Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Little Things

It's been a strange couple of weeks. Strange enough that I welcomed the chance to head north to visit one of my closest friends and her special family. "H" and her husband "G" have the coolest house: decorated throughout with his artwork and their combined good and funky tastes. "H" is also an incredible cook. Here's a sampling of it all:
Risotto with shallots, dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, chicken broth, balsamic vinegar, and shaved steak. Believe me: it tasted as fine as it looked.
How about having a full time job as a wine taster, teacher, and selector for an entire state's liquor stores? I had to laugh at all these wine bottles on the kitchen counter: actual work that has to be done!

Many of my friends are artists in one medium or another. "H" makes jewelry and stained glass; "G" paints:

This is Tess.
Another of "G"s paintings. This one I totally love and wish it hung in our place in Provincetown.
These two friends of mine have one of my favorite bedrooms:

And a unique view of the side yard from the living room window in front of the couch
Sometimes you just have to get away to the sanctuary of good friends.
That's what I did the first part of this weekend.
But not before I had lunch with my beloved Jessica.
And not before she and I spent a play-filled hour with Mr. Ryan in Daycare.
And not before I stretched and grew,
just a little bit more....


  1. Wot a beautiful home and a real retreat for you - one you needed. Thank God for the succour of friends!

  2. I fully agree. A beautiful home and a very serene and blissful life they have. What a wonderful few days you must have had!

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  4. chief (gee, should i start calling you kay?!) there are certain friends in life who shine like a beacon. i'm grateful to have a few friends like that. and i hope i return the light equally.

    bella, it's a treat whenever i see your avatar here! serene and blissful is my goal for my own house and space. it;s also how i feel when i see most of your illustrations! :)

  5. oh wow...wonderful photos...and so true ...home is where the heart is...and beauty makes it even warmer....

  6. I love touring through people's homes, especially creative people.
    "G" is definately influenced by Hopper I would guess. One of my favorites! I love that bedroom scene too. Is that a self-portrait of him in the painting's mirror?
    next time please show some of "H"'s work :)

    Although I don't eat meat, that food looked incredible! Is that choc sauce drizzled on it? My niece is going to school to be a Sommalier. She wants to select wines for fine restaurants and eventually open a store/restaurant that does "pairings." Telling customers which wines go with which foods.She's the one that will be here next week :) can't go wrong with a Golden retreiver! She looks sweet.

    I'm so glad you had this getaway, although so night.
    Aaahhh, friends. Gotta love em'!


  7. diana, what a treat (in more ways than one!) to see your avatar here. i have visited your blog many times and always enjoy your optimistic and playful view of the world. not to mention that handsome little boy of yours. i love that picture of him!! i'll be stopping by...

  8. lo, yes, that's him in the mirror. i love that you noticed that!

    the "chocolate sauce" is actually balsamic vinegar! he is a gourmet cook and he used a thicker balsamic which gave the risotto and parm. cheese an incredible extra flavor. he knows what he's doing. my friend "h" doesn't cook. She cleans while he whips up these incredible meals.

    maybe your niece could meet up with "g" one day and get some advice about his job. they both live in new england, afterall...


  9. whata beautiful place to escape to. i am sure i did write about how i got started, will look for the post and let you know, i'm just an amateur playing around and havinf fun really. huggles for sunday.

  10. You know me, I adore a little 'slice of life' even from people I don't know. Loved the pitched roof bedroom! Are you sure that 'bust' from the bedroom isn't as spooky as my fridge man?
    Very pretty home by the look of it. Glad you had a great weekend!

  11. soulbrush, i will like to hear about your 'beginnings'!

    baino, 'i adore a little slice of life even from people i don't know.'

    i get a kick out of the way you said that. i can just hear you, and of course i know it;s true!

  12. I like that painting too :D

    Thank you for sharing this with us - I feel like I was there with you all.

  13. In a way, the little thigs are the only things. Here's to good food and ggod friends and a respite.

  14. Wonderful visit KJ. I would love that bedroom painting and Tess. :)

  15. looks like you had a wonderful time!

  16. That is a nice house with great artwork on the walls !

  17. milady, my friend is a prolific and talented artist, just like my blog friends!

    cs, here, hear.

    tammy, i always love your visits! my friends' house is very serene and comfortable.

    val! hello! how is your birthday year going? someday i hope you will see my house!

    sidney, thank you for your comment. i hope everything goes well with you.

  18. Wow-what a lovely place to land!

  19. Lovely post and what great friends. Good for you...