Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Emily on Happiness

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Hello, it's me Emily. Things have been very busy around here because kj made an apple pie and cooked dinner for Thanksgiving and then she has this house guest named Milo Bug who is fun and talks alot and I introduced him to my cousin Rowena Rabbit and now we are all watching them because they like each other and kj doesn't know exactly what that means and I certainly don't know either since I am just a little rabbit trying to have fun in life. I saw Rowena sniff Milo behind the ear once but I don't know what that means either.
So today I thought I would introduce you to kj's Happiness Cards. there are 50 of them and she made them a long time ago because she has these ten things that she thinks will help people be happy so she wrote some little sayings about each thing and this week she found them and decided to have them printed and maybe give some away as gifts, so I added some advice of my own and now kj and I are going to try something new here because we are going to talk to each other a little bit about what is good for people and rabbits and of course we probably don't agree.
Here goes:
Me: Hello kj. It's me Emily. First of all, what are ten things you think make people happy? And do they work for rabbits?
kj: Hello Emily. Gee, we've never done this before. Well, I call them 10 Principles. In a nutshell, I think they work for anyone. Here they are:

Keep It Simple
Stay Present
Live with a Purpose
Laugh and Cry
Bend Bend Bend
Do Good Work
Give Yourself a Break
Keep Conflict to a Minimum
Me: Why don't you just say to throw peas and eat jellybeans?
kj: Emily, I don't know why you leave out that you broke a window pane once throwing those peas and you scared Stella when you escalated to throwing frozen artichoke hearts. You can't be telling people to have temper tantrums like that. And all those jellybeans are not healthy.
Me: This is when I am smarter than you, kj, even though I am little. I hope you are not offended but why would you worry or be polite instead of doing the simple things I do to feel better? And you know if they don't work you can always lie down on the ground and stomp your feet in the air and cry really really loud at the same time.
kj: Emily, you got arrested doing that once.
Me: It is not nice of you to bring that up because it was not my fault and besides it was not nice that I was so scared that you were not going to pay my bail and get me out of jail. You need to be sweeter to me, kj. Maybe that would make you feel happy, just doing that, right?
kj: I am sorry that I brought that up but I am still upset about the time we were at the Chinese Restaurant and you threw yourself on the ground and cried so loud they asked us to leave--all because I wanted you to use utensils to eat your chop suey.
Me: Oh, I remember that, kj. Wasn't it funny when that man who said he was a veterinarian came over and offered to help me and I told him to leave me alone because I was crying deep from my stomach and that was good for me even though he said he thought I was breathing too fast?
kj: Emily, you get me in a lot of trouble sometimes. And then I have to pay you $10 to write this blog column every week. What do YOU think is the secret to a happy life?
Me: Don't be afraid to get in trouble, that's the first thing.
kj: What else?
Me: If you get too serious, forget that and go have fun instead.
kj: And....
Me: You're right about keeping it simple, kj: Jellybeans, hills to roll down, crying from your stomach, what more does anyone need?
kj: How about friends, Emily? Don't we all need friends?
Me: Oh! Yes! That's true. Like my best friend Marianne, and all the friends who visit me and you too here, kj. They make me laugh sometimes and they are nice most of the time, especially when I get a lot of attention, which everybody knows is one of my favorite things. So okay, friends too. But that doesn't take the place of jellybeans, right? Don't forget that part.
Okay, it's me Emily again. That is enough talking to kj. I heard her say she might give away a set of her Happiness Cards--I'll let you know if she does because they are actually not too bad, advice-wise.
That's it for today. I hope you learned something. If you didn't, don't forget it's not my fault.
Yours truly,
Emily Rabbit


  1. Emily-OTP, PA here. Don't let KJ on your blog on YOUR day-she's bossy, like my woman and pretty soon she'll try to take over and post all over your day!

    Shiney things make me happy. I sit and stare and forget all my troubles. Well, I don't really have any troubles, but if I did, I'd forget them.

  2. Em, I love the idea of throwing frozen peas, fantastic!

    I love kj's list as is lovely.

    much love,

  3. mr oliver, you are the only parrot i know not to mention a parrot who is a patron of the arts. i am a POESJ: Patron of extra sized jellybeans. bring them on!

    shiny things are a good idea. i don't sit and stare, i jump and hop but i know how to forget troubles too. alot of times i just blame someone else.

    mim, that is nice, thank you.

    ms. stacey, don't forget to throw frozen artichoke hearts too if things are really really bad. just a hint for you...

    sincerely yours,

    emily rabbit

  4. Dear Emily,

    Did you know that KJ and I are going to team up and do our own set of affirmation cards?

