Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the Crow, Shiny Things

I have not heard from my beloved friend Human Being (aka crow), who lives in Iran and is unable to communicate freely since the election there. I think of her and pray not only that she is safe but that her wishes and hopes for herself and her people come true in her lifetime. Human Being is a poet, a mother, a sage and a muse. She has loved and inspired me. I imagine myself sitting across from her, having tea, meeting eachother's gaze, sharing ourfriendship and our hopes for our countries and the world.
These poems are for her. I wrote them at a time
I was simply into rhyme,
not worried about meter, or edits line by line.
My dearest Friend, know you are loved and protected around the world. The seed is planted.

So Sad

So sad

So absently glad.

So nothing new

So clearly true.

So many times

Lost in rhymes

So many tries

And lovely lies

So many tears

So many years.

So sad so sad

(When you return

Please let me learn)

So sad so sad

So utterly bad

So lovingly mad

So sad so sad.

Flight in Rhyme

I dwell inside the foyer
And crouch along the wall
Waiting for a miracle
To break my gruesome fall.
Out the window
three blue foxgloves sway and wave
as though I could be that free too
If I would just let go.
You see, I really try to welcome fate
I don’t complain when it is late
I spread my fingers and willingly wait
But I’ll be damned: what does abate
Is often hope instead of doubt
I wonder why I shrink just then
The foxgloves bid me to spread wide
But I forget to bend
That foyer has an open door
Where visitors pass by
I often smile with open arms
And greet them eye to eye.
They tell me I am whole and fit
I tell them hardly, then I sit.
But they persist until I might
Flap my wings and pray for flight.
I could walk out the door
Into the light
I could raise my chin
And raise up my sight.

I could give up first
And sit down last.
I could whisper thank you
In the silver grass.
I could even agree
To heal my amends
And bypass the beginning
Until I get to the end.
I could and I would
I should and I might
Forget about shudders
And fly into the night .


  1. Beautiful kj. When she is able to read this I believe that she will be honoured.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. If only it were that easy for HB to flap her wings and fly to freedom.
    If only.

    Beautiful words KJ.

    I'll be doing a post tomorrow about this crow/raven flying ;)


  3. We all pray for her. She is indeed a true human being.

    I like the first poem. It is simple, understandable and convey many emotions at the same time.


  4. oh kj, this is so touching for me too. i have known hb through her blog for ages and i feel for her so deeply. i once wanted to send her something in the post and she thanked me profusely and tactfully declined and said it wouldn't be safe to send it to her...can you imagine not even having the small joys we have every day of getting snail mail??she can't get to my blog to leave me comments, but i know she reads mine and i love her strength and words....

  5. Limited connectivity KJ so let me repost what she left at TWM early this morning just in case she get's cut off before she gets here.

    "my dear friend... i'm so happy i could get to your blog today... to thank you
    for your beautiful and thought-provoking poems you share with us here
    for the HEALING... beautiful... friendly... and wise words you leave for me on my blog...
    all of them are poetry...

    you cannot imagine how they help me to walk through life's difficult times..."

    I am certain that she means this sentiment for all who have left their kind words on her place. Just keep praying for her and her nation.

  6. Very beautiful..I pray and send all blessings to her and her well as others in her situation.

    Sonia xoxox

  7. renee, hb is a wonderful woman. i would like to meet her someday and i would just keep hugging her.

    lo, well, i would like to meet you someday and i would just keep hugging you. aha! so it shall be!

    shubhajit, thank for you visiting here and for your words about the first poem. i know you are praying too.

    i know soulbrush. i try to share certain things with hb and need to be careful always. she is so courageous and kind...

    walking man, how sweet of you to let me know this. i am so glad she got through to you. xo

    hello dear sonia! thanks for the well wishes. they definitely matter.

  8. I hope she's OK. I visit another blog from the US and after posting a poem herself, she received a visit from an Iranian woman so communications are still open. I just don't know what we can do for these poor people.

  9. It's hard to even imagien what that must be like for her.

  10. Lovely words and sentiments KJ.

    I hope Human Being is safe and well.