Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ten Things I've Done in my Life

Soulbrush has put forth an invitation, along with her special version of a bribe, to share ten things I've done in my young life. How to choose ten? I'm not sure, but here they are, in no particular order:

1. Given birth to and raised a wonderful, special, and uniquely witty daughter who is one fine human being

2. Been president and CEO of my own consulting firm

3. Elected "Personality Plus" in my high school class of 660 students

4. Married my best friend

5. Lived in Germany , in Oklahoma , in two different coastal communities, in a suburb outside of Boston, and now in a community of farms and colleges

6. Been arrested for breaking and entering

7. Written and published a book

8. Helped my father die

9. Met Lily Tomlin in a restaurant

10. Fallen deeply and madly in love

May I tag a few people to join in? You know who you are--how about it?!


  1. Haven't I seen you on an old episode of "Cops?" B&E????
    You're killin' me KJ.

    I was arrested for shoplifting, but guess what? I was stealing Christmas gifts for my family. Does that count? Now I don't steal them but I go into debt to buy them.

    Okay, I'll play. That was #1 :)

    I love your list. Thanks for sharing!


  2. we're two common criminals, lo. no wonder we get along so well...

  3. these are wonderful, 10 are enough for the award and the giveaway...of course, tag lots of people, the more the merrier...thanks for playing kj.xx

  4. soulbrush, it's a fun tag!

    ps my word verification is soluit!
    isn't that fitting?!

  5. B&E? There's an edgy side to you, eh? I want to guess it was because you locked yourself out of your apartment or car. (gulp)

  6. chewy, no way to the car story, kind of yes to the edgy part! i was 14 and a few of us thoughtless kids broke into an empty estate. the alarm went off and when we got back to our car, the police were waiting.

  7. Nothing like generating a loist to see what a rich life you've lead so far!

  8. :-) hey.. u have had an eventful life!!

  9. Nice to read this facts about you!

  10. I didn't know you lived in Oklahoma. (What a funny thing to say, how would I could I have known that....LOL).

  11. Now you are interesting. So interesting.