Monday, June 08, 2009

Award Time!

I don't have this award to give. But I'm taking the liberty of giving it anyway. When I've interviewed job applicants for openings in my company, I regularly asked each this question: "Would you rather ask for permission or forgiveness?" That always brings a pause, and often a smile. I'm clearly a 'forgiveness' person: I'm not afraid to act first when I think it's warranted.
Today it's warranted. I'm someone who has wonderful friends in my local day-to-day life, but my blog-friends have etched a special place that leaves me humble and warm and laughing so much of the time. The support has been unbelievable.
So thanks a million for your big heart:

Studio Lolo
Human Being
Debra Kay
Merlin Princesse
Kay (Chief)
Jen Gray
Yoon See
Sweet Mango
Walking Man
Hopeful Notations
And if you're not on this list, it's either because we're still kind of new or I've made an inexcusable oversight, and you deserve to be. So special people: please take this award and pass it on whenever and however you'd like. And please take my gratitude. I've had a hell of a year, now finally righting itself, and you've helped me through in ways you'll probably never know. To anyone who says blogging is weird and our relationships are not real, bull!


  1. these are the most real relationships i have ever had.... thanks so very very much my love, it is a beauty and i will cherish it ya kj and i know wewill be friends forever. xxx

  2. "To anyone who says blogging is weird and our relationships are not real, bull!"

    What is weird? What is unreal? I don't know. I do know that it's possible to be deceived, but I'm not sure I trust anyone to tell me when I am.

    As for me not getting the award because I'm (a) new (NOT), or (b) you are guilty of a weird and unreal oversight; it's fine with me to have one less award. In fact, I just blogged about the unreality and weirdness of awards.

  3. Wow, it's beautiful KJ. Thank you for "taking it" and passing it along ;)

    I like that your year is finally righting itself! Yay you!!

    Together strong~we can use that quote from Renee's sister Jacquie, right?

    I'm in great company btw...thank you!


  4. you are my pal :) Thanks kj!

  5. Gosh kj that heart in the sky is just about as big as your very own heart!

  6. Thanks kj.
    What a surprise I have!!!
    Trillion thank you my dear kj.
    You really made my day.
    I can relate to you, I also will pick the word 'forgive"
    I can ask permission sometimes, it's all depends the situation.
    You are so kind hearted KJ.
    Giving us this wonderful award.
    Thanks for always dropping by giving me abundant lovely, cool and fun comments.
    My worries instantly reduced half....
    I really treasure our friendship together.
    I will come back to look at other posts. I see your nice and neat mosaic photos up at the previous post....
    I need to go to the dentist today.
    Please wait for my come back later:)
    By the way, did you get some great ideas how to draw your beautiful house kj?

  7. I think our blog friendships are real and I get mad when people say they arn't. Thank you KJ for this award, I am a new friend, but I am so glad we met :-). xoxo

  8. Loverly! I agree on the relationships - they have come to mean more to me than I ever thought and I count on you all as dear friends would. It's quite amazin'...hey - maybe we could all write a book...or better yet, get a PUBLISHED author to write a "friday night knitting" kind of book about us bloggers.
    I loves ya all,

  9. Oh it is real alright.

    Thank you so much kj. I love it.

    I absolutely love the question you ask. I totally would have said immediately 'forgiveness.'

    You are strong and incredible.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. 'Together strong~we can use that quote from Renee's sister Jacquie, right?'

    Jacquie would be honoured.

    Love Renee xoxo

  11. soulbrush, my heart is fluttering. thank you for your warmth...xo

    snowbrush, go back and look again. because YOU are now hereby receiving this award whether you like it or not!!!

    lo, i love love love you.

    val, i love love love you too.

    sweet mango, want a laugh? for some reason i just love your visits here. xoxo

    yoon see, you are the sweetest damn person! i just love reading your english and knowing how loving and open you are. i'm glad to know you and so glad you like this award. xoxo

    annie, ditto, ditto. xoxo

    mim, hmmmmm, there's a thought. you know we have this little chihuahua press that published 'the light stays on'. keep thinking, mim. what a book that would be. ps can you see me running toward you?

    darling renee, strong and incredible? i like the 'incredible' part and i'll take it gratefully, but the 'strong' part has been wishywashy. i've spent the better part of the year crying. i want to believe my tears have watered the garden to come, but it's also been a bitch! none-the-less: together strong. :)

  12. Am I the Teri deserving of this Big Heart?

    Oh, I am warmed by your thoughts if I am, and also know how much I have come to depend on the friendships nutured here. They are like therapy, with champagne; like the best ideas shared and read out loud; like long distance hugs and a shoulder to lean on...

    and just plain fun and a distraction when that's needed too!

