Saturday, March 21, 2009


Isn't it obvious that anyone who could paint like this overflows with love and respect and talent? The artist is Jessie, and I've followed her blog since I started blogging almost three years ago. Jessie has found her spot in the world: she paints pet portraits and "sees" in ways that words cannot explain. You can visit her at and see for yourself. And you can visit her blog at
But what I really want to say is I met Jessie for coffee last night. In Minneapolis. For the first time we sat across from one another, nodded and laughed and understood eachother totally. She is a kindred soul, and I am privileged to know her. This is (another) example of the power and the capacity of blogging. I knew she was special to me from the beginning, but it took all of five seconds to have that confirmed, and more.
I loved it too, Jessie! Until next time!


  1. great story, great painting.

  2. Ah, a wonderful meet-up and a beautiful painting. I like Jessie's painting style, the necklace is fantastic and the pattern on the material says royalty.

    I have a blogger friend who had a meet-up... the person was NOT at all who "she" claimed to be. One must be very careful in here, as we only see what one wants us to see.

  3. suki, this painting is one of many. check them out!

    chewy, i know!--though i think i've somehow managed to figure out who's for real and who isn't. and i treasure so many of my blog friends. i think it helps to take your time...

  4. This is one of my favorites of hers because I know the breed so well. She has totally captured their elegance! I love that she is devoted to strays too. I knew she had a big heart when I stopped by her blog. How wonderful the two of you got to spend a little time together!

    I know what Chewy means. I can already pretty much tell who's "authentic" by their posts and comments. There are a few of you I know I'd love to meet and I know I will someday~you being one of them, of course!
    I have NO idea though how someone would trust online dating. To me, that's just scary. Then again some magical marriages have happened that way but I know I'd never do it. To each his own.

    Glad you knocked em' dead in MN!!


  5. What a beautiful painting. The dog is so elegant. Much more elegant than I in fact.

    Thank you for your comments, I love getting them.

    There are about 20 housewife quizes. And because I find them fun to do and love hearing what people have to say I will keep doing them.

    I love how you describe your vulnerability and wanting to connect at the same time. I think that is a lovely place to be. Because you are open and gentle and accepting and hopeful all wrapped up in a wee bit of hesitancy. I like that.

    Love Renee xoxo

    p.s. Thanks Lolo. xoxoxo

  6. wow! yes this painting is wonderful!

    she's got a great blog!

    this is really great to meet a special friend in person...

    happy for you!


  7. very talented and very beautiful painting! You have been all over the place lately, good for you!!! missing you too my friend, my computer died and I have been more absent than ususal but I will surprise you and give you a call one of these fine days :)

  8. lo, i know you will love jessie's portraits--every single one. you are both devoted and caring animal shamans...

    renee, thank you for your comments. you are a wise and feeling woman, and you are one of those people i would trust my intuition about. i know you're for real. the problem with vulnerability is it can sometimes become neediness or painful, but i don't think i can change at this late date! most people who know me see me as strong and grounded. i let the screwed-up part out only with people i love, and sometimes it's been a mistake...

  9. hb, i'm glad you visited jessie's blog. aren't her dogs incredible??

    oh val, don't be too sure i won't be calling you first. i miss talking to you, my friend. and i'm glad about that!!

  10. I think it's wonderful to meet up with bloggers. I've met three of mine and they've all been exactly as I expected. I think after three years of comments and emails,you get a pretty good gauge of who's who in the zoo

  11. baino, yup. and i would be happy if you were my next-door zoo-mate.

  12. wow you are right, this is pure talent.

  13. I need to go say hi its been way too long. I have a Jessie origional and love it. This is a fantastic painting. I'm so glad you met. :)

  14. What fun. And great dog portrait.

  15. Wow what a wonderful story!
    So nice you connected.
    I love this painting! I love these dogs they are such gentle spirits.
    I will certainly visit her blog.

  16. This IS gorgeous.

    Hey, noticed in your sidebar that you have a book out - Congrats to you!! Don't mind Amazon reviews too much, some people just enjoy knocking everything.