Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Help! by Emily Rabbit

Hello everyone, it's me, Emily. This week I am in a very good mood because kj paid me $ 10 that she owed me and then I looked like an angel after Esther the witch got drunk and flew all over the house before she finally crashed into the couch and then she looked very stunned for two days after that. kj was not happy that Esther flew into lights and ate all the candy, which she probably really did do but it is not my fault that kj didn't ask me if I ate any of the Reese's peanut butter cups because if she had asked I might have said maybe I ate some but since Esther got blamed it is not up to me to volunteer information, right?
Anyway, this week I am going to do something very different for me and kj says I will be rewarded in many ways but even though I'm not really sure about that I've decided to do something nice anyway and then hope for the best.
kj started this Wishes & Dreams Foundation and she is going to collect money and nice thoughts to help somebody in some way somehow however someone wants to do it. kj came up with three ways that anyone who wants to be one of the someones can help the other someones to be happier and kj says when you do that it helps you be happier too. I don't know if that is true because I have never done it before but this one time I am going to try and then I will see if I end up with more jellybeans or chocolate pretzels or extra money or maybe even my father will come home from working at the National Institute of Health, which someday I will tell you about but not now because now I am writing about this instead.
For everyone who makes even a dollar contribution to this Dreams Foundation I will have a drawing to see who wins and the prize will be that I, Emily V. V. Rabbit, will be a guest writer on your blog AND I will write about whatever subject you want me to write about (except kj says no sex topics and nothing about cooking because I really don't know anything about that and really I don't think you should ask me about investing money or politics because that has not worked for me very well already plus I really don't care about either because as we all know that can be very boring; okay not the sex part but the money and politics part.
kj says the contributions can go to any one of three choices. One of the choices doesn't cost money at all but you have to be nice and do something nice for someone else and you can't exaggerate what you did to make yourself look better than it really was, which I have done a couple of times myself and I got in trouble both times, so my advice is don't even try.
1. kj has this client who is 13 years old and can't live with her mother ever because of problems, plus kj says her school is not the best but she is very smart and kj thinks it's important that she be around kids who are good role models, whatever that is, it might have to do with rolling clay but I'm not sure, but anyway, any money raised for her will go for acting lessons next summer, when she would be totally bored and sad if she did not have something good to do.
2. You might already know that there is this doctor named Maithri who works in Swaziland Africa and helps children who don't have mothers or fathers and need everything, even clean water. kj's friends Tessa and Renee have raised some good money already but if you want to do this instead of the acting lessons, that is fine with kj and that is fine with me.
3. This is the one that doesn't cost any money, but you can't cheat!! You have to do something very really nice for someone else and you have to do it without getting caught so they will never know that it was you who did it. But you have to tell me or kj what you did because kj thinks it might be a good example for other people to think about how to be secretly nice too.
Anyone who tells me this week that you will do anyone of these nice things, you will qualify for me to be your guest blogger. This is worth at least $ 100 if I were paid fairly even though I never am but sometimes that's okay because I do like the attention and I have met some very nice people including my best friend Marianne.
I would appreciate if you would help me out because I think it is a good thing to do anyway and I think kj will be impressed if I manage to raise any money or nice deeds. As an added bonus, even if you don't win the fantastic grand prize, I am willing to give anyone advice on how to have fun and not care about getting in trouble or being too polite. This is something you should learn before you get too old, anyway.
Oh, p.s. if you say you are going to contribute kj will contact you and tell you how to do that and then I will put your name in the Grand Drawing. I will cry very deep from my stomach if nobody helps me or wants me to be their Guest Blogger. If I do have to cry, this is how it will sound:
for a long time. kj says it hurts her ears.
Sincerely yours,
Emily Rabbit


  1. suki, i told emily you have already contributed so don't let her bully you around. :)

  2. Oh thanks KJ. I'd love Emily's voice on my answering machine. Oops, no that's on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I'd love Emily to write a blog post. She's way funnier than I am.

  3. Dear Emily,

    I just went to Tessa's blog and told her I'd like to sell prints and cards of an image of a beautiful African lady I painted that wears a magic hat to make all her troubles go away. I would give all the proceeds to "Possible Dreams International."

    Does that sound like a good idea?
    Will be a guest author on my blog?


  4. Well, well...I'll have to think about this...I'll be in touch once I've figured out how I'd like to proceed.

    much love

  5. suki, i cannot talk on your machine because only three people have heard me talk and to hell with one of them anyway. i am shy talker, maybe that is why i cry and BOOHOO and kick my feet so much. anyway, your in the contest for the grand prize. :)

    lololo, possible dreams international is dr. maithri's so you are now in th grand prize contest too. if you win, i will laugh my head off because what if i want to say a swear word on your blog because it fits just right and you tell me i can't, then what will we do because i don't want you to be mad at me but we both believe in free speech, right? :)

    ms. stacey, take your time but you can't take forever. you don't know me but i am a charming little rabbit with great influence and the ability to get into trouble before i get out of it. :)

    yours truly,

  6. Emily, I am sending a check for the little girl, and I want you to ask KJ if there is a way we can send her Christmas pressies as well. I would like to do the Angel thing, and I will, but it would be more meaningful to me if I could pick things out for a real person and pick out things they would really like to have.

  7. dear emily, cause I like cheating I'll send some dollers for the acting lessons as I've already sent money to build a school in Africa. And then I'll do my best to do an act of hidden kindness cause that sounds like fun And kj can contact me at

  8. He Emily!!!
    What's this?! I am curious how this doing nice will be for you.... :) You see not so bad eh.
    I am proud of you.
    But please don't do this all the time because then it might get boring
    Of course I will help but please tell me how I can do that best.
    Maybe I can make something just like Lolo and you can auction it for the good cause. Maybe a mandala, bigger than the ATC size?
    You tell me ok.
    Of course I would love to win the prize of you writing on my blog!
    You can even write about sex, that would be something else on my blog!
    Cooking is not so much fun, I am not so good in that either, I am a good eater though........
    You let me know what is a good idea ok?

    Happy Animal Wednesday to you dear friend!
    Wish you succes with your acts of kindness!

  9. Hi Emily~ I would like very much to have you as a guest writer on my blog. Please put my name and blog in the Grand Drawing. I would also like your advice on how to have fun, something I think you know a lot about!
    The charity I am choosing is Dr. Mathri's Foundation in Swaziland, Africa. Please ask kj if I can use PayPal, or would she prefer a check?
    Emily, I think you are doing something very worthwhile, and I am very proud of you.
    Good luck! Margaret

  10. I pick the good deed part, but if I come into some money I will do all three things, but will start with one that sounds very interesting. I do nice things for people, but they always know about it, so I will have to think about who I can surpise without their knowledge...

  11. P.S. Emily I would love to win your blogging talents :-).

  12. i'll help, i'll help! please don't cry Emily.

    i'll be a good deed doer. i'll follow the rules and make sure i don't get followed, okay?

    i also have kj's address and tessa's too, so i know where to send a little tiny something (it won't be much Em)i've neglected my money tree and now it's a bit bare.

    you are so generous to want to share good advice on important things like having troubly fun and enjoying it!

    i've enjoyed our chat emily, bye for now!

    xx lori

  13. LOL...I love this. Big smiles from me. Good deeds and helping others I am in.
    I think I will surprise somebody but I have to think about what I will do. And I would love to donate to the foundation too. Where do we do that?

    Great idea!
    Hugs <3

  14. Emily you are turning into a philanthropist! I love it! And I would love to be a part of this big-hearted idea KJ created. xo

  15. Emily,

    I would love to help with the acting lessons for the 13 year old girl. I have a granddaughter not too much older at 15. She is very grateful that she is able to attend acting classes along with playing soccer. So I know your budding actress will love her acting classes.

    And I agree with Debra Kay who wants to send Christmas presents as well. I'm in. But I have to know how to do that soon, because sending parcels from Canada to the US can take a very long time!

    I'm so pleased to meet you, Emily, and I would love to have you write on my blog. It's the perfect place for a charming and intellectual Rabbit!

  16. kj it is a good thing that I am not a duchess in some country or I would have myself overthrown.

    Down with the monarchy.


  17. I'm in...what do I do next???

  18. Well, Emily - this is very magnanimus of you! If you don't know what magnanimus never mind, I think you are very kind too! I read that Marianne would like to make a Mandala for auction - that seems a good idea - if you can think of a way to do this I would love to make something too. Perhaps you can let me know?

  19. I have a very nice mandala for the good cause .
    I will post it on my blog tomorrow and will mail a picture to KJ.
    We can work something out I think.
    I will soon send you the notecard you won in my give away!

    Loveto my best friend from your best friend