Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Emily Easter Egg

First of all, don't blame me because this is not the best picture. I didn't draw it, I didn't take a camera shot of it, I didn't decide not to use a scanner. All I did was pose, and only for a second. I thought it would be good to get everyone in the mood for Easter, since my supply of jellybeans should be extra alot for Easter, since Easter is about the Easter bunny and I am a rabbit. If this makes sense to you, which it should, please consider donating to the Emily V. V. Rabbit Jellybean Fund. All proceeds go to the well-being and happiness of myself.
Also, don't forget to only say nice things about me because if anyone is mean to me I may stop posing altogether.


  1. emily, you look like you are gaining weight.

  2. hmmpf! mean! mean! mean!

  3. Heeheehee!!

    Easter means Spring! Are you sure it is really coming?


    and jelly beans,


  4. Emily please ask for something other than jellybeans. Did you know that they coat them with shellac??? I just read that!
    I just want you to be a healthy bunny.
    Eat chocolate...lots of chocolate, preferably chickens :)
    Or chocolate eggs.
    Just don't eat your own kind.
    I can't condone bunnycide.

    Auntie Lolo

    P.S. Ignore KJ's comment. You don't look bigger. You're just fluffier, maybe.

  5. j! hello! new england still misses you. that includes the big yellow.

    j: please ignore the comment above this one because that is kj shoving into my comments. she is very pushy, isn't she?

    ms. studio lolo, you think i should eat chickens? That is very bad advice because whose to say someone might then tell you to eat rabbits???? okay then, don't send me shiny jellybeans. just send me dull ones but all different colors. sincerely, e. rabbit

  6. Nice things...I'm saying NICE things....

    Don't worry - spring really is coming, but rose colored glasses help alot right now,

    HAW and welcome

  7. I won´t dare saying anything not nice! Love to see you around!

    Happy Animal Wednesday!

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  10. mim, so far you are my favorite. i wore glasses once but they were purple colored and i got arrested because i was wearing them while driving kj's car and i didn't have a license. i told the police officer he was not nice.

    marianne, if did dare to say something mean what would it be? i'm just wondering in case you change your mind...

    04 March, 2009 05:44

  11. Hello, Lovely Emily! So good to see you back -- there will be jelly beans arriving (hand delivered) in Sept. Do you like the black ones? Or do you prefer the rainbow type? I love the egg look -- it's you, darling.

  12. Emily, tell Lolo that Jelly Bellies are not coated in shellac and are made in California (Fairfield to be exact). I am a wealth of useless info about many things.

    MY easter achilles heal is the malted bird robin eggs, not the little ones you can buy in the cartons, has to be the big honking ones you can only get in one pound bags.

    I just have to buy a bag, eat what I intend to and throw the rest out-better gone than on my tushie.

  13. Emily, Emily! So glad to see you again! Don't you worry. Jellybeans are coming to you. And how about some marshmallow chickies? I hear you can put two of them in the microwave and watch them puff up and attack each other.

    Lovely belt. Did you bedazzle it yourself?

  14. melissa, colored jellies please. and thank you. p.s. please send before september. how about in three days?

    debra kay, if you had a tail like me, it would hide your tushie. i knew my jelly beans were shallacked
    (cute spelling). ms. studio lolo must have read that wrong!

    ms. bella, that is NOT a belt. it is a bikini top!! but i forgive you for the mistake because i like the idea of the marshmellow chicks. do you think all-she-thinks-about-is-herself-kj might buy me some for the microwave?

  15. Cute and funny, thanks for the smile.