Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Emily Goes to Cape Coddy

Hello, it's me, Emily. I am on my way to Cape Coddy with kj and JB, where I will play in the sand, sneak out at night when every one's asleep, and meet my friends so we can all bob in the ocean. I had to tell my mother that kj is sick and needs me to help her because I was not sure my mother would let me miss school to go to Cape Coddy and I was certainly not going to miss a fun trip, so I told her kj needed me to help her and I hope I do not get caught. Sometimes you have to tell little lies just to keep things rolling the right way and as long as kj or JB do not blow my cover, what's the harm really? Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if my mother has an idea I may be stretching the fact that kj might be sick, you never know, after all...
Here I am preparing in the car and in my purple polka dot bikini. This makes me a little sad because it makes me think of Bella Sinclair who has given me advice NOT to model for money
and I hope she is feeling better and I hope she knows that I like her.
Cape Coddy does not really have trees like this but hopefully you get the point. I'll be relaxing in the sun and in the shade and having a grand time plus there is a garden where i can sneak in and help myself to radishes and carrots and maybe some lettuce. No tomatoes yet but I don't like tomatoes anyway so that is fine with me.
These are my Cape Coddy friends Muck Ruck and Truck Duck. I met them at the beach three years ago and the four of us bob in the water together. They quack a lot and I really don't understand what they say but they are very fun and they float and bob very well so sometimes I just hang on to one of them and they pull me around, which I like very much.
Maybe I will show you more of my time in Cape Coddy next week. I'm not sure, but if you want me to I might. Please don't mention to kj that I sneak out at night because I'm not supposed to but I meet up with a squirrel named Gregory and he shows me how to climb trees and roll in the grass and that is so much fun in the moonlight I highly recommend it.
Yours Truly,
Emily Rabbit
I hope you have fun everybody.


  1. Emily, I love your purple bathing suit :-). Have fun with KJ in Cape coddy and be sure and pack some jelly beans.

  2. Oh, I agree with Annie. Your bathing suit is darling!
    Now, you must try to be a good rabbitt - I know its hard, but you can do it!

  3. Hi KJ,
    sorry to drop by late. My appology to you.
    Wow! I super love this cute rabbit and her team members.
    And I agree with Annie and Lavender that your purple bathing suit is charming and comfortable!

  4. Emily I hope to see you in a book one day! I will read it to my grandchildren.

  5. MS KJ better check on you Emily I swear I saw you and a friend (honestly) hopping in the side yard of an unfenced Detroit house yesterday.

    Definitely a most unusual sight, but if you were looking for my house you had to come 8 blocks further south and three west.

  6. Miss Emily! Rolling around in the dirt with an older "squirrel" is so dangerous. What is he wants you to "roll in the hay"? what would you say to that Missy? I would just recommend that you STAY HOME at night and be a good little rabbit friend to Miss KJ babe.

    I'm giving you advice from the heart Miss Emily - I hope you listen

  7. plus - I do agree that you would publish as a lovely book, albeit a bit naughty for some people

  8. Have a fantastc time, all of you.

  9. Dear Emily,

    Hello from Wyoming! I really miss you a lot. yesterday driving through Utah was very scary and I thought we were all going to 'buy the farm' when this big truck came barrel-assing down on me and wouldn't give me any room to move over! Plus I was on a cliff going down a 5% grade at 75 mph and I almost lost five brown pounds if you know what I mean! Oh how I'd love to be on Cape Coddy with you and KJ and JB.

    Last night Brian bought us take out at a place called Lotty's restaurant and Lounge and Liquor Store. He said the lady who waited on him could have kicked both our asses but she was nice!
    We sure are meeting some characters on this trip! There's a store next to this hotel that has a pretty purple sign. We asked what kind of restaurant it was and the lady at the desk said it was a toy store...for adults! There are also lots of pawn shops and bail bondsmen places next to gun shops. Maybe you buy a guy and rob a pawn shop and then call 1-800-bailmyass...who knows what they do here!
    I just drink my wine and mind my business ;P

    hey, white lies are okay if no one gets hurt but in general I don't like lying. Maybe you should call it fibbing even though it's really just a matter of semantics.

    Today we're going to drive to the other end of Wyoming to a town called Cheyenne. I hope there are nice drivers on the road or I might have to buy me one of those guns and a fancy gun rack!

    Well, have fun little bunny. Summer has begun!


