Saturday, November 28, 2009

Milo is an Extrovert

I've been surprised to find Milo up and ready to greet me first thing each morning. He patiently waits until I pour my first cup of coffee and then there's no stopping him: he talks about anything and everything: his life in Deborah's closet, the wonderful visits he has had with Cori and Rhonda Roo and Marie and Godeliva, his hopes and dreams for true love, and his plans for the day. Who knew Milo was such an extrovert?

He's gotten advice about upgrading his wardrobe;

Cuddled with Angel Angel who then introduced him to Esther and Mildred.

and the four of them have sat on the couch for hours shooting the breeze.

He's spent time on with these two,
who have taught him multiplication tables

And he's been befriended by Francine,
who's given him a cooking lesson

Milo has had no difficulty charming his way into the hearts
of certain ladies in the household

but it was surprisingly discovered that,
in addition to his fear of large dogs,
he is also afraid of geese.
But a little patience and encouragement
saved the day:

Recently Milo and Dolly have been almost inseparable,

except when Milo and Stella relax together.

Milo joined everyone for Thanksgiving Dinner,
and it was then that a major surprise occurred,
preceded by Emily Rabbit innocently introducing him
to her cousin Rowena Rabbit.

We tried not to look....

But don't they both look a little stunned?

To be continued.....


  1. Darling! :-). That Milo gets around.xoxo

  2. Love the pic of Milo at the Thanksgiving meal! Ah, Milo in love?!!

  3. annie, he is quite lovable...

    caroline, it might be so...

  4. There is no doubt Milo felt the arrow go deep in his heart! The look in his eyes shows how completely taken he is with Rowena...but is she with him? Can't wait to find out!

  5. hahahaha...I totally love this post! Go Milo! :D

  6. Haha . .I love the photo of him sitting on the plate at Thanksgiving! Very silly but much fun!

  7. I think you might have put a few interesting "weeds" into your Turkey stuffing dear...


  8. Uh oh....surely Rowena Rabbit is too young to travel? Can Milo write? Maybe he will send postcards.

  9. marion, it is a saga....

    sophia, an unexpected development...

    baino, tsup!

    mim, ssssssh!

    linda, these are important questions for the times...

  10. Lovely picture story!
    What a lot of fun creatures you have in your house!

    have a nice day!
    You too Milo!


  11. Your house is just filled with unusual creatures.

  12. AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh! Milo is learning tooooooooo much!!!! Mixed species!?!?!?! I can only hope that you are not leaving them alone during your day at work. Is there a paternity test in Milo's future?

  13. marianne, milo is quite a character.

    cs, how true...

    deb, no! no being left alone while i am at work! of course not! paternity test? OMG? how OLD is milo? what should i do, deboraH? you should see how sweetly rowena and milo look at one another....

  14. I think they like each other.


  15. silver, it seems that way. do you think deborah is going to be mad at me? and what if rowena wants to continue his vacation with him???

  16. I HAD to scroll down to read about Milo as I have been following his journey! How cute is this?! Its funny how a little guy ike Milo brings a community together :).

    I love the way you wrote about your mom daughter relationship at my blog! Beautiful. And yes, you are right. Absolutely!

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