Friday, June 26, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Bad times have a scientific value:
these are occasions a good learner would not miss.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Know what I want to hold on to after a difficult and sad year?
Gratitude. Awareness. Tolerance. Empathy. Patience.
Wisdom. Loyalty. Kindness. Self Protection.
And Love.
Know what I don't want any part of?
Bitterness. Hostility. Resentment.
Anger. Revisionist History.
Know What I've Learned?
We're all works in progress...


  1. so much learning, so much movement (forward) in your life kj, so much growth. that's what i've seen with my own eyes through your posts. and you are officially my 100th, thankyou!
    and your comment on my 'thankful thursday' made me want to weep with joy. love ya lots.

  2. To get from where you are to where you want to be there is a lot of work in between.

  3. Like a cigarette life is smoke

  4. Bad

  5. Yup. I grew up in a family that specialized in revisionist history. DOn't like it.

  6. We are indeed works in progress. Very wise.

  7. Sounds like the good things and bad things are all in order.

    Renee xoxo

  8. annie, kindred souls unite!

    soulbrush, i'm your 100th soulbrush. that's me. and let it be said i intend to be healthy, happy and harrowed-no-more by the end of the summer. !

    mariana, thank you for your visit. you've come to rub it in and remind me the only way out is through.... :)

    walking man, not just smoke: sometimes a bona fide forest fire.

    shubhajit, see my comment to mariana. :)

    cs, it's the worse. it makes you question what you experienced as true, what you know to be true,and what you honored. the good news is my truth is my truth. i'm holding on to it!

    why thank you dear xoxo

    renee, i guess that's a way of looking at it, though i don't get much of a high knowing the bad things are in their order... :)

  9. kj I am totally fine.

    I just have a sore back and neck over the last few days.

    You are a sweet friend moon sister.

    I miss Laurel. Are you super stoked to see her? I would be.


  10. Pain from cancer or arthritis; who knows.

    Now kj did I happen to tell you that priscilla queen of the desert was one of my favourite movies or do you just like the soundtrack.


  11. in progress...

    Oh, I like that! I must remember that one, Thanks KJ!!!

  12. Some progress better than others*!*

  13. checking in from reno.

    a traffic jam where we moved 3.4 miles in 2 hours on Donner's Pass.

    Lousy hotel, warm wine but safe pets. I wonder what I've done but I know I'll be okay when I get to the other side ;)

    the print is too small on this computer and without my glasses i can't read what you wrote. I'll be back to comment when I'm in a better space.

    love you!