Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Longer Intro to New Mexico

Important Note from Emily Rabbit: kj is paying me $ 25 dollars to postpone my weekly story until tomorrow or the next day. She is really only paying me $ 10 but she said it will be $ 25 if I donate the extra $ 15, which I will because I know it will make me look good and maybe I will feel good too. So when I come back I will tell you how to make your donations too, okay? Plus we have two auction-raffles to raise money to help someone during the holidays, I will tell you about that too. But for now, it's kj's turn. I hope what she says is interesting this time. Sincerely, E.R.
Let me be totally clear: this is me, kj. Emily is sulking in a corner, counting her money.
In the last four days, I found out I wasn't too familiar with the American West. If I were asked to choose only two words to describe the Santa Fe-Taos area of New Mexico, I would say VAST and COLORFUL. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Except first, there is one thing I want to say because it's been on my mind.
When I checked my blog throughout the day today, I was struck by how happy I was to see each comment. It was an insight, really, because I realized I have never felt so wonderful and excited about my blog friends and visitors to my blog as I do now. Over time I have somehow ended up with the most special group of people. Several I know will be friends for life and two women in particular are pretty new but I know I want to hold on to them. The people who visit my blog bring me a joy and comfort that I can hardly explain, but I do want to say thank you to each of you. You are very special to me, and I am so glad and appreciative that you take the time to come here.
Now....the pictures:

and finally, the finale:
Three cheese Enchiladas: $ 8.50
Enchilada, Taco, Tamale Combo $ 12.00
Eating Mexican food twice a day: Priceless

............ hahaha....xoxoxo ..............


  1. Looks like you had a great time, with great food! LOVE your pictures. And I too, am appreciating my bloggie friends more and more. :)

  2. I laughed out loud when I got to the end with the food and menus :-). I know some of these places in your photos, which are lovely by the way. You are special to us too.

  3. sophia, it is very nice to see you here. i'm glad of it. it was a great time, except the airflight stuff. that is no fun.

    annie, hahaha. i didn't post our pictures yet because i want to make sure you are okay with them. i will email you soon. xo

  4. How can you tell I'm hungry, never once did I increase the picture of the people but I increased the three food pictures.


  5. renee, i like a woman who has her priorities straight....


  6. Oh the ravens are a given, those were a for sure.

    I love the new picture of you on the side.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. Again I love your pictures and the food pictures are fun!
    Makes me want to visit the place......

    PS Emily did you see you were a winner? And I didn't even followed your advice of what to put in the hat........
    And The auction does that include a piece of my art? Please let me know what to make ok and if I should send it to you.
    The pictures are great Emily but I miss your post!

  8. Happy trip pictures! Love those (mostly) blue skies and that delicious food gallery at the end! A week of eating that and I'd be the size of a house!

  9. Mmmm...Enchiladas....

    Love the blue sky photos best of all. Here we are having a gale with lashings of rain. But tonight I am going for sushi, so it is okay.

    Blog friends are lovely - it is amazing what support we can lend each other, no matter how far away we are.

  10. the food!! THE FOOD!!! (I'm dieting - trying to lose a few before I pig out during the holidayz...I know its silly)
    We did miss you. It's a funny thing, eager to see a little note from a friend who is off vacationing, and shouldn't really investing in much aside from the present moment...but it's become important to stay in touch.
    Anyway, love to E.R. and to you and see ya soon

  11. More blog-synchronicity - my most recent post is also of my trip food photos!

    And I agree about the place in my heart for blog friends - so important to me.

  12. alright you win...I am going to Taco Bell today! ha haha hahahahaha

  13. Can I just say. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! :D These pictures were wonderful, I love Emily, and you put a creative twist on everything, which all makes me so happy. That first shot is amazing and I want to now go to the paint store and by bright colors and paint the whole house.

  14. :0)
    Terrific photos, kj! I refuse to look out the window here today at all the gray and brown, I'll just look at your photos and pretend I'm in New Mexico.

    I love the food, the scenery, the food, the architecture, the food, the colors, the food. Did I mention I loved the food? I just had breakfast, and now I'm hungry again for something beany and cheesy and spicy.

    Quoth the Raven: "Blog friends really are special."

    Hugs and love,

  15. kJ!!!!
    It is 6:30 A.M. here. I'm looking at a fabulous dish of chicken frijatas! WHERE am I going to find that now? Forget oatmeal.
    Don't you just love the West's blue skies?
    The wind sculpture is wonderful. I saw those in Tuscon, but they are so pricey.
    You are a keeper, kj.

  16. I adore all these photos (thank you Emily for letting KJ post) and they make my heart weep for Santa FE/Taos both of which i have stayed in. Once I stayed for a month and a half even. KJ you are so inspiring, thank YOU for being a blog friend to us all.

  17. I don't get jealous often but I do wish I was there. Just the art in that area is enough to last a lifetime!

    The ravens are wonderful. The bear sculpture, so sweet! Looks like Goodacre's work?

    JB holding up the menus is a hoot!!
    The food really grossed me out though. Sorry, too much fat and beans :P

    You're making me long for the West again KJ. Quit that!

    Thanks for sharing the trip with us. Wow, lucky girl.

    Emily, I'm sending you some jellybeans for being so good about giving up the spotlight :)


  18. Dear KJ,
    I am a friend of Annie's (although I live in San Francisco) and just checked out your wonderful blog. I had to comment on your photos from New Mexico (where I have spent some of my happiest moments).
    You have brought back many memories - and, I see, have made it to 3 of my favourite restaurants in Santa Fe - especially "Marias". Great margaritas! Thank for sharing and for being a good friend to Annie during these past few weeks.


