Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words and he said it was one of his very best. Here it is:
For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
Talk about just enough information to pull you in and make you wonder.
Here's wishing everyone a fine weekend. It's raining here and that means I might putter and play today. My thoughts continue to be with Bella Sinclair and her two girls. I pray the loving arms that greet them upon their arrival home offer all the solace and shelter their hearts require in their time of sorrow.
If you would like to contribute a letter, a painting, a drawing, a poem, a thought, a greeting, a small present, or anything else to Bella and/or her daughters, please contact Aimee at She is lovingly putting a package together to be sent to Bella from her blog friends by the end of July. For me the opportunity to express my thoughts and caring is a gift to myself. If you feel this way too, don't hesitate to contact Aimee.


  1. Okay kj; I've caved. See I am not a hard sell.

    You know those days and you are talking to someone and their breath stinks and you can only cover your nose so long.

    It is like the mint is talking and yelling at them 'Hey stinky have a mint.'

    har har

    Love Renee xoxox

  2. Oh, that's a sad story I'm afraid. Haunting six words.

  3. renee, ooooh, i love that you've caved. :)

    debra kay, pretty interesting, huh?

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  5. You seem okay with a rainy weekend. Good for you. Putter and play--indoors, I assume.

    Thank you again for my two stolen awards, even if you did forget to give me the first one until I reminded you, after which you had to go back and steal it all over again. Ha.

  6. That Ernest! Great book, really my kind...... (just kidding:))

    So sweet of you to draw the attention to your friend Bella, such a tragedy!
    I will send a healing mandala ATC for the package.

    PS: note for Emily: Don't you worry my little rabbit friend, no one can come between us you will always be my special friend!
    Glad you liked your ATC's!
    Honored the rabbit will be under your pillow, but please look at it sometimes..... :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Powerful six words.
    I'll log on and send something for Bella - her story haunts me

  8. don't forget me, I am dead

    she spoke, he listened, we read

    romance takes time, time takes sex

    I feel like Rodney Dangerfield laughing

  9. KJ...

    I Love Ernest Hemingway. My first ever author I love..Only reason I want to go to Florida to see the Hemingway Home....

    You are a truly special lady to be friends with..Bella is truly blessed by friendship..

    Sonia ;)

  10. I've missed many of your posts, having been away.
    That is a great Hemingway story,,much mystery and intrigue.

    So sad about Bella,,,sending up prayers for her and hers.

  11. That is so unutterably poignant, isn't it. And speaking of sadness, I would be honoured to sent a little gift to Bella...thanks for pointing the way. xxoo

  12. Get your arms up kj because I am slam dunking the ball right back to you.

    Our father's in Heaven, isn't that a wonderful thing.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. ah but snowbrush, i await your decision whether i continue to award stolen property or whether i continue for the common good... xo

    marianne, you are wonderful. emily and i would like to spend an afternoon with you.... :)

    mim, 'haunt' is the right word :(

    dear jellyfish (walking man) thank you for the smile.

    sonia, i will say most of my friends would say i'm a good friend. i don't know bella very well but her loss has touched the heart of so many of "us" xoxo

    babs, i'm glad you're back and hope you had a good time. i'll be over soon... :)

    tessa, the way i see it a little gift from you is a giant gift from a kind universe. xoxo

    renee, the ball hit me in the nose and i look like hell but a love dunk from you was totally worth it.

  14. awesome six words...
    a nice little journey for mind!

    best wishes

  15. That Hemigway story has always sent a shiver down my spine. Too sad!

  16. ribbon, i like seeing your comments here and on the blogs of two of my favorite people ...

    cs, i'd never heard it until recently. interesting, that macho man...