Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Florida and The Ability Not To Think :^)

 Have you ever taken a two week vacation, or longer? The knots and habits and worries get slowly untied the first week and the second week is just coasting. At least, that's how it is for me. 

I am in south Florida with JB and we have done a lot of nothing: breakfast, morning paper, pool, gym, lunch, paint, beach, dinner, Olympics, Beatles reunion. We tucked in a couple of special gallivants and dinners, but mostly we have unwound. Relaxed. Talked. And marveled. 

We rented a car and drove 200 miles to Key West, crossing over 42 bridges connecting hundreds of small islands that make up the Florida Keys. Yesterday we hopped on the local river taxi and instead of getting off at one of the stops we just coasted along to all of them and back again, taking in Fort Lauderdale's man made intercoastal and amazed that one house could cost 20 million dollars and one yacht could cost 50 million. 

I have just about finished my Dr. Seuss-like story of two children who fall into a magic tunnel. It rhymes :^)  I am sending it to my very talented friend Mim to see if the story calls to her to illustrate. 

But enough words from me. Here is my camera's wondrous view of Florida. 


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Here I Am

This is Ernest Hemingway's studio, where he wrote almost every one of his books over the nine years he lived here on Whitehead Street. 

I stood here in Key West today because JB and I are in Florida for a fantastic two weeks.

This is an untouched sunset at Mallory Square in Key West last night--an incredible twenty minutes or so of watching the sun fall and disappear. 

I appreciate the inquiries about where I've been. Thank you. I'm still here and I'll be back shortly with my happy version of colors and words. 

Tonight I am back in Fort Lauderdale ready to celebrate JB's birthday tomorrow and ready for another day of pool, gym, lunch, beach, beach, pool, and dinner. And maybe hopefully I think some writing and some drawing.