Friday, June 05, 2009

The kj Babe Project

HAHAHA! Okay, so I'm not a babe yet. Am I discouraged? Well, not entirely. I give myself some credit for having the chutzpah to post these self portraits at all (and risking a reputation for sadly misguided narcissism) and at least I don't look like an axe murderer.

I have shed some weight, have new glasses, am actively attempting to rid my face of the self imposed trauma of the past year, and twenty pounds into the future I will hopefully buy myself a babe wardrobe.

In the meantime, like it or not, here I am. Even if I have a chance to just remotely look like a babe-wanna-be, I'm still going for it.

Editor's Comment: This is supposed to be humorous! Please do not think the author is fishing for compliments or, worse, is clinically delusional. Okay so maybe she thinks at times she is cute and clever despite or inspite of reality, her age, and/or her god given limitations, but she prefers to have fun and go for it anyway. .
P.S. My face is not really shaped like an egg. Something had to be sacrificed in order to line up three photos at a time, and graphic design won out. I may regret this entire episode in the morning....


  1. kj, you are beautiful, sensuous, steamy, hot, attractive, adorable, sexy, pulsating, gorgoreous, did i already say hot?


  2. kj, stop leaving anonymous comments.

  3. kj I don't think you will regret it at all.

    You are better than a babe. A babe is okay as far as babes go, but you are so much better.

    Or if you want then you are a babe. A babe with intelligence, strength, humour, and love.

    I love the pictures and I say don't wait for the next 20 pounds to go; buy the wardrobe you want now.

    Love the pictures you look fantastic.

    Love Renee xoxox

  4. aha renee! so this is why i love you so much!

  5. "Please do not think the author is fishing for compliments or, worse, is clinically delusional."

    Hey, not me, no way. I'm just wondering who's driving since it looks like that's you in the driver's seat. Thanks for sharing your photos. They're wonderful.

  6. Shave my beard, cut and die my hair, get me some new glasses, and make me smile and we'd be twins babe.

  7. Oh GIRL.....
    Brave you....


    I agree, buy the wardrobe now - tailors can always take it in later...

  8. These are fabulous. I love all your different expressions. you could have been an actress. And the wardrobe shopping sounds such fun. I need a bit of that myself as most of my clothes are bordering on rags.

  9. snowbrush, hahaha! this is what i do when a client cancels. i sit in my car and pose.... :)

    walking man, well? i like this idea. xo

    mim, mwah!

    suki, clothes make the girl. except sometimes it's not so easy to decide who to make, right?!

  10. Here's the story of a lovely lady... oops, er... sorry, the set up of nine faces brought to mind The Brady Bunch... or um... Hollywood Squares.

    A Babe? - You ARE all that... and a bag of chips! (giggle) I love chips.

  11. Were these photos taken with a dash-cam in a police cruiser?

    I love them!! They remind me of those little photo booth pictures. They also remind me of a few posters I've seen in the post office only you're not holding your number in front of you ;P

    Jeez I have some catching up to do with my blog sisters!!
    Tomorrow I'm free, sort of. Uncle flies home and I'm going to try to take the rest of the day for me me me!

    Okay KJ babe-a-roo, I'll catch ya later! You're looking great btw, and I agree about buying the clothes now. Live for today!!


  12. I am so Blog-Behind,,,but really glad I didn't miss this one!
    Love your grins, your smiles,,,the innner little girl/Babe.
    You're there already,,,so much of being a Babe comes from the INside,,,yeah, you're there!
    Babe with the proper attitude,,,,I like it!

  13. I love the smiley ones and the big laugh! And I think its very brave of you to do this even though you werent convinced you should - and now I hope you are glad you did! Plus you are a Babe - capital B!!!

  14. You are brave and funny and a babe even before you lose the next 20 pounds :-). A babe is more than looks, one must be funny and smart and you are :-).

  15. Nah, I love seeing photos of bloggers, especially the ones I love . . .I don't give a shit what I look like any more . .well maybe a little! You have a very expressive face jk and how shitty is choosing new glasses! I just bought a pair and I'm still not sure I like them. Yours on the other hand are very groovy.

  16. chewy, you are a sweet babe yourself. the chip metaphor was lovely. xo

    lo! it's kj, your babe-a-roo friend! it's been a drought without you, so this comment of yours is a warm rainful on my babe-a-roo head. xo

    babs, the 'inner little girl'is so right on! don't ask what possessed me to post these pictures--i think my sense of humor just took over. i think you're a babe too, babs. xo

    ooooh, lavender, thank you so much. you know i imagine you a babe also. xo

    annie, funny and smart and vulnerable and confused, plus another 10-15 adjectives. but thanks for your sweet comment. xo

    i love you too, baino. i do. about the glasses, me too--i hate having to choose a pair. but this time the woman who handled the sizing and ordering handed me a certain pair and gushed over how 'cool' and 'hip' and 'gorgeous' i looked. that was all i needed. she was a bit overweight, not stylish, heterosexual, probably single, and not cool or hip or gorgeous, but she somehow elevated how i saw myself!! so i bought the pair and so far so good. xo

  17. You are babe-a-licious, dahling!

  18. KJ.....

    A Babe is sexy with intellect and knowledge....You are a definite Babe cuz you have all of that and more. I love all the self expressions in the pictures.

    Sonia ;)

  19. sonia babe, thank you. :)

  20. You are hilarious kj and absolutely gorgeous. I just love your sense of humour!!

    I agree with everyone else - go get that new wardrobe right now and enjoy it and forget about losing weight. I'm always being told I look tired/old/drawn cos I don't have enough weight on me (and that's just the way my body chooses to be) so you can't win either way.

    At the end of the day the people who love you will love you just as much with or without the pounds.

    You're fabulous just the way you are. xxx

  21. You Rock, Go Girl, Lindax

  22. you look so good, even in these squiffy photos.and all the comments prove how much we all love ya. xxxget the clothes now!

  23. Lol! i ~LOve it~ i figure you got bored in the traffic??? (i wonder what the drivers by thought? Lol!)... i ~Love~ ya face X:-)

  24. Well I'm totally impressed that you manage to smile and laugh whilst driving ... unless you were being towed or something*!*

  25. i see just four of them and i like them all... you are so lively... love your big smiles... made me smile too...


  26. You are just perfect the way you are!
    Love >M<

  27. Oh, your babe days aren't over if you can be as silly and smiley and serious and sexy all while driving! (Maybe you were stopped at a stoplight and not really driving...that would make me feel better)