    I'll do the art, she'll write the words and you can buy jellybeans from the profits we make!


  5. Dear Emily,

    Really, what choice did kj have but to bring up your arrest record? She could have just said, "Emily, what about the terrible consequences of that tantrum?" And that would not have been nice to all her readers, just leaving us hanging like that. The needs of the many, dear....

    Aunt Middle

  6. Do you really cry from your stomach, Emily? I find that most intriguing.

    I like kj's cards, and your additions were the tops!

  7. lololo, will i write some of those affirmation cards because i should because i have some affirms saved already, well, do i? i think i might. anyway, i will like the money, let me know.

    aunt middle, hahahahahahhahaha! you are very funny and i like the way you say things, even though i think you are taking kj's side i still think you did it in a funny way probably because you are smart, right? but 'aunt middle'? well, that is okay because i think that means i get presents from you, right?

    barbara, like this:
    BOOBOOHOOHOOBOOHOWHAHA. try it-get have to do it from your stomach if you want it to sound right.

    e. rabbit

  8. It's so weird that I found your blog!

    I have a daughter called Emily.....who is a rabbit!!!

    The thing we like to do which keeps us happy is to be grateful. We always say thankyou - and mean it.

    Live Life Happy!

  9. Those are lovely happiness cards, I once made a set for my mom. It is a grand idea and Emily, it was big of you to have Kj on your blog with you. xoxo

  10. miss j johns, you have a daughter named emily and she is a rabbit? is it me? no, it couldn't be unles....are you a rabbit? do you know my uncle bunny? anyway, thank you for coming by and saying to be grateful. i say have fun!

    annie, do you think kj behaved okay? i need to know in case i invite her again....


  11. dear miss emily,

    next time you make those cards maybe you ought to make a getoutofjail one! won't kj be surprised when you take that out, that is, if you should ever find yourself in that circumstance again. but i'm sure you won't, be going to jail. anymore.

    please tell kj that i love her list and i would have to add sleep under the stars and a little skipping and twirling when walking is a good way to be happy too!

    say hi to Milo!
    and kj ♥

  12. Emily,of course we learned something today!
    We learned that you can make cards every bit as good as kj!

    It was very nice of you to let her make a guest appearance on this post.(she might owe you more jellies for that, I'm not sure)

    Did you select the current header?
    Cause I adore it,,,and since you are adorable,,,,,well it just makes sense. Geez, I hope my saying you're adorable doesn't offend you,,it's kinda late at night for all that loud stomach crying and carrying on!

  13. hi kj: have put up the translation now.. in case u r still interested..?

  14. hey Emily... you are such a wise friend for kj... your pieces of advice added to kj's collection were superb... especially throwing frozen peas...

    and you say friends cannot take the place of jelly beans, eh? this reminded me of our landlord... he says the same thing for his pack of cigarettes... he says your friends may leave you or may cheat you but cigarettes won't...

    and i wonder why both give me a headache... 'both' doesn't refer to friends... it refers the other two..
    you are going to hate me for that, eh?

    i know... i know... there should be something wrong with me!

    this is what our landlord says...

  15. Emily I am totally with you. Throw frozen peas.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxo

  16. Hi Emily!!
    Read your post yesterday and it made me think of a workshop I was planning to give on making boxes with cards.
    The post made me dream in the night and in the morning I finally found the boxes on the internet I was looking for so long!
    So Emily you helped me in realizing a plan I had for a long time but got stuck in finding the right boxes.....
    Thanks dear!

    HAW ,late I know....I'm sorry. Yesterday evening I spend on packing thingsto send away across the ocean. One of the packages for for KJ and you!

    This morning I brought a whole bag to the post office, I love that feeling of getting things done.


  17. I liek the list. Especially since I',.m not a huge jellybean fan. Now if it were "Eat chocolate, throw brussels sprouts" I might get behind that.

  18. What lovely sentiments on your cards, kj and Emily. I love them...if you decide to become a proprietor and sell them, Emily, will you let me know?

    I'm sorry kj horned in on your post, but you handled it very well. You're a great little rabbit, cry really well! Get it all out, is what I say.

  19. Hi Emily - that's a good list - though I do wonder where you learned to throw frozen peas - was it from kj?