  19. Superb photos! I love that is completely inspirational to me. The photo of the Bears grabbed my heart...thank you, kj. I recognized a place or two, but it's been many years since I visited.

    That's the thing about cyber friends. I get to see so many different places,through my friends, in this amazing World!

    And they give me so much comfort...that's the best of all!

  20. LoVe the colors! Looks like you did have a lovely trip. New Mexico Mexican food is different from ours...of course I'm biased, but Nandos is The Best. ♥ Deb

  21. Oh, was there Mexican food??? Love, love, love, the Red's photo. All of them really, that one just leapt out at me.

  22. First-I have to admit my blunder-I was getting ready to e-mail blogger and complain I wasn't getting update notices to your blog-I was not a follower. My bad.

    I was in Sante Fe and Los Alamos for business a few years ago (a week after gallbladder surgery) and it is definitely on the radar for places I want to visit.

    It's within driving distance, and I can't imagine going there without my border collies-I've just got to work out the logistics and a place for us all to stay or camp.

  23. You've set my mind for Tacos tonight.
    Love the menu shots! (giggle)

  24. This is truly another world. Thankyou for sharing it. As for bloggie friends, I could not live without them now. They too offer me another world, full of insight and love.

  25. That food looks SO GOOD! YUMMY! You have a great eye. I loved your photos.

    I'm happy to be here...reading your blog. You make me smile!

    much love

  26. Just wanted to say hi after a long time. I still keep up with your blog via google reader. I sent you an email about 1 or 2 months ago but I think you changed your email add.

    Anyway, glad to see everything is going well with you. Take care!

  27. marianne, emily sends her love. :)

    caroline, haha, i went on the south beach diet for two weeks so i could eat all that food, and i'll have to be on it for two months afterwards!

    purestgreen, i owe you a visit. i will be over by the weekend. sushi. my other favorite.

    mim, of course i know what you mean. you are one of the people i miss too quickly when you cannot blog. and yes: see you soon. i am wicked glad about that! xo

    cs, you've found a place in my heart. it's been awhile, hasn't it?

    mark, all i can say is mwah! and tsup! (do you know what tsup! means? it's an aussie sound... :)

    awwww, melissa. tsup!

    angela, no doubt you are special. no doubt at all. i don't worry about your gray and brown scenery because you have all the color you need inside you. xo

    linda, jb and i priced that wind sculpture and yes, too expensive. it was so cool. i could just see it in my yard. you are a keeper too. thank you for your always welocomed comments here.

  28. suki, somehow i can see you in new mexico. it was so fun, suki. every sense was stimulated. (okay, i'll leave out taste. enough about how much i ate) thank you for the kindest words to me, suki xo

    lo, someday we'll do santa fe. maybe that's a good place to have a blog friend party! i wish i could wrap that raven painting up and give it to you for all the love and support you give me. xo

    robin, thank you for stopping by. it was a pleasure to meet annie and i love the fact that you have said hello here. marias was my favorite. i'm glad to walk you down memory lane. xo

    marion, did you notice the bumble bee on the bear's nose? this is as good a time as many to tell you how glad i am to know you. you add so much to my blogging. xo

  29. Hi kj! I resent the email, I hope you get it. :D

  30. OH My do you get to live in Santa Fe?
    One of my most favorites places in the world!!!!
    I love your posts even if I can't always comment I read every one of them!

  31. deborah, what is nandos?

    middle, my father's name was red. when i saw that sign my heart jumped. i smiled that you liked it too. xo

    debra kay, why take your dogs? i am missing something. i think we should all meet in santa fe someday. :)

    chewy, did you have tacos? i may have had my fill of mexican food for awhile, say, maybe, a week or two... xo

    somerset, i know what you mean. special people. special friends.

    stacey girl, you make me smile when it's you here. thanks for the compliment on my eye. i don't know about my photo eye, but both my eyes are honest. i know that much is true. xo

    menchie, it's you.....
    i've missed you. i'll send you info on my book. i'll say it again: i've missed you.

    pattee, i follow you too. i always love your comments to ms. renee and ms. sonia and of course on the lane. xo

  32. heehee, the menu pix are hilarious and the food looks scrum! Hey these images are fantastic!!! That interior shot (pic 1 ) is incred!!! I would like to have a room or studio like that, and I love that funny little building too. Thanks for sharing pal :)

  33. OMG!!

    Hahahahahaha!! that is the funniest thing i've ever seen. kj, you are brilliant, the "menu series". I love it.

    kj,i hope you include me as one of your blog buddies for ever and ever. i'm also so grateful and happy to have such good friends, you included. it makes me smile every day. That can only be a good thing, can't it?

    I loved the photos too. thank you for sharing these, it is lovely to see Santa Fe again. i loved the top one the best. it ought to go in a frame. well done kj.
    hugs and ♥

  34. val, i can see you in a studio like that. when jb and i designed our short-lived restaurant, we used that corregated metal (tin?) against the walls, spray painted it gold, and it made such an easy and incredible effect. just saying.. xoxox

    lori, i left a comment on your blog but let me please tell my own version of blogworld: i want to be friends forever too. xoxox

  35. OMG I'm full just looking at that. Had a bit of a foodfest myself this weekend and I'm still pogged. Nevermind, diet this week. The photos are lovely and the colours amazing! So glad you had a good time.

  36. Fantastic photos, what a wonderful trip. How lucky you are to be able to get out and about!

  37. really intersting pics...
    thanks for the tour...

    really enjoyed walking with you

    and eating with you!
    mmmm... yummmy!

  38. How did I miss these wonderful pictures? Oi...Lovely and heart felt I can feel it...xoxoxoxoxoxo