Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Milo Arrives at # 9

Hello everyone, it's me, Emily. It has been a very busy week around here. First of all, we raised $ 435 for the Wishes & Dreams Foundation--can you believe that??? I haven't decided whether to give my $ 15 but if I do but I might not but if I do that would make $ 450. kj says we are all wonderful and this time it's really true, right?
Anyway, a couple of days ago Milo the Millennium Bug arrived from the Netherlands. I don't know if a bug is an animal or not but he started off in Arizona where he lives with Deborah and he is touring the world on vacation.
Milo was exhausted from the trip. But the worse part was that is is afraid of large dogs biting him into little tiny pieces and eating him. When he saw Stella he hid in the bathroom and stayed there for hours.
But finally Milo ventured out. Everyone was nice to him, even Stella tried .

So he moved closer.

And closer.

And closer.

Until finally Milo and Stella shared a cookie and then fell asleep.

Next I am going to introduce Milo to Francine and Esther and Mildred and Angel Angel and Frank and Dolly and the rabbits and that's not all. Now that he is no longer afraid of big dogs kj will pay me an extra $ 10 if I promise not to teach Milo how to throw frozen peas at the windows or throw temper tantrums. I am still thinking about that.

Meanwhile Happy Thanksgiving if you are giving thanks and do you think I should take the extra ten dollars?

Sincerely yours,

Emily Rabbit

p.s. kj is very upset that I put up pictures that show those wires from the tv. she says she doesn't want anyone to get the impression that she has wires everywhere, because this is the only place, and only until jessie the carpenter builds a shelf for the tv up on the wall. Personally i don't care about the wires but you know how vanity can flare up sometimes with certain people, so please don't say anything about the wires and actually it would be even better if you don't see them at all so you don't even know what i'm talking about. thank you from emily.


  1. You can tell kj I hadn't even noticed the wires until you said. And I still don't care. I love those photos - Stella's expression is hilarious.

  2. Oh wow, Milo, you remind me of the visit we had from Flat Stanley about six years ago. Except Flat Stanley was....well, flat. And made of light cardboard. You look snuggly, even to big dogs.

    Happy Thanksgiving to a regular group of irregulars (from a group that recognizes such because of being same).

  3. Stella is not to far away from looking like Miss Trix, and about as big. Although Miss Trix has radar ears being an alsation.

    As for kj being twitched about the wires duh excuse me but how else is she supposed to watch the box in the corner.

    And whilst I'm on a role here Miss Emily, tell that kj that she didn't send me an email so until she does theres no money!nah nah nah!

  4. It is so nice that Milo arrived safe and well. He met and also slept with our big dog Louis and he has met many dogs on his travels. But he has met lovely women too, who all look after him and spoil him
    If you care to see where he now arrived FROM than visit my weblog and scroll down to older post ( it has been a while across oceans and sea and land... )
    Be well and have fun
    Godeliva van Ariadone in The Netherlands

  5. Stella is hilarious! I can just see her thinking..."what IS that thing?" The cookie was worth allowing Milo to share her cushion though. Emily, how about getting $5 to stop the temper tantrums, but still keep kj on her feet chasing frozen peas? That is the "art of the deal". Negotiation is everything. :>)

  6. Dear Emily - First $435 is a terrific haul - brilliant, but your $15 would be the icing on the cake , which isn't really good for little rabbits but wonderful for charities! Milo will keep you on your toes - he needs entertaining, but not with peas, so that'll be $10 towards jelly beans which I'm sure Milo would love to share, but that means being nice again .... but if Stella can do it... Wires? What wires? Happy Thanksgiving Emily - do you get turkey flavoured jelly beans or what?

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! HA! Adorable! Milo has conquered so many fears in such a short time. I LoVe him upside down on the lap top, and the pictures of Milo and Stella are priceless! Cute-Cute!
    **kisskiss** Deb

  8. Hello Emily! I bet you'll give your $15 since you are such a very nice little rabbit. It really is true that you are wonderful...$435 is truly an amazing sum! And all because you wrote your awesome post!

    It sounds as if you will have a wonderful time with little Milo!

