Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Poetry

At the time I wrote this, I didn't know how prophetic it would become. It comforts me to know somewhere inside I knew and prepared myself for something that would not endure, could not maintain the threads needed over the long haul. Still, I'm glad to know then and now that sometimes I know what I don' t know...
Can’t Do
Could you?
I’m at the beginning:
Accept, Accelerate, Acquiesce,
and sprinting to the L’s,
Long, Loosen, Lighten up,
Onto to the T’s:
Trust, Turn in, Truncate,
Then to the final stop:
Zero. Zilch. Zenith.
I am plucking words,
Seeking sounds,
And mixing colors
To explain why oh why
You are there
And I am here
And the in-between
Is alphabetically and phonetically speaking
All Wrong.


  1. kj you made me laugh because that is the very first time I have seen you use the word 'fuck' naturally.

    Usually you say it and you know, that is not kj's language, but this time it just flowed like hot chocolate.

    Love Renee xoxox

  2. hahaha renee! i'm cultivating a pristine image which is too funny!
    and speaking of hot chocolate, have you ever had african hot chocolate? the spoon stands upright in it--it's that thick. i had it in paris and still think about how fucking fabulous it was (repeat hahaha). love you...!

  3. Well, I was going to leave a nice, positive comment on your lovely poem kj, but now that I've read Renee's comment and your response, I am off to find the original comment that spurred this! HA! Too funny....flowed like hot chocolate. So happy to have met you! **blows kisses** Deborah

  4. plucking words.... great image!
    i love it... it tells a lot!

    'You are there
    And I am here
    And the in-between
    Is alphabetically and phonetically speaking
    All Wrong.'

    this i feel is not just about two persons far from each other... it's more than that... it's the essence of life... what causes us to move... to change the wrong in-between... to get to what we love...

    really lovely poem...

    and kj... i'm happy i'm here again... to crow!

    my internet connection is just the most unpredictable thing in the world... don't know when i get connected... and when i can open some sites... and when i can leave messages... but when all these happen together i really feel overjoyed... like now...
    thanks also for all your warm and precious words on my blog... they really help me through this difficult time i'm passing through...

    lots of love

  5. "that is the very first time I have seen you use the word 'fuck' naturally."

    I am losing my mind, either that or my vision. Renee saw the word; KJ affirmed Renee's observation; yet I CAN'T find it....

    ...Oh, now I know, Renee and KJ have teamed up to make me THINK I'm crazy. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Can't catch me sleeping, no sirrreee.

  6. Like Deborah, I ws sidetracked by the comment section of your blog, haha. This is great, just great kj. If I was at a poetry reading and you read this aloud I would love it and want to know the person who wrote it! Fortunately I do :)

  7. Note to everyone: you'll have to find my comment on Renee's blog in order to experience first hand my 'natural' use of the work 'fuck'. don't bother looking in this poem of mine because even though it follows the alphabet, that particular word is sadly not included....


  8. really clever poem Ms. KJ. I like it a wicked lot ;)


  9. after that sex quiz, i would've thought you say 'fuck' a helleva lot (like I do).

  10. renee, see you've got everything thinking about me swearing instead of reciting my poem... :)

    deborah, i'm happy to have met you too. we can thank renee. wouldn't it be nice if we were all at your pool chugging down those sambucas?

    oh hb, i am so happy to hear from you, i hate that you must endure this unpredictability and choking control. my love and faith follows you.

    snowbrush, haha, i like you. don't forget....

    val, if you were at a poetry reading and i saw you, i would walk over to you and beg you to be my friend. so how lucky am i it's all true!! i'm glad you like the poem, i like this one too xoxo

    lo, my comments are not complete until you check in. how will i survive your trip? i'm preparing now by eating cookies... xoxo

    soulbrush, i say that word, that word that begins with 'f'. i do. :)

  11. Wow, thats a beauty KJ, I can certinally feel it.
    Sending many hugs!

  12. I got my moleskin journal and I am so excited will be keep it forever....I Love U KJ...

    Sonia xoxoxoxo

  13. I'm glad I read through all the comments, because i read and then read aloud the post to try to find the fuck-word. It's anatural word for me, but I felt a need to see how you used it naturlaly. Soo, over to Renee's blog!

  14. lavender, hello. i'm hugging you back. and i would double hug if you were in front of me. hang in my friend. you're doing good..

    sonia, i hope you'll want another one once you fill this one up. enjoy, my friend.

    cs, that renee! she makes me sound like sister margaret. :)