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 "Love & Other Annoyances: All Purpose Poems for Hard Headed & Soft Hearted Romantics  is Jasper’s second book, which she jokingly describes as ‘my attempt to combine Dr. Seuss and Mary Oliver. “Many of my poems rhyme in a silly way, but many others look at the natural world for an understanding and perspective being human.” 

Love and Other Annoyances is a celebration of love and life but according to Jasper, “I sometimes sneak in free advice on how to manage the many common events that confuse us, elevate us, make us laugh and break our hearts.” This collection of thirty-five poems focuses on Love. Family. Friendship. Work. Guilt. Chores. Passion. Betrayal. And Contentment.

“My poems are pretty simple and straightforward,” Jasper says. 

Those poets who find meaning

In observing the natural winter life:

That is not me. I want rhymes and rhythms.

My comfort comes from underground

where roots are the flowers of the otherworld.

 “This is an experiment on my part,” Jasper explains. “I’ve agreed to give USA and International Amazon a ninety day exclusive, hoping to reach as wide an audience as possible. But I also want to have fun sharing this book, so my first promotional event a will be silly one:***  

***Currently, the following promotional event is available only on my blog.

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