    Thanks again, a million too!

  13. love to you too! i miss you on monday nights and look forward to seeing you soon.

  14. teri, yes! of course it's for you!
    meow with love!

    kris, hello! imagine what we'll be doing on the other side of summer....i hope all is well. my fingers are still crossed for you--any word? xo

  15. Oooer naughty KJ are you trying to corrupt and implicate we who love visiting you with ... stolen hearts? LOL*!*

  16. KJ, thank you so much. Wow, what an honor to receive this from you. I'm with you in believing that friendships formed online are as real, if not more real, than other friendships. In fact, something about the anonymity makes people reveal more, less shy, and good friendships form much faster and deeper here in blogsville. That's what I say, anyway. Thank you again for your sweetness!

  17. Thanks KJ, this one is a real beauty.

  18. Thank You KJ for noticing my spot and work.

  19. Merci, KJ! It's an honour to be considered one of your friends! :) You are a good Soul. Thanks to the net which lets us discover lost friends from other lifes! ;o)

  20. Aww, thanks KJ!! :) That means a lot -- these blogs are pretty amazing. In all the nuttiness of the internet, they've provided me with a new group of friends and fun and laughter. And you're a big part of that! :)

  21. KJ....awww thank ie sweetie...I will post and passs on...awards are so sweet to acknowledge, meet new ppl, and just say I appreciate ya....HA HA Snowbrush..Like it or lump it.....Thankie hun...Im going to go harrass Snow...Deep inside is a teddy bear I believe...I am truly honored...Hugs and kisses

    Sonia ;)

  22. You are welcome, and thank YOU for including me in this list! I am in good company!
    I am happy that our blogpaths have crossed.

    Love >M<

    ps there is a surprise for Emily on my blog

  23. Smiling,,,feeling quite honored to be counted among your friends.

    Although kinda 'new' here, I instantly felt at home and comfortable at your place.
    Sometimes people just click,,,kinda like an old pair of jeans or shoes. Comfortable.
    I love your honesty,your warmth,and respect that I feel here. Most of all I love your sense of humor,,,and that you can laugh at yourself even while crying. You are REAL, and the friendships I see here are real.
    I like that.
    I think it's none of our business what naysayers think of us, and
    I don't give it two thoughts.

  24. This is such a beautiful photo that makes this award. And I see my name there...WHOOHOOO, thanks so much!!! So happy you are passin it on.

  25. Congratulation to all the award winners and I choose forgiveness.

  26. Snowbrush thanks you very much for his award-or would if he were here. Unfortunately, he went out and drowned himself because he didn't get a ward. This happened just five minutes before he did. I know he would be really pissed if he were alive to be pissed. As it is, I can't really say how he feels, what with him floating face down in the drainage canal opposite our house--I guess I should say MY house. lol!

    Ha, ha, ha. This IS Snowbrush. Had you going there, didn't I? Ha. Ha. Ha. Well, probably not. The trouble with being an inveterate lier is that people catch on all too soon, and that takes all the fun out of it.

    All the b.s. out of the way ("FINALLY," you say), Snowbrush, IN PERSON, alive and well, thanks you.

  27. Aw Shucks, thats very sweet of you, you are a dear soul - which makes it easy to be supportive and caring - so Thank You for being such a sweet gal! Hugs to infinity!

  28. Thanks for your friendship kj.
    Hmm... I'm a "permission asker" most of the time. I'd rather not have a reason to ask for forgiveness... because if I say or do something to/for a person who considers my act unforgivable... I'd surely feel like shit.

    Blogging is not weird, but there are some weird bloggers.

  29. oh thanks a lot kj... very kind of you to include me too... i cannot see the award, though...

    you are one of the sparkly things i found through blogging...


  30. kj-you have been a joy to get to know and love. I do hope one day we can sit down and have some tea and a nice, long chat!

  31. Can I work for you?