Friday, September 16, 2011


My dog Stella and I have come to Provincetown for the weekend, I with a promise to myself to work two long days on my novel . This is not easy writing: the characters are flawed and the story line is at its essence sad. But I LOVE this writing life. When I have time like this, which is so rare, I can't believe my good fortune!

Which leads me to do this show-and-tell mishmash of joys that are free:

JB cut some of our hydrangeas and zinnias and put them in water in our front yard. Here they are a week later, turning their fall color, still looking gorgeous.

I have planted one fruit tree in my life and I'll be damned!--it grew! We told two of our friends to help themselves to all the peaches they wanted and they stripped the tree bare. Last week they arrived at my kitchen door to generously share the bounty they created: jars and jars of peach chutney, ginger peach jam, peach raspberry preserves.

Oh jeez, be still my expanding heart. My daughter Jess tells me that Mr. Ryan asks to hold his baby brother every night. I think it's obvious how tender is. And his four year old legs and feet: could they be any cuter? I'm sorry to say that two year old no-longer-baby Drew was kidnapped by an alien mouse. Thank god he's been returned safely.

Many of my friends have talents that are remarkable. Buffy, thank you so much for everything. And Mim, I paid twenty dollars for this painting at YART last year but it is worth a zillion dollars, so in my book that makes it free.

That many years ago JB and I bought a small place at the land's end in Provincetown will never ever be commonplace. It is a sanctuary of the highest order. When I write here, the words slide out like hot butter. And to live by the sea is priceless.


LightsLightsAnd maybe an idea to mix and don't match lights over our dining room table

and secret flowers

I can't say I think the world is an easy place these days. I can't even say I think even good relationships are easy, including the one I have with myself. It helps when I remind myself that there are many reasons to see and acknowledge and appreciate. Thanks for coming along.

Love kj


  1. Love, love, looove this post - thnk you for continuing to share your joys with us :)

    I chuckled at the alien mouse! ha!

    I also think that a mish mash of lights over the dining room table is amazing!!! (Filing that one away...)


  2. wow, this was a totally enjoyable mish mash kj. at the beginning it made me a little sad, seeing mr. ryan and baby, so sweet, my own baby son turned 30 today.

    and you get to spend the weekend writing in your beloved ptown. i know your probably close to heaven as it gets here on earth. i wish i could take a magic carpet over for a day, i would sit and knit(quietly, so as to not disturb your writing)after having a good long walk checking out the town (is there a book and wool store?).

    i see you still have your bodisattva, a perfect travel companion. enjoy enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Glad to know you're getting good time to write. Sorry that you feel your characters and story line are a bit lame.
    Saw the cormorants in your photos. Good critter's, those.

  4. kristin, yes yes, the xixed up lights are a very cool idea! i knew you'd like that picture of drew! XOXO

    lori, happy birthday kyle. your mom rocks! oh that you had a magic carpet: there is plenty of room for you and your needles on the red couch. but honestly, don't you think we could not resist talking about this and that and this? :^)

    rob-bear! the story line is not lame! it is just sad! i love watching cormorants. do you know that they sit in the sun because they do not have the oils in their skin to dry themselves off?

    hahaha, my word verf is couchi. and that is what i am doing tonight: couchi!

  5. Oh that bowl!!!! A perfect flower mandala :)
    Ahhh and that sweet Mr.Ryan! with his little brother. How lucky he is being so loved by his big brother.
    All the other photos are lovely as well dear.
    Enjoy your time with Stella in Ptown. Hope you will get some writing done and enjoy your time there


  6. Oh, that picture of the two boys.... whaaaaa!!! Have a good time in P'town and give dear Stella a cookie on my behalf :-)

  7. Loved the post, especially *Alien Mouse*.....maybe he can abduct me from the hum-drum of Indiana next? Put in a word for me; he looks entertaining.
    I am finding more and more that each of us need our own sanctuary, no matter where or what it is. And that's where life becomes rich and wonderful (I had typed *right*---maybe that should have stayed too) and the creative portion of our souls is let free.
    I'm working on mine, in between the body mend.
    It has let the mind wander a lot.....
    Love all the lights and the floating flowers. Seems that describes a life perfect without words.
    Although, the words are excellent!


