Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good News

There's a lot going on with me lately, and it's all good.
For starts, it's summer. That means longer days, lush gardens, leisurely moments. About a two miles up the road, you'll find this take out joint where you can buy a large lobster roll for $6.95. I know many of my blog friends do not live in America, so just in case, let me tell you
$ 6.95 for a large lobster roll is the deal of the century. And nothing pretentious about this little food place: just fabulous lobster rolls.
2.. I've just finished a three day workshop on memoir writing. I didn't know it at the time, but what I've learned will be the basis for my next book. The instructor, an enthusiastic and passionate woman named Nancy Rose, teaches the craft of writing, and seven woman, myself included, spent three Saturdays with her learning how to spin a transformative yarn. That's what a memoir is: a 'section' of one's life that not just happens but transforms.
2. Speaking of transformation, my next book is currently 15 or so pages of crazy and nonsensical thoughts and ideas, but this Wednesday I will begin my summer in Provincetown. It's not full time--I'll be commuting back most often for three days of work each week--but I will settle into ocean living in a way that lets the words slide and glide onto the page. Provincetown is a crazy, creative, anything-goes kind of place, at the ocean's edge, and it is a place where artists and writers of all kinds find their muses. I'll be looking.

3. My second little grandson Mr. Drew was baptised today. He is 3 months old and he smiles. I have no doubt I will love and adore him as I do Mr. Ryan, but the absolute best part of all of this is seeing my Jessica as Mr. Drew and Mr. Ryan's mother. She is a wonderful mother in every way. And she is my beloved daughter. I'm taking a bullet for this girl, anytime, anywhere.

4. JB made potato salad for the occasion and I bought this cake, which was almost too beautiful to eat but once cut, it tasted as good as it looked. I'm so into color these days. I love to visit Aimee's blog at because she splashes color every which way.
5. I finally pulled out and tried on my summer clothes and YIPEE-DO!: I've lost weight. Almost everything is either too big or, best of all, finally fits. Sometimes I almost feel cute, which is ridiculous for my age but what the hell. The kjbabe project chugs along.
6. My friend lolo is on her way to the part of the world where I live. That means we'll be within a couple of hours of one another and that means I will have the privilege and joy of spending time with this special woman I quite love and admire. We laugh alot--lolo and I--and we feel like kindred souls. And sometimes I think we just might be.

This, my dear friends, is one of my offices. Well, I'm using the term 'office' pretty loosely. This is the back of a stage in an elementary school where I see two children for psychotherapy. I see them here because there is often not room to see them anywhere else. That's fine with me and them because this area is a bit magical. Can you tell?
And last, I'm loving the blogs, the visits, the comments, and the community of friends I may never meet in person but clearly know and share with and warmly give and receive in spirit and affection. I wouldn't have believed it--this ability to actually care about and love people in this way, but I do know it's both possible and true. Thank you so much. You know who you are.


  1. Wow there's a lot there. You sound positively pumped but very cruel of you to tease me with Lobster Rolls when I'm still at work and haven't had lunch! YUM! Gorgeous cake to you big tease and well done you for getting back into the summer togs! Looking forward to your Provincetown pics, I always love them. Keep smiling babe!

    (Sorry no comment on the babies, I'm sure they're dead cute but they're BABIES GAH! . . .I so know how you feel about your daughter though . blessings we have eh?)

  2. You are loved by so many kj, and the kjbabe project is absolutely rolling along very nicely. :)
    i love u

  3. Yep...It all sounds pretty good to me. Except now you've made me hungry for a lobster roll!

  4. HI KJ:) Your summer life here and your mood is contageous:) Everything looks good about your life there...what a beautiful place Provincetown must be; Ahhh, so many place I'd like to go, but even if I can't, I'm glad I have friends there (and I love the names Mr. Drew and Mr. Ryan......)
    take care, have a great week

  5. baino, about time for some optimism, eh mate? (i know you noticed, xoxoxo)

    sweetsweetmango, well, that's all well and good because i love you too. and kj babe has 20 pounds to go which for some reason are not cooperating (ok dammit, it's the chocolate cake) but one day soon...

    oooooh mim. you're back.

    mr. walking poet man, so have a lobster roll soon, please, and think of me.

    andrea! great to see you here. i have a tee shirt story to tell you. in a nutshell, it's no longer in my closet but donned by my favorite niece, an aspiring actress, who looks f---- awesome in it. i'll be around soon. xo

  6. be sure and bring your rain gear to P-town. Only one day of sun for the last week or so. Chilly too.

    Love to read of all these wonderful things happening in your life. the lobster shack is too cute. and how lucky you are to have a place to hang your hat in provincetown. be well, suki

  7. suki, damn! what's with this weather? but you're right, this little condo we'll be at is really a sanctuary and even the rain doesn't block the sun there.

    nice to hear from you, suki, welcome back. thinking of you...


  8. Excellent post kj. I love it and I love that you are doing so well.

    Woot woot.

    Now Mr. Drew I have to say caught my eye even more than the cake. He is beautiful. What a gorgeous baby.

