Monday, June 15, 2009

To Lolo

When the universe serves you up a good friend, you don't ask questions. Such is my fortune, happenstanced upon at a time when I needed so much. I am again breaking the rules and humbly giving this award that is not mine to give, and this poem that is mine to give, to my beloved friend Lolo. She's moving this month and the love and good wishes of many many people will be following her every step of the way:

The Journey
She is packing the boxes
And sweeping the floor
Getting ready to shuffle
More less and less more.
She’s a girl from New England
Finding her way
Now leaving her present,
Soon leaving the bay.
Too many demands
Flying wild around
Too many wishes
Wanting safe ground.
She’d cry if she stopped
But she surely won’t fall
Because she know where she’s heading—
The gestalt of it all
Will guide her cross country
No colors will run.
She’ll start that new canvass
Before much is done
She’s an artist, you see
In search of her space.
She’s also my friend
Filled tiptop with grace.
Hang in dearest Lo
Let go and hang on
You’ll be swishing your own way
Not before long.
And me—I’ll be waiting
In front of your door
Gratefully grinning,
And watching you soar.


  1. awwwww, you just have to love 'er.

  2. kj this is wonderful.

    I love Laurel too. I think Laurel is one of those really unique people who listens when we talk.

    I love that in a friend. You listen to kj.

    Laurel is my raven sister and I could not be happier that she will be living by my moon sister because as we all know; the raven and the moon go together.

    I got a lovely atc card in the mail and a lovely note to go with it.

    Thank you doll.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. "I am again breaking the rules"

    As the jail house guard at the jail in "Easy Rider" said to recidivist Jack Nicholson, "You're just getting to be a regular old regular old.

    Or, as the Bible says, "People who get away with one crime, think they can keep doing it." You would have never known it, but I will confess that this is my paraphrase.

  4. Yes kj I loved it. Thank you Babs wherever you are.

    I did not post that comment because I wasn't sure if you wanted me too.

    I understand.

    Laurel is a woman with a huge heart and I am so glad that you two will be able to see each other in the flesh. Lucky ladies.

    And the best thing about love is that mostly it doesn't.


  5. He that's nice for our Lolo!
    Such a beautiful poem , sweet word to give her courage for all her goodbyes and the long journey ahead of her.
    She has to leave some behind but we will all follow her

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  7. renee, thank you for the compliment. i do try to listen, and to understand; that is, before i open my mouth and sput forth a solicited opinion! i wish you would be running with me to greet laurel. and mim is not far behind either: wonderful people, all of us... :)

    aw snowbrush, is it a crime to give a harmless love-filled gift? please re-evaluate. then, if you think i must change my ways and not give out even one more award i do not have possession of, i will abide by your judgement... i will really... :)

    how true marianne! we will follow her.... xo

  8. Holy jeez, a post about me? Awwwww.
    I'm more than flattered KJ. But listen, you have to stop stealing. Between that and your gambling I'm worried about you ;P

    I know I'm going to come out on the other side just fine. It's simply a move. A change of venue. My old stomping ground and a place that I still feel is home. And I have welcome arms to run into.
    The hardest part of leaving this little piece of paradise is leaving the incredible friends I've made here. I know some will visit me and some will not, and they know I don't travel well so I may not be back here for a long time.
    There are some who are elderly and I know this is our final goodbye. I'll have to make the hugs last extra long when I see them.
    There are animals who I've nursed for months and I'll have to leave them too. That kills me in a whole different way. I feel like I'm leaving one lady and her cat on an island because nobody does the kind of service I do. Now she'll have to take the kitty to the vet for its care. They'll take good care of her though. Dolores and Tami, jeez they break my heart.

    I'm looking forward to new beginnings and old friends, family and new friends and reaquainting myself with myself. That's what I need the most.

    Thanks Ms. KJ. I know we'll be good friends for a long, long time. Count on it!

    And thanks everyone for your kind words. Back at you! xoxo

    And now back to packing. It's amazing how much there's still left to do.

    Talk to you later missy.

    love you,

  9. I think its very exciting that Lolo is moving closer to you. Be great fun! Bittersweet for you Lolo but new adventures bring new friendships as well. Good luck with your move.

  10. Beautiful. I have not known Laurel very long, but I too think she is awesome and wish her a happy, safe move.

  11. Sigh-I have to admit that I'm jealous that you guys will be close enough to visit.

    Once everyone gets moved and settled, we really need to figure out a central meeting location. (In this case we means someone who is not me, because I am geographically retarded....BUT, heh heh, I DO have a week in several time shares, many "back east" and I'd gladly offer that up for a meeting place-most of them sleep 6-8 easily and many come with kitchens)

  12. What a lovely send off. I'm sure you'll have given her wings!

  13. Aaw,
    Hugs and kisses in the flesh with warmth in your hearts.