Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Almost Here...

I'm not saying I will or I won't, I do or I don't, I can or I can't. But consider this official notice that the heretofore previously referred to kj Babe's First Annual Sex Survey will be appearing in these parts on or about Friday, which is another way of saying in a matter of hours. Just in case you might be interested...

P.S. Remember: I need encouragement
P. S. I could still chicken out....


  1. LOL...whatever you choose friend I support you..

    Sonia xoxoxo

  2. Hmmm what kind of sex survey??? It sounds quite interesting... I think I'd chicken out : )

  3. I've read more of your posts and you are one funny woman! I really admire your gutsiness!
    How do I follow you?

  4. ;)

    I'll be back later!!

    Long day.

    You're killin' me though!


  5. sonia, you support me? hmmmm, i wonder what that means once i post the questions?!! :)

    pattee, thank you for coming by. it made me feel great that you think i'm funny and gutsy. i like that! what kind of sex survey?--questions.... :)

    lo, HAHAHAHA!

  6. No way you are chickening out. You can do this.

    Maybe I will find myself.

    kj I am crazy about Pattee and I love my other ladies too. You know who you are Laurel and Sonia.


  7. oh pattee, this is how you follow me: just come along. :)

  8. hahaha renee, okay then, i'm blaming it all on you. i'll do it to make you happy so you can find yourself (oh what a comment i could make here but i'm refraining).

    i had to cut a bunch of the questions because they made me blush. i can only go so far with nitty gritty details.... :)

  9. The kitchen table was always a favorite of mine. Or the counters.


    Oh, I'll wait for the questions!!

    But I'm not taking the survey, remember?

  10. YOU ARE JUST WAY TOO FUNNY and I want to be your friend! I think you'd make me laugh every day! As KJ or emily v.v. rabbit!

    I think you are related, in fact I think you entered my dream one night and poof out comes a bunny goblin!
    Wow huh!

    How do I follow you?
    I'm going to add you to my favorite blogs!

  11. lo, i am rolling on the floor. now you are killing me!! (i like mantles--don't ask how i managed to balance--and pitch black rooms. (oh i'll wait for the survey too). hey lo, maybe you might help me with the questions? i think that would be a good idea--you know, i could overlook something really really important... xoxox

    pattee, oooooh, thank you for adding me to your bloglist. any list that includes renee is a list of mine (?) :)

    ms pattee, it's me emily. sometimes i charge $3 if i show up in someone's dream and it's a good dream. if it's a bad dream, i would only expect $1.
    e. rabbit

  12. Go ahead...unless of course you've been celibate since birth because then it would be pretty boring.

  13. bring it on!!

  14. What are you afraid of, you're the one asking the questions.

  15. kj I'm sorry I won't be able to participate in your survey,,
    being a virgin and all,,,,

  16. walking man, it won't be pretty boring.... :)

    sweet mango, it's on... :)

    chewy, i'm afraid i will offend someone. i'm afraid i will be perceived differently. i'm afraid my daughter will call and tell me to grow up. I'm afraid of the unknown. whew. that was a relief. thanks for asking. :)

    babs, please please reconsider. surely you can provide something from the cobwebs of your memories. anything, babs. i need you. :)

    ribbon, since we're new buddies, i hope you'll still like me in the morning.... :)