Friday, October 25, 2019


I'm not saying this to brag, but I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It's a small town in winter, barely 300-400 year rounders, and an any-thing goes tourist attraction in summer--20,000 people letting go and relaxing. The shoulder months of spring and fall are the best of all. Beauty and bouncing light everywhere.

There's a large Portuguese population here, and a large gay and lesbian population, and hard working Mexican and Jamaican folks who send money back home,  and plenty of artists and writers and dogs and foxes. 

It's easy enough to get tangled up by life's chores and not take the time to walk along the bays beaches that make up this peninsula. Or to hunker in when a storm or a N'Easter comes and not head to the sea to watch the weather come right at you. 

JB and I have found that Provincetown is an expensive place to live--we drop close to $ 100 for a nice meal out, and the town government and annual meetings can be pretty funky and contentious. But most of all, there's a vibrancy here that's just awesome. 

PS Every so often I can't tell if I've taken a photo myself or copied it from someone else on Facebook or Instagram. If I haven't given credit, I apologize.


Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Mini Mish Mash

Way back, I invented selfies. I'm sure of it. Here are JB and I at a wedding last month. It was a wild wedding with lots of drinking and loose tongues. I don't drink and JB did. When we were ready to leave, I turned my head for a quick moment and found her dancing wildly, hands over head, sandwiched between two grinding men. I told her she was too old to be a grindee or grinder. 

It was a big leap to move to Provincetown. But now I love being here. We've fixed up our house to our liking and it's cozy. The bay is a block away. The neighbors are great. I sit on the couch looking at this view more hours than I should admit. I write on the couch. I watch the news, I eat snacks, I read books, I play games on my phone. I have to force myself to get up and move. Which means I could be a sedentary slug if I'm not careful.  

This cracks me up. I am on record predicting that Trump will not win a second term. His erratic instability has hit home with the Republicans who ignore and cover for him, but it's at a point where history will not treat them well if they allow him to continue to hurt the country.

And my family. I couldn't love them more. This week we learned that Logan, age 8, has petit mal epilepsy. He has to take medication for the next few years and there's a good chance he'll outgrow the seizures. Even though we expect that his day to day life won't be limited, the diagnosis hurts my heart. He's a very swell kid.

Happy October, everyone. The leaves are changing color.