  8. How lovely it is to visit you kj! What a beautiful family of grandchildren you have - just look at how tender that photo of baby and his big bro is! Love the Hydrangeas - what a superzen image!
    Hope that you,Stella and the novel enjoy a chillout and injection of sea air in PTown.
    I'm not moving anywhere yet - still here in KL. Taken the house in UK off the market as things are so slow there right now. We will try to sell it again next year....

  9. Kj, Love this post. There is so much in life to be grateful for and we are so blessed, why spend even a second worrying about the rest, life is way too short. I love that photo of Mr.Ryan and the baby, made me cry, so sweet.
    happy weekend lucky duck. xoxo

  10. I am happy you are in a good place to write, refelect and relax!
    I know Stella loves it there....if she cannot get to the beach, she can smell the salt water...

    Wonderful photos! All uplifting and full of L♥VE and HEART! Just like you!



    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  11. it!!!!!
    Thanx for making me think.

  12. There is beauty everywhere and silence to sit in those same places. I think it is a more than just perception but rather the comfort and contentment one finds first in the self. Of course I may be the only one within two hundred miles of Detroit to say that but as a writer, poet, husband, father, grandfather and crazy old man this is where my space is. Besides i have been to see in calm weather and hurricanes and I saw the North Atlantic up close and personal--3 years of her was enough for me.

    By the by Hi kj!

  13. Visiting your blog is always a feast for the senses, KJ. Just wish I could taste it, too :).

  14. ah, such a lovely place to be. and way to spend your time too, writing. if your characters are flawed then they are perfect reflections of us "real" people out here, endlessly flawed.

    cheers to you and Stella, Love Suki

  15. Oh, what handsome grandsons! Love the one of Mr. Ryan and his new love! And, he's getting so big!

    Love all the photos of your world, kj, you have a way with them, for sure! So glad you are writing by that wonderful Ocean! xx

  16. I love these pics. :) What a rich and full life you lead, kj. I'm happy to get to sneak a peek at it now & then. I'm writing, too. It feels good, eh? xox!! Pam

  17. i have poor internet access: gotta be brief :^)

    paint it marianne! :^)

    wieneke, tsup!

    anne, do you know that citis and places have astrological signs too, and some are not compatitble with ourselves? i'm not a fan of round pegs in square holes ♥ ♥

    it's been a chillout, caroline. but no ocean.i barely left the couch. i just sat and typed and typed and typed. which i loved! housing prices throughout the world :^( ♥

  18. annie, you honestly have the best attitude. it revs me up xo

    robin, neither of us are sniffing the sea, but we are being great company for one another and both of us are loving it xo

    beaudor, i will love the honor of making you think!!! :^)

    hello mark! i'm glad you are happy with your own self :^) not fair to not like the ocean just because it tossed you hither and there. you don't have to be in the high waves anymore :^)

    taste what andrea? ♥

    thank you suki, how true.
    xo from one evolved soul to another :^)

    marion, hello dear. the children in our is so good.

  19. pam honestly i don't think my life is richer or fuller than yours or anyone's. i just find good camera shots which makes see and appreciate rich and full!

    yes, the writing is good. god is it solitary. i don't know about that, but it feels so wonderful to be able to do it!

    robyn, thank you, sending you an email ♥

  20. oh, you lucky girl - a house by the water. what better place for a writer's soul? i can see those words coated with hot butter...hope you and stella returned refreshed and ready for the week~


    and the foto of drew with the alien mouse - priceless. what is it always with the oversized rodents? my kids were horrified by chip and dale at disney world years ago...

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