    I want some of JBs potato salad.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. KJ...6.95? OMG I would so snatch it up...I was LOOKING at the beach and craving some seafood...but alas it didnt happen...I want to take a class with you on writing...I love my Moleskin and and have written tidbits everyday in it..Loving it..carrying in my purse. mmmmmm lobster, no Tripas. Tell Emily I love her ..even if she broke the vase. I gave her an award awhile back...She not notice..Tell her I didnt forget her at all...and to put on her big girl panties and deal with it LOL..Love ya both...

    Sonia xoxo


    please advise ms. sonia.(i read this somewhere. i don't really know what it means but it sounds right)

    r. rabbit

  11. hello love the lobster shack & your "office" i have had a few like that...blessings~elk

  12. Lots going on with you-love the cake and the lobster rolls.

    I envy your beach life-it's been too long since I've seen the ocean and I'm not sure when I will see it again-only that I will.

    I'm not complaining, really. I made the final decision when I accepted Casper-more home and less roam.

  13. ab fab pics and info, kj... and the lobster roll sounds delish, though there are equally good ones here in nova scotia :)

  14. what a 'pumped up' post, filled with energy and va va voom. you go girl is all i can say, and i know you and lo are gonna be like long lost sisters. as for mr drew....i wanna just kiss that little head all over, please do so for me when you next see him. i agree it is very wonderful seeing ones own kids turn into parents, we musta done something good...

  15. I've yet to have a lobster roll, but remember a great PBS show on sandwiches and have yearned for one ever since (that and an Egg Foo Young sandwich).

    I am envious of your summer plans and know your photos will help cool that envy into pleasure knowing you are there...and getting to meet Lolo. I am envious of that too, as we would hit it off I think. Give her a kitty hug from me when you see her.

    Your book sounds uplifting. I am finally making some transition in regards to my basement mess...rehung pictures and shelves in the's a start.

  16. What a pleasure to read all of this. Onward, kjbabe!

  17. renee, you are hereby invited, along with deborah of course to my house for dinner saturday night. the menu is jb's potato salad, chocolate cake, and sambuca. not rsvp is necessary.

    sonia, my moleskine travels in my purse too. i use it every day one way or another. i told emily and now she is stutting on and on about her award from you. :)

    hello,elk, and welcome. i'll be visiting you soon. you have offices like that too, huh?

    debra kay,'more home and less roam'--i like that! the ocean does wonders for me, really.

    wolfie, my mother was raised in on prince edward island next to a lobster factory. her family was dirt poor and they ate the discarded bodies as a treat. to this day, she eats everything off those shells--everything. sometimes it's gross... :)

    soulbrush, i thought of you as i wrote this. this is to get both of us in gear--vavavavavoom!

    teri, i found your blog not too long ago so i'm glad you're back. you inspire me. :)

    cs, onward you too. xo

  18. Did I remember to say how great the cake looks.

    At first when I saw the lobster shack, I thought it was a trailer home and I thought maybe that is where you were living in Provincetown for the summer.

    Love Renee xoxo

  19. kj by the way if you want to be so fucking grossed out today, ask Sonia what her husband ate on holidays, seriously I can barely type without feeling like barfing.

    Oh my God, fucking disgusting.

    Love Renee xoxo

  20. Can I come live with you in Provincetown? It sounds wonderful.
    We love you too. xoxo

  21. Posting from Elko, Nevada tonight...;)

    MMmmmmmmm Lobsta rows!!!!

    Speaking of transformations. This move...shit. So much to write.

    I can't wait to get the KJ and JB tour of P-Town! What a hoot that will be! And your photos are gorgeous. I love the sandbaaahs!

    I'm looking forward also to meeting Jess and her sweet boys.
    Pure love. I can see why you'd take a bullet.

    Your office looks like the backstage of a burlesque show.
    Hey!! Just tryin' to spice it up a bit ;P
    The truth is, what you do for people is where the magic happens.

    I'm looking forward to being only 2 hours away from you Ms. KJ, but promise me you'll help me process the loss of the wonderful friends I'm leaving behind.
    man, this is hard. really hard.

    Finally, love you...really. There are a few of you on the blog I can say that to and you know who you are ;)

    Tomorrow, Evanston, WY!!

  22. It is pretty well..the tone and energy in your words transmit a good feeling.

    Mother can take bullet and that's why they are the greatest epitome of love.

    everything has it own good and bad. Blogging has also its own drawback but the good part is the connection between souls through words. I personally changes with each writing and learn from some others write-ups. It is now a part of my life. Isn't it great?

    Lots of love from your son

  23. What a beautiful post , so positive and inspiring!
    Glad to know you KJ!
    Isn't life great when you have a beautiful daughter and grandchildren, or just when you can feel that kind of love for someone.
    The cake looks yummy. I think I have given up hope of ever becomming slim, I think I'd better invest my time in trying to accept myself.
    Love those pictures near the water!

  24. Hey, I think I missed out on the birth of your second grandson: congrats, he looks like a great little guy.
    The thought of a fresh lobster roll just brings water to my mouth, such a shame it is a bit far to come over for one.
    Love those photos in the first item of your post!

  25. I love eating large lobster roll too1
    summer, wow...a lot of great opportunity!
    I love the decorated cake and your gradchildren are adorable too:)

  26. waste not, want not... still good bywords :)

  27. it looks and sounds like you are having a brilliant summer! thanks for taking us along for the ride!