Florida, across the Southern USA to Phoenix, where we'll drop off our dog Mattie with friends, then take a plane to Mexico for 2 weeks, return to Phoenix, pick up Mattie, and head to Southern California.

If this sounds adventurous, it is! I've been mapping out places we want to see, and friends/family we want to visit. It's like putting a puzzle together. We've decided we don't want to be stuck in the car driving more than 5-6 hours at a time, so we'll have plenty of stops, some overnight, some for several days. Philadelphia, Charleston, Tybee Island, Savannah, St Petersburg, New Orleans, Austin-San Antonio, El Paso (Texas is big!), Tucson, Phoenix, Puerto Vallarta, Palm Springs, Pismo Beach, Carpenteria, LA. There are people and places I will be so glad to see.

I've started mapping our return trip and it's equally exciting: Los Vegas, Sedona, Santa Fe, Memphis, Nashville, Washington DC, maybe New York City for a final fling.

I should add that I'm doing this with a back that still limits me and a knee that probably needs a replacement.  I just ordered walking sticks so I can walk further and with better balance. I should further add that neither of us is sure how traveling life will be with Mattie. But I feel good about it all. I'm glad that JB and I are opting for a grand adventure. I might do a road trip Photo-Journal. I haven't found much help with the planning and gallivanting from available books, so who knows: maybe I'll write one myself!

I see 2020 as an auspicious year. I'm hoping by its end the turbulent era of Donald Trump will begin to recede, and I'm hoping I will have a book contract for my family saga manuscript. I'm also aware that living and dying seems to be playing a significant role for many of us, so far.

I keep reminding myself: Wait to Worry. That little mantra has helped me out more times than I can count.

Happy New Year from me. I'll be posting our travels. :^)