Friday, November 02, 2018

Mish Mash

This image explains the weekend workshops that JB and I plan to offer here in Provincetown, once my back pain is behind me (no pun intended!) We'll combine personal growth and community and awesome food with sand and sea and dashes of creativity. When? Hopefully by next Spring.

In mid August I began a private pay non-surgical treatment plan for the two slipped bones in my back. I did this as a last ditch effort to avoid a lengthy surgery and and recovery. The treatment is laser, decompression therapy much like traction, foot vibrations, nutritional supplements, heat and ice, home machines to wake up and rebuild cells and fluid. The first nine weeks: nothing. But two weeks ago the agonizing pain I've had whenever I bore weight and tried to walk lessened considerably. Since then I definitely am improved and am increasingly hopeful. It's good news for me. I have a long way to go with weight loss and reconditioning but finally I'm looking ahead again.

What else? I'm praying for an anti-Trump election next Tuesday, if only to control his base and disgusting policies and hate filled white supremacy.  I find myself thinking that destiny's at work here; I think this because it's difficult and painful to imagine that almost 40% of Americans are either ill informed or mean spirited and most likely both. I find it all heartbreaking and shocking.

JB and I are preparing for colder weather and winter in our cozy house that we've finally finished. We now have a propane gas fireplace stove that gives such a glow. This should be the season I truly finish the edits to my manuscript and truly shop for an agent or publisher. I've been blessed with 3 readers who have helped me so much with their feedback and corrections. 

Finally, I'm still living day to day with my "Wait to Worry" mantra. If I have a problem that has to be faced on Monday but it's only Friday, I wait to worry. This really works! Sometimes, more often than you'd think, waiting changes the problem to the point it's not really a problem. Wait to Worry: I highly recommend it.

One more finally: if I had one extra wish, it would be that Blogging became fashionable and active again. My time here has changed my life over the last 12 years, and I miss so many old friends from our blogging days. Time for me to start posting poems again also.

with love