Sunday, September 04, 2011


Here I am again talking about my family. From the beginning the purpose of my blog has been to paint pictures, mostly with words. But this time I am pleased to introduce a newcomer to the art world: Mr. Ryan, age 4.
These are removable stickers that are presently all over my wall. Each was colored, embellished, and thoughtfully positioned by the artist, who proudly announced that his Mother and Father were going to be shocked and excited when they returned from dinner and witnessed the Big Reveal.

Please note that Mr. Ryan's grandparents must be flexible and goofy to allow Mr. Ryan's expansive art piece to enhance their current home design :^)

And speaking of Mr. Ryan, he slept with Scooby Doo last night, and also with a Big Soft Yellow Banana with dreadlocks.

Four adults and three very small children spent the day at the Northampton Tri-County Fair this weekend. I will refrain from complaining about how expensive the kiddie games and rides were. Instead I will say we had a very good time and I am appreciating my increasing ability to appreciate.
Zoom Zoom Rides....

Happy Smiles.....

New Friends....

Needed Sleep.....

oh, and did I mention a new baby with ten precious toes that if necessary could contribute to World Peace.

My current strategy in life is to spend as much time as possible with kind and loving and inspiring people and to run not walk from any one and anything toxic. There is so much I can't control, but I can steer my way to the people i love.

I'll say this: when it's clear that light is stronger than any darkness, the contrast can set things pretty right pretty fast.




  1. Quite the artist, that Mr. Ryan. And quite the grandparents to let him add to the household decor.
    And a new baby! Wow! Lots of excitement, from non-toxic people. :)

  2. this is such a sweet and heartening post. what a great gram you are. Mr. Ryan is so cute and funny. Did you try out one of those rides yourself???

    and the new ten toed bebe is just precious. you sound happy in the midst of the children.

  3. I want to go on the zoom-zoom ride! I like that car....(I think it's of *MY* high school era...omg!)
    Lovely post~~good pics, words and yes, I'd be in utter shock at the cost of a fair too.
    Does that mean we are Chicks Of A Certain Age???? :-D


  4. I love this line..."My current strategy in life is to spend as much time as possible with kind and loving and inspiring people and to run not walk from any one and anything toxic." This could be mine, as well.

    Beautiful artwork and beautiful are an amazing gramma! But I'm with you on the price of the rides and like you, I keep my mouth shut as well, heh! xx

  5. there's just nothing better than making art with a grandchild; playing with them, taking them places, enjoying each smile....
    glad you got to have a bunch of this with Ryan! quite the artist!!!

  6. hee hee, mr. ryan's art. and were his parents excited and shocked? you are so funny, and maybe the world's best granma. at least the expensive fair is not something that happens often.

    such sweeties these three little boys...such a blessing.

  7. Amen! I love little Ryan's masterpieces :-). xoxo

  8. rob-bear, thank you for being non-toxic yourself. that is very obvious ♥

    suki, i strive to be a good gram and imagination and curiosity are high on the good gram list

    anne, the ticket costs are unfair. it is not possible for an average family of four to spend less than $ 100 if each kid plays three games and goes on three rides. and that doesn't count food and drink and parents and grandparents acting like kids. jeez

    marion, you and me babes ♥

    lynn, you should know! xoxo

    lori, trumpets blared and applause ensued :^)

    annie, three boys: i wonder who will love to color and draw the most? i'll be sharing my colored markers, that's for sure. xoxo

  9. I couldn't agree more with your idea of avoiding toxic people. Life is so much better without them and I love that you're quirk grandparents. I know some who won't even let their kids eat strawberries from the patch . . life's too short not to sticky things up.

  10. hahahaha!!!! The stickers crack me up!! I let that little girl from the Dominican use the ones you sent me and my house looked similar...well, my fridge did!

    Cute boys, all three and so precious.

    You know I'm loving that Mike and Sadie shot!! He's quite trim,,,wow.

    You have a loving family and you are a loving person.


  11. hells, i quite love you! ♥

    lo, i quite love you too! i've been missing you here and i am glad you are full up of good people and good experiences ♥

  12. Oh what a precious post dear!
    So full of light!
    We had our grandchild over here in the weekend. She came to visit uncle Felix!!!!
    Logan looks wonderful and indeed he will contribute to a better world I am sure of that, having a grandma like you :)

  13. What would be not to like about the reveal? I want that bronze and greenish-gold car.

  14. what FUN!! nothing more happy and useful and joyful than a house decorated by a child - especially such an enthusiastic one.

    And soothed by the snores of a tiny baby - how delicious!

  15. Well, of course I zoom-zoomed in on all the photos, each art exhibit more fascinating than the last.I think Mr Ryan's artwork adds MUCH to your decor! Of course I so relate,,to all of it, even the cost of having fun.
    But what better place to use up some of that retirement fund, huh? I spend money on Jack way quicker than I do for myself,and get more satisfaction from it. It's what Grams do.
    Logan's announcement is awesome!
    Now go buy some clay. And paint some rocks,,,I have a super paperweight painted on a rock.Right here on my desk.
    Okay, I'll shut up now,,,I easily get carried away with a Grannie post,,,and THREE,,,,wow, are you in for lots of artwork!
    My fridge,,,,
    Oh shut up Babs!!

  16. I have a nephew who turned 3 this year, and he does crafts like this all the time as well in school... just the other day, he brought a paper-train that he had made by drawing the engine and the coaches, and then taping them together so they form a trail.

    Ryan's a great artist, I do hope that you'll share more of his art here in future too. Looking forward to that :)

    Arnab Majumdar