Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Emily's Advice on Friendship

Hmpff! Would you believe kj put up a poem she wrote on the one day of the week I write what I want to and charge her $ 10 for it which sometimes she pays me and sometimes she doesn't?
I don't know if she forgot it's my turn or what because she seems to be looking back and looking ahead at the same time, which can make anybody very dizzy but for some reason kj thinks that is a good thing for her to do and I will admit she seems happier some of the time. Maybe she didn't want me to do this story on friendship because she had a hard time with someone and she is still sad and sometimes pathetic about it. Anyway, I told her kj to just get over it and she gave me a scowl look that made me think she is not going to pay me my $10 this week.
But that is okay because my best friend Marianne sent me another of her fantastic hand painted mandalas and told me I could sell it for jellybeans, which I might do but I am also thinking about buying a rubber raft for Cape Coddy next week or maybe another polka dot bathing suit.
My best friend Marianne is from the Neverlands which I think is a very interesting name for a country. kj told me I am not pronouncing or spelling it right but I know I am so the heck with her for now and maybe for tomorrow too.
Anyway, my best friend Marianne also sent me this, which she drew especially for me.
I put it under my pillow every night and I'm starting to have a dream where I am lying on my back and someone is feeding me all kinds of color jellybeans while rubbing my stomach and gently pulling my ears. That is a great way to fall asleep so I recommend that you try it soon.
So this is the first rule of friendship: Give your friends
little special presents, including drawings, stomach rubs, and ear pulls.

Then as many of you know I also have a portrait of myself being Jubilant which was done by kj's favorite good friend, lololo. kj really likes her because she says she has this really nice laugh and when you compliment her she says, 'awwwww," which I actually like too because she sounds like she means it and maybe even she gets alittle embarrassed when you say something nice to her. Anyway, lololo drew this for me because kj cannot do a very good job of it and I thought that was thoughtful and she made me look very adorable and of course Jubilant. And besides that she listens to kj talk and sometimes she gives her advice and sends her cards telling her to knock it off and cut it out.

So that is rule # 2: Tell your friends to smarten up in a nice way but then in a loud way if you need to so they can save time and not worry about stupid things like someone they liked hurting their feelings or pretending to forget them.

Another picture I like is the one that Ribbon sent kj about world peas. At first I thought it had something to do with the garden, but then I saw this bird flying and kj said it was a dove carrying some kind of peace plant. kj likes that she got this from Ribbon because she thinks peace is a good thing. I like peace too--a peace of apple pie, a peace of radish, even a peace of a peanut. And of course I like all kinds of peas.

RULE # 3: Don't fight with your friends. Try to be nicer to them than you even really are because then they will be nicer to you and there will be peas. (You don't have to be that nice, just nice enough)
Next, here is something that kj found on Bella Sinclair's blog. Imagine this: She drew this bunny island before she even knew me. That proves that she has good intuition and that she knows alot about rabbits which I now know is the reason why I like her and I let her give me advice. Wouldn't you just love to live here in Bunny Island? I would. By the way, don't forget to pray for Bella because it will help her feel better and that is even more important than anything, even a year's supply of free jellybeans.
Rule # 4: Be good to your friends even before they're your friends. You never know when something you do might be very special to someone else and make them happy, and if you make them happy they will probably want to make you happy too.

and last, Rule # 5: If you can help it, don't just disappear and leave a friend sad and worried. Try to remember that when someone cares about you that is important and you don't want to hurt or worry their heart because they will be sad and if they are sad then everything might change and that won't be good because you might lose someone you like and then you will be sad too. (kj says to tell Anonymous Bird she is still thinking of her, and wishing her and Queen Jackie everything good)
Now do you think kj should pay me $10? I do.

Yours Truly,

Emily Rabbit


  1. "if they are sad then everything might change and that won't be good because you might lose someone you like and then you will be sad too."

    Which makes it a matter of self-interest, which I daresay, it is not.

    I am sorry KJ is causing you grief, but if she pays you $10, that is an important factor to take into consideration, even if she doesn't do it sometime.

    I like lololo's art very much, and I like your thoughts about friendship very much too, except for the one I quoted, that is.

  2. My, my, Emily! You are a chatty little bunny! I vote for the "polka dot" bathing suit! Just be sure to wear your water wings; you know how heavy your fur gets when wet! **blows kisses** Deborah

  3. Good advice, Emily, thank you. What a sage bunny you are. I must admit though that I did have a little giggle over your World Peas!

    Please tell kj that I'm sorry I've not visited for a few days, but I have enjoyed every minute of my meandering around her blog and catching up on the posts I missed. Mr Ryan is rather adorable, don't you think? And I love kj's poetry and reading about her trip to Boston and the fun projects she does with the children. You will thank her from me for sharing all this, won't you?

    PS. I'm sure kj will relent and give you your $10. Well, pretty sure anyway....

  4. Dear Emily,

    Or should I call you Chatty Cathy?

    This is a nice post about friends. I think KJ should pay you $25 this week. You can tell her I said so.
    I know I say "awwwwwww" a lot but that's because I don't think anyone should make a big deal over me. I'm really very shy...until I'm not. Then I can be a Chatty Cathy like you!
    KJ makes me laugh out loud so easily. There haven't been many people who've come down the pike that I can say that about other than Brian who makes me laugh all the time. Lots of people make me smile but they don't cause tremendous belly laughs. I like that KJ can do that.

    We had a big going away party last night and you should have seen the ginormous food basket someone brought!! I thought of you right away because there were 2 bags of multi-colored carrots and lots of wonderful blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries but no lettuce and not one jellybean. It did have a beautiful bow on it too. I think you would have been jubilant if you saw it!

    I have to pack up my computer today but I'll still check in.

    I like what Marianne drew for you (I love her too!) and I like Bella's Bunny Island. I sent Bella a gift and some hugs ;)

    I have to walk Emma now. She's out of sorts because she wants to know where all the furniture has gone, especially her beds.

    Have a great day Emily! I'll let KJ know she should pay you more this week!


  5. Emily, I am really upset this week because you don't want to be my best friend. Why should that 'never never land' person always get mentioned , what about me? i live in the new K...and anyway, if you don't wanna be my friend, then at least i've still got oliver, debra's wah wah wah wah. and just because i teach 4 year olds doesn't mean i talk like there! from ss:sourpuss in the new K.and i hope that kj doesn't give you any money cos you won't be MY friend...

  6. Wonderful post! Love the illustrations and commentary.


  7. Be good to your friends before you know they are your friends. awhat an interesting idea to think of all the pre-friends out there.

  8. very lovely wise bunny!

    I am your friend when I am my friend...

    best wishes

  9. Absolutely kj; you need to pay Emily because she did a great job.

    Emily not everyone is like you and me, some peoples hearts are deeper.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. Emily Rabbit, Please tell KJ to let me know if she wants consolation butterflies...the give away that keeps giving...

  11. mr. snowbrush, i am told you are very wise. but why not be nice to someone so they won't be said and you won't be sad? and mr. snowbrush, i am really not NICE all the time so when i try to be you should be nice to me, okay?

    ms. deborah, ooooh, water wings! i want some! do you think kj should pay for them? i do.

    ms. tessa, how come kj likes you so much? she smiled when she read your comment except the part about giving me the $10. do i really have to thank her because i like to save my thank you's for big reasons.

    fondly yours most of the time,
    emily r.

  12. lololo, $25? okay, we are totally friends as of now. sometimes i hear kj laughing out on the porch and now i know she is talking to you. what do you two think is so funny anyway? you wrote me a long letter in your comment but i am too little to answer everything. about your party i hope people told you they liked you so you will feel good when you leave them and don't forget to give a couple a kiss, even i know that is important so you will both have good touches to remember.

    soulbrush, okay, i will be your friend for free. how does that sound? but you have to tell kj to pay me. i can't have you telling her not to pay me because then i will kick my feet and how could i not be mad at you if you come between me and my jellybeans? i think my best friend marianne would be very upset if you were my best friend and not her, so i think you should just be happy we are friends and maybe if you buy me presents you can be best-friend-in-emergency-if-marianne-is-away. okay?

    yours truly,
    ms. emily v.v.rabbit

  13. thank you laughing wolf. do i know you--have we met in the forest by that tall tree where i hide my candy? i was just wondering...

    thank you ms. teri c.

    secret woman, ( i left out the 'agent' part on purpose, i like the way 'secret woman' sounds), you said this very well and it made me feel like i am very very smart, which i kind of am...

    ribbon, huh? what? and even though i don't understand, i actually do. isn't that funny?!

    renee, kj says your heart is very very very very very very very very very very very deep. and i kind of believe her.

    linda sue, kj wants a butterfly. why don't you send it to me and i'll sell it to her for a good price? (not a good idea?)

    sincerely yours,

    emily rabbit

  14. Very good advice. I try to be a good friend but sometimes I get moody and then I say "sorry". Do jelly beans help for a bad mood?

  15. oh! Bunny Island is my favorite. I love maps.

  16. chewy, jellybeans definitely help a bad mood. i suggest at least 24 at one time, in all colors. and saying you're sorry helps too. it helps more if you actually mean it but sometimes you can say it just to get your way too..
    i hope this helps you,


  17. Good advice! I miss Anonymous and Queen Jackie too.

  18. Hi Emily!
    i feel much better again.
    Thanks for these rules!
    I have a feeling I can learn so much from you!
    Please always stay my best friend!

    Love & Happy Animal Wednesday!

  19. "mr. snowbrush, i am really not NICE all the time so when i try to be you should be nice to me, okay?"

    Ah, you are asking for positive behavioral reinforcement. Yes, of course, I can do that, although I must confess a prurient curiosity about just what it is that bad bunnies do that causes them to be considered such.

    I am new to inter-species communication, at least on the level of written language, so pardon me if I caused offense. Believe me, none was intended. Publicly trashing harmless bunnies and causing tears to run from their little round eyes is nothing that I would set out to accomplish. To tell you the