Saturday, June 06, 2009

Six Word Saturday

inside the heart.


  1. Mr. Ryan be good for grandma.


  2. Unless we can pretend it was written in invisible ink.
    Does that work?

  3. renee, oh he is extra good. and wickedly fun.

    barbara, yup.

    babs, you wish. i wish. but i don't think so, ms. optimist....


  4. The ink may cease to burn.

  5. oh God! this cuts so deep... very intense... i can feel all behind these six words...
    so true!

    inside the heart nothing works but alchemy! you cannot erase... you should convert... a kind of metamorphosis...


    as to linking in Kate's blog:
    at the bottom of her post (the recent post i mean) there is a Mister Linky written in green... click on it... a new window is opened... there are two rectangle boxes there... you enter your name and the url address to this post...
    this is the url of this post:

    then you hit 'enter'... your name appears there in the list and whoever clicks on it, is directed here...

    also the logo here on your blog,it should be linked to Cate's blog..


    on her post you see a html text in a rectangle box... copy it and paste it in your post (in the window you write, there is a 'edit html' button)

    then when you hit 'compose' button, that text is changed into the logo...
    now you can hit 'publish' button...

    then when we click on the logo, we go to Cate's blog...

    thus we are all connected!


  6. Great to catch up with you! You are looking real good and I like the glasses. Enjoy those grandkids.

  7. debra kay, often i think you are amazing. this is one of those times. thank you sweet girl.

    hb, and you, my friend: thank you also. i am blessed to have the wisest companions around me. and thank you for the technical instructions. there are so well written even i am confident i will follow them! love you...

    kay, i am looking real good? haha. you are a doll! i always like it when you and i catch up. xo

    soulbrush, speechless? wow. i don't know if i want that responsibility... xoxo!!

    mim, i thought so too. xo

    why walking man, so it can't be erased? xo

  8. I love the idea of a metamorphosis.
    Sounds hopeful...because life is hopeful, right my friend?


  9. yes, dear, yes...

    the word verification is friendsknowbest...


  10. Never complain, never explain, never forget

  11. Thats a true six words KJ....But we can write over it..scribble...and keep writing over it....get a big Sharpie marker...Dont let old wounds carry u through life..or they will never heal...

    Sonia ;)