Saturday, June 27, 2009


Just a 4 mile drive home from dinner:
Summer time, and the living is easy....


  1. oh sighhh and here i am shivering in my bOOts! X;-)

  2. Great atmospheric shots in motion.

    You sparked a memory, when I was at UMASS in a film class... a friend and I wore plastic masks and we drove around Amherst filming people's reactions to seeing us.

  3. Enjoyed the drive home; nicely done. :)

  4. Wonderful, moving :-), photos.

  5. OOOOOOooooooOOOoooo after all my partying, that made me Dizzzzzzy. Very pretty! **blows kisses** Deborah

  6. Summertime and the living is HOT...HOT HOT. Of course, in January I will be whining it's cold cold cold.

  7. You're driving too fast,you're photos are blurry or was that the wine with dinner?

  8. Oh my, yes Renee dances on a sugar high. You must stop by Java Junes to see Renee...she even hiked her skirt up in one photo....she said she was flirting with the dormouse!
    It's true, see for yourself! We will have to watch her more closely at the Cantina party! **kisskiss** Deborah

  9. oh but nollyposh, it was a beautiful night... :)

    chewy, i just snapped snapped all the way home...

    barbara, nice to see you, thank you.

    soulbrush, hello!

    annie, moving indeed!

    deborah, you can't really blame these photos for your dizziness. and did you try the sambuca? xoxo

    debra kay, i remember oklahoma hot. i sympathize...

    baino, hahaha!

    cs, i love love love love summer! i think i'll have a new perspective by the end of august..

  10. renee, you snuck in. the night was comfy. need a little more sun during the day but no complaints.

  11. "fish are jumpin,,,and the cotton is high",,,,
    oh, 'scuse me. Love that song!

    Super photos,,,the one at the bottom with the light left on is so welcoming. Just right.

  12. hello babs, how nice to find you here tonight. i like that photo too. it's my kitchen door. xoxo

  13. KJ...Awesome night shot...get Emily ready for my photo montage all this week...Tell her we are getting swallowed by a shark...

    Sonia xoxo

  14. Beautifull night. I can hear your silent car that is driven trough the path you have to walk.

  15. I love these blue abstract shots in a cool series:)
    So mystery and cool!