  10. Emily....
    Love the Bikini....You better wear some sunscreen..dont talk to strangers, and be careful not to over due the sneaking out...Dont want to ruin a fun time and upset KJ. Cant wait to see more pics of Coddy with you, KJ and JB...

    Hugs xoxooxox
    Sonia ;)

  11. i say 'go girl go'! if you can't sneak out at your age, when can you do it? fun fun fun is what you need to do, life is so short...and i am waiting for your book to come out too, for my maggie. love the names of your friends, ruck,shmuck truck and fuck...
    wordveri:rabadock (is that a mixture of a rabbit and a dog?)

  12. Hi dear!
    You just make sure you have a lot of fun there!
    If you do only the things expected from you you won't.
    I won't tell as long as you don't do anything dangerous.


  13. OOOOOOH Emily-it's Oliver the Parrot. It's MY Day and it looks like it's your day too!

    Sometimes the woman forgets to lock the food bowls and I push them out and crawl out the hole! FUN FUN FUN.

    Sometimes I just fly off my perch and I hide on a shelf or under a chair. The only way the woman can find me is if I click my toes on the shelf or she hears me laugh. I can't help it...it's sooooooo funny to watch her look for me!

    I would give you the spinach from the woman's garden-I don't like it. Blech. You might have to get your own craps though....Love, Oliver the Parrot

  14. Fun, fun, fun in the sun... and in the dark of night too! Bobbing in the ocean is relaxing, I like to pretend I'm a buoy. (giggle)

  15. Ms Emily, It is so good to meet you. Have fun in Cape Coddy. Beware of those bunnies at night. You would be better off hanging with the ducks. Because it might be dangerous hanging with a bunnie at night especially if you have that enticing itsy bitsy tiny weenie polka dot bikini on. Has your mother told you about the bunnies and their penchant for proliferation?

  16. Oh my, rolling in the grass at midnight with a squirrel...I hope you are not wearing your little bikini when all of this is going on...

  17. I don't think that is a little lie, you know :-)

  18. I meant buy a GUN...not a guy. JC!!!!!!!

  19. hello everyone, it's me emily. kj hasn't let me use the computer so it's not my fault i haven;t said hello to your comments.

    i am now in cape coddy!

    annie, i am having fun. there is a garden outside the door and i am sneaking into it

    lavender, why should i try to be a good rabbit? how about you try to be a naughty person instead?!

    yoon see, hello to you. the ducks are my cape coddy friends...

    ms. kay, book? book? hmmmmmmm :)

    i think it WAS me, mr. walking man? is detroit next to the laundry mat on bunny boulevard? then if was me for sure.

    mim, there is no hay in cape coddy. and gregory is a friend and he is little like me. we only roll down hills. and if you were me, would you stay home at night? it's when little animals like me get to play with one another without all that human and grown up stuff. but i will be careful. i promise.

  20. ms secret agent woman, can you fix a traffic ticket? because i just got stopped for hopping and thumping through a yellow light. it was not my fault.

    lololo, kj said you should check out that purple sign and live on the wild side. i have no idea what she means. HEY when are you coming? i am thinking about maybe possibly meeting you but i'm not sure but i might i'm still thinking about it.

    sonia, i like your advice: do it, just take it easy. that is very good sonia and that's what i will do. i like you.

    ms. soulbrush, fuck duck? i don't think so but i'll check out the names again. i don't think i've ever met fuck duck. is this someone you know?

    fondly plus hello,
    emily v. v. rabbit

  21. MARIANNE!!!!!! it's me emily!!! how are you? thank you for being so understanding and encouraging. this is why you are my best friend. (sincerely and love even)

    oliver, you and i are alike. but i don't like spinach. can you give me lettuce instead? i like that you do silly things like hiding. me too. tell the woman to always be nice. is she?

    chewy, as of now i like you alot because you understand what's important. that's all i have to say. :)

    ms. lisa, it is nice to meet you; however you use big words. proliferation? that is a lot of letters. does it mean lifting something? or what? anyway, please come back and see me again because the more comments i get the more kj might pay me if she ever does. plus you sound nice.

    deborah, kj says you are very cool but what's wrong with rolling around with squirrels. you grown ups think the worse, and i don't even know what the worse is!

    mr. pieterbie, BOOO_HOOO_BOO_HOO_

    sincerely yours,
    e. rabbit