  9. Emily no need, kj is just freakin for no reason, I didn't even notice wires.

    Now kj, it is in the eyes of the beholder, who is to say that the two women in the picture and the two men aren't together.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. I love Milo! Thank you for making me laugh, I love the photo of Stella and Milo asleep. Also the wires, my God, don't we all have wires? And you should see my house and yard, so much more worse than wires! Tell Kj to get a grip! xoxo

  11. kj is mad i mentioned the wires so i offered to let her throw my frozen peas but instead she just hugged me and said 'peas on earth today,emily'. can you believe that. i think she must be having a nice day, don't ask me why. e.r.

    sophia, you are cute! cute! too. kj says your feet are very fun. i think that is funny. :)

    purest green, see, kj makes a big deal out of nothing. i am trying to teach her but she can be stubborn. stella is always nice. she is a bad example because she makes me look not so nice, oh well, i don't really care...right?

    lydia, hahaha! flat stanley. that's like what happened to batman and robin when they got run over by a steamroller--now they are flatman and ribbon-haha. kj liked the regular group of irregulars. she said she is definitely a proud member.

    right firebyrd! you are very smart. i told kj she made a big mistake and she should fix it. i told her she might have to pay interest, she just shrugged her shoulders but she said she is contacting you soon.

    mostly sincerely,

    emily rabbit

  12. ariadone, it is very nice to meet you and thank you for what you said but i am not a lovely woman, i am a lovely little rabbit. do you think milo will be fun and not afraid to get in trouble with me, because that would be the best according to me...

    linda, you have some good points. but to give up my temper tantrums, i don't know. what would i do instead of kicking my feet in the air and crying deep and loud from my stomach? see, stella was so patient with milo but i am going to just say, 'milo, get with it and let's have some fun.' i might be interested in learning negogiation art. do i need crayons?

    caroline, you have just about talked me into the extra $ 15, do you think i will get extra jellybeans if i do it? today is thanksgiving but seeing that poor turkey sent me into a tizzy and now i am telling kj she is mean to turkeys. i did sneak in 15 jellybeans into the apple pie before kj put it in the oven. i hope they keep their color and shape. i may get in trouble when kj finds out. she only makes one pie a year and she makes a big deal over it.

    marion, i will only have fun with milo as long as he is not too polite or too nice. and i'm not sure he knows how to climb trees. i'll let you know. marion, i guess i'll give the $ 15 this one time.

    renee, hahaha! kj is just freakin for no reason--how true, renee. i tell her that all the time, but i don't say that f word yet but i like it enough that i may start and then i will say 'well, renee does so it can't be that bad'. and what's with the two boys and two girls? what is kj talking about, renee? you know how she can go on and on....

    yours truly mostly

    emily r.

  13. Way to go on the amount of money collected. Awesome.

    Yes I love that in that family picture nothing like that matters, they are just people.

    Love Renee xoo

  14. Wonderful!

    Give Milo a hug from me and I hope that he can visit Australia sometime :)

    Em... take the extra loot... after all Christmas is just around the corner.
    As for the wires... pay me $10 and I won't say anything :)

    Please give my love to kj and of course love to you too x

    Ribbon :)

  15. Emily, you did such a good job! I'm very proud of you little one!

  16. So delightful to see Milo making himself at home!! :)

  17. hahaheehee, i don't know who's cuter, stella or milo.

    wires? what wires? just looking at all the cuteness emily dear.

  18. roflol, wires, who saw wires? i didn't! so glad you had a good thanksgiving. i will send my painting to you soon to auction.xx

  19. Stella dear, I received an instant message from Milo stating that he has grown quite fond of dog slobber and is considering having it bottled as a perfume and naming it Stella Dreams...

  20. Glad to see Milo has arrived on another leg of his journey - he is a nice guest and was very well behaved in Australia!

  21. THERE he is! Visiting with Stella...a more beautiful dog I am sure he has never seen! And composure....oh boy...she gets gold does Milo!

  22. Hi Emily!!!
    I know I am late but I had to work Wednesday! I am back and quite rested.
    Do you like that Milo?
    Don't let him take away too much attention from you!
    I will soon send KJ the mandala! And I will put in something nice for you too!
    And keep your 15 $ you never know when your next salary comes......
    you have to built up a jelly bean stock!

    Love >M<

  23. awwwww, too cute!!! I hope Milo is having fun, I can't wait to see him and hear of all his adventures with you!

  24. awwwww, too cute!!! I hope Milo is having fun, I can't wait to see him and hear of all his adventures with you!