Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Little Intro to Santa Fe

Ah, this photo is dedicated to two spirit sisters I totally adore.
You both know who you are....right? You do know I mean you, right?

I am home after spending seven hours in airports, five hours flying away and to airports, and one hour picking up and driving my Toyota RAV back home. I am writing this at 2:30 am because I am inexplicably wide awake. I am glad to be home and super glad JB and I had such a great few days away. These are just a few random photos. I'll be more organized tomorrow.
But the beauty of New Mexico surely shines through, doesn't it?
It was all pretty awe-some.


  1. zzzz...zzzzzz...zzzzzzzzz
    ah, my own bed. how nice. zzzzzz

  2. It certainly does shine through! I've traveled in NM but never to Santa Fe, and now these photos make me all the more sure it is a place not to be missed.
    (Is it as terribly expensive as its reputation?.....)

  3. what lovely pics,what a lovely place.hugs to you and sister crow.

  4. Lovely photos, gorgeous mountains. I have never been there but do want to go someday

  5. Welcome home!
    lovely photos, adore the raven(?)one.

  6. Wow!

    The place looks alien to my eyes - quite exciting :D

  7. Welcome back...glad you had a nice trip for the both of you. Yes the pictures are outstanding and clean. More please, we would like more please ma'am.

    Sleep Well

  8. Welcome home! I always love it when you two go away on vacation because you come back and share such fantastic photos. I *love* that crow painting!! Enjoy settling back in and sleeping in your own bed and drinking your own coffee. :)

  9. Oh that Raven picture was that spelled right? hmmm...Love the photos, tepees look serene. Glad you and JB had a wonderful get away.

    xoxoxoxo missed ya.

  10. Hello dear kj!

    Welcome home.

    I absolutely adore New Mexico. Santa Fe is the most magical place, I would move there in a heartbeat! Your photos are faboo!

    Hugs and love,

  11. Well, 2:30 in MA is only 11:30 in NM, right? Your pictures are stunning, kj!

  12. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Lovely photos. Of course I am a lucky duck because I live here. xoxo

  13. lydia, i can't say the food was expensive because a smothered green chili enchilada with beans and spanish rice cost somewhere between $ 8 and $ 12. it seems i can judge everything in life by the food price--haha! and we stayed at a marriott courtyard only because we get free nights there (credit card points). so i would say don't let money stop you from going! but annie can tell us more about actual day to day costs.

    soulbrush, hugs to my two sisters who love ravens, and hugs to you xo

    mim, i was last there with my young jessica and maybe it was the mother-tourguide in me but i failed to notice the incredible expanse and beauty everywhere. i definitely think you should go! (but go to # 9 first) xo

    sweetsweetmango, thank you my lovely crush. i will be by to see you soon, to be thrilled by your words....

    milady, ooooooh, a new avatar, just right for the new beginning! i wonder if you will find my place alien and exciting. i can't wait, my beloved friend. i am over the top thinking about it (kj says for the 100th time)

    mark, a pleasure as always to find you here. i always feel special when you visit me. there will be more pictures, sir. my pleasure. xo

    melissa, ah, my friend who knows me and my favorite routines! xoxo

    suki, i can see why. you would have loved sitting in this wonderful cafe with your good friend annie and me. it was so nice. xo

    sonia, i think someday you and i will have coffee together. :)

    my twinkierest twin, yes, i know you would love santa fe. the mountain range between santa fe and taos was most amazing and magical to me. i was just a speck in it all, a sometimes brave sometimes confused speck who at least shows up! love you, angela.

    middle, a two hour time difference. i was surprised i didn't fall on the bed after such a long day of travel. but all i could think of was, 'god i want to post some of these pictures'. i think blog sharing is one of the best sharing there is! xo

  14. Oh, what terrific photos you've taken kj - love the silhouetted windows, the raven, the mountains.. well all of it really! I wonder if I'll ever visit there?

  15. annie, your comment snuck in. what an incredible way to live with that mountain range around you like that. to say it inspires awe is such an understatement. annie, it was so fun to meet you. the cafe you chose was so great--i loved every part of it. thank you so much for your gifts and company. the time flew! xo

  16. Welcome back from The Land of Enchantment.

  17. Of course Laurel and I know who we are silly goose. We are the Raven Sisters and I think that is one of the Ravens Laurel slept with, but I could be wrong.

    What say you Laurel?

    Love Renee xoxo

  18. Oh fantastic. Breathtaking. You've captured the feel of New Mexico kj in these beautiful photos. I haven't been there since highschool, so like a hundred years ago, I wonder how much it's changed.
    I love the mountains all around, The desert colors, the spanish and native american influence, all so inspiring.
    I'm looking forward to more.

    xoxoxo lori

  19. 2am! Go to bet silly! Looks great. I have Burt Bacharach's Do you know the way to Santa Fe' inside my head now

  20. Hi LOVE!

    I'm catching up and was thrilled to see such great so beautiful.

    I can't wait to hear more about your trip.

    much love

  21. So glad you made it home safe and sound and rested up. The photos are very've captured some of the essence of Santa Fe. Love the Raven!

  22. Nice! I love the synchronicity of our get-aways.

  23. Green chili enchilada! Yum. Can't wait for more pics.

  24. caroline, i don't know if you'll make it to santa fe, but you have a standing invitation to come see me in new england! :)

    barbara, enchantment, indeed.

    renee, i did not know laurel slept with a raven. does that sound at all kinky to you? just wondering...

    hello lori, how are you today? i will go back to santa fe again. i think it would be a fun place to meet up with friends :)

    baino, hahahaha! do you know the way to san jose!!! not santa fe!!!

    stacey, hi love to you too, i can't do the vastness justice. that mountain range was VAST! VERY VAST!

    marion, what a sweet thing to say about my point-and-shoot camera skills! thank you. i got home safe and sound but not rested. i have two long days of work ahead and then i will rest! xoxo

    cs, i agree. kind of uncanny. xoxo

    oh linda, i lived for the enchiladas. now i'm back in new england looking around for pad thai... :)

  25. I am just so happy that we were able to meet, even if it was brief, too brief, I could have talked with you all day and into the night, and it was nice to meet the famous JB :-). xoxo

  26. kj~ You did all that--crop, post, subtitle--when you were so drop-dead tired! I love that enthusiasm! The pictures are GREAT! You have an interesting perspective, making something unique stand out against the sky--the cross, the crow (raven, blackbird?), the mountains. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I especially loved the textured grey mountain range. And of course the great colors of Santa Fe itself. In my home I have hanging O'Keeffe's pink Sangre de Cristo mountains (Blood of Christ for pink...) Next time you're taking me! I promise I won't be a bother! Oh, you're not Emily. How easy to take a little hiatus trip, how much we enjoy it, but how easy to talk ourselves out of it! A demain, Margaret xxox

  27. margaret, i cropped nothing! i don't know how to crop!

    okay, i left a comment on your blog. next time i go i'll tell you! and you can tell angela. and so it might be....

    thanks for your very nice comment.

  28. Wonderful pictures KJ!!!!
    No wonder you had a good time, It looks great there!

  29. OMg what fantastic photos!!

    I need that raven painting. I need it!!!

    The header is fantastic. The pic of you near the sign, perfect!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I'm going to read the newest post now.

    I need that raven!!


  30. hahahah! Just saw Renee's comment.

    It made me spit out feathers ;P


  31. wow! thanks for sharing your joy with us... and the beauties you have witnessed...

    and that crow painting...

    thanks my dear friend... you are one of those rare and unique people who really understand crows...

    i've not forgotten your poem, 'who knows the crow'...

    love and peace to you, my dear sister