Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hello xo

There was a time when I blogged 2-3 times a week. Facebook didn't exist then and the most special part of blogging was the comaraderie of 30 or so regular bloggers, I among them, who shared and supported and enjoyed each other's posts and opinions and talents and gallivants. I miss those days. Unlike Facebook, we didn't know one another in person--we were from different backgrounds and different countries--but over time we did KNOW each other. A number of my real time friends were born from my blogging friendships. 

I've begun this post explaining this because I'm utterly failing to blog regularly these days. My photos weren't uploading. But today: they are! So here I am, starting with a glimpse of where and how I live. It's a spit of land in the shape of a boot at the very tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, winter residents 3000, summer residents 20,000. It doesn't get more beautiful than here. 

The first photo is of Mattie watching over her neighbors and neighborhood. She turned 2 this month,  rescued at 10 weeks from the streets of Aruba, and she's a nice dog. Every dog owner knows there are great joys and plusses in sharing life with a dog, but there is also inconvenience and sometimes guilt in leaving them behind. 

The second photo is our new deck off the kitchen. I like this picture because I think it shows my lifestyle these days. Summer is a slow-down season. For the second year, we again have access to a salt water pool one block away, and bobbing in that pool and lying in that sun is close to heaven for me. 

The third photo is a quick shot out the window of a local restaurant. It's actually a commonplace picture because almost everywhere you look you can see light bouncing off the sea.

A word about myself: I've had serious back pain for months now (actually 2-plus years) and there have been times when I couldn't bear weight, period. I can't believe I'm better now, but I am. I underwent this private pay, non-surgical, non-traditional program, 3 days a week for 5 months, run by a chiropractor, laser and other cell repair treatments, and I'm as surprised as anyone to say it's worked. I'm not ready to dance the night away but I'm walking and moving and ready to enjoy my summer.

My other big news is I've (finally) finished my second novel--a 330 page manuscript that seems promising. I've had 2 independent editors and a few friends read it and the feedback is good. This summer I'm working with one of those editors, chapter by chapter, to get the book ready to shop around. It is my fondest wish to be picked up by a publisher and in my own way enjoy even modest success. In any case, I love the process and don't mind the work. I'm rooting for myself!

I am trying extra hard to be fair and kind these days. I figure we seriously need as much of that kind of energy as each of us can muster, to offset the damage from He-who-I-refuse-to-name and other white supremacists.

I got an email from Snowbrush today, wondering if I'm okay. Thanks, Snow. For the 10th time I'm going to try to blog more regularly. I'm also on Facebook and if any one here wants us to follow one another there, I'm interested. 

Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by and thanks for everything.