Thursday, September 01, 2011

Emily Rabbit's One Tough Chick Award

graphics for this award provided by Ms. Robin Lilac by way of kj's birthday present which was really for me. kj added the scythe and I made it polka dot because even a scythe should be designer fun, don't you think?

Hello everyone, it's me Emily Rabbit, writing today to share some very very prestigious news. As you might know I gave some very good advice on preparing for a hurricane and kj did not pay me for it and until today I have been very under-appreciated which is not fair but I try to be brave about it even though I threw frozen peas at kj while she was sleeping on the couch.

BUT!!! Wild Wonderful Wacky Anne of has presented me with very first Scythe Woman's One Tough Chick Award. The recipient is tough and prepared and able to control temper tantrums at least some of the time. In Anne's words:

Emily, I want to congratulate you on being so prepared for the hurricane and sharing it with everyone else in a very interesting blog post. You proved that you were quite tough by preparing and riding things out, and by not throwing a fit when NO ONE e-mailed a thank you, but were polite in bringing it to our attention.

In the future, you have all the rights and privileges associated with being "ONE TOUGH CHICK!" like getting leather chaps and using a scythe like Scythe Woman does. (it would cut flowers faster--heck, it cuts everything faster!)

Also, since you had a safety pin in your illustration of how to fix things after the earthquake, I am assuming you're a Punk Rabbit too, so you have the right to wear a Misfits hat like mine. Only TOUGH CHICKS wear those.Now, you'll probably have to make some mischief so you can post this on KJs blog before she knows what you're up to, so I recommend running around fast throwing frozen peas and screaming and knocking things over, then hurry to the computer while everything gets cleaned up.

It is always nice to be so understood.

So in honor of my award I am going to award this award out to certain spunky, brave, competent and maybe even patient people. They don't have to be women, even Mr. Snowbrush and silly Walking Man can be included.

So far only one person I am giving the award to is my best friend Marianne. But I want you to to nominate some people and I will give the award to anyone that anyone else nominates. I don't think you should nominate yourself though but maybe you could pay someone to nominate you even if they don't think you deserve it.

Tell me who you think deserves the One Tough Chick Award and explain why. I will then bestow this very wonderful honor to that person or persons. Later you can give the award to anyone yourself but since I'm the first to get it, I want to give it out myself first so please cooperate.

If you are wondering why this is a One Tough Chick Award and not a One Clever Rabbit Award, you will have to ask Anne but personally I think you should just accept her decision because she knows what she is talking about and really she is one tough chick not one clever rabbit so that may have something to do with it.


Emily V.V. Rabbit


  1. Well Emily, you are a chick rabbit, soooooo in MY BOOK, that makes you ONE TOUGH CHICK!!!
    I like the polka dotted scythe---mine is too old and worn from slashing things to paint it, but when I have to get a new one I think that might be something to consider.
    Now I REEEEEALLY need to get to my blog and post the Award, so people can pass it on.....
    You are definitely one crafty bunny and hopefully you didn't have to throw too many peas...
    And remember where you put the jelly beans....*wink*


  2. Emily (and Kj and Anne) Lovely award and graphics. I think this award can apply to most, but I want to put Jos from the General Whirl in the hat because I love her and think she deserves it.

  3. Congrats to you Emily!!!Did you really throw frozen peas at Kj..Mmmm I kind of like that idea..sometimes the kids dont listen..Heehee.Big Hugs,Cat

  4. Emiwee.....oooh..I am so honoured you have *taken* KJ's gift and "Emiwized* it! Great job!!

    I am happy you have bestowed first honours to Mawianne and Anne (aka Scythe Woman)....they are so deserving!

    I nominate Lo - for persevering through the past two years....

    And...Miss KJB deserves this award too....

    And Emilwee... never forget - you are our inspiwation!!! Beans, Peas, Jellies, Lollies, Hill Rolling...and all that makes you....Emiwee V.V. Wabbitt!


    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  5. aw, wobin nominate me! How sweet because I've already nominated myself! I didn't read the directions right ;P

    I love your polka-dotty scythe em. So you!!!!


  6. Oh, Emily! It is wonderful that someone has recognized your importance in keeping the world working well. Congratulations!

  7. Emily!

    Frozen whole okra---point on end! >:-)
    Just sayin'....


  8. love the scythe. love the idea. hey, i think you all are one tough chicks, even the guys.

    I nominate everyone.

  9. anne! i am nominating you too for my new award because there is no doubt!

    annie, jos is my business manager!!!!!!! i am so glad you nominated her and i hope she smiles!

    cat, frozen peas are good because you can throw them as hard as you want and they don't really hurt and kj doesn't even wake up! but you can also throw frozen artichoke hearts and that is a whole different result.

    wrobin, i am also nominating you because kj says your last two years deserve it and you might think about using the scythe for revenge even, but you might get arrested so maybe not. i will be sure lo and kj get the award but do you really think kj deserves it?

  10. lo, you can only have on award so i will make it from wrobin so you don't look so conceited.

    mr. rob-bear, i like the way you said that. i think i like you which for me is not a tiny compliment

    anne, and what about frozen honeydew melons for bad coaches? (they would need a special slingshot)

    suki, everyone? everyone? everyone? but you have to say WHY!


  11. it's the weekend! it's the weekend! hooray!!
    oh wait, what were we talking about? oh yes!, what a nice birthday present! and award! congratulations emily! i am not such a tough chic so can i hang around with you?

  12. I read this in Paramaribo and meant to comment once home again........ but you know how things were here.....Busy as a rabbit......

    But Wow how honored I am to get this reward as one of the first!!!!!

    Can I nominate a few???????
    can I do that on my blog?????
    please tell me!

    That Anne sure is a clever lady and how thoughtful to thank you in this way, while KJ didn't even pay you!!!

    I have been a bad friend lately but once all the work is done here I will be a better blogger I promise.
    Hope you can forgive me!

    Thanks a million dear friend :)

    Love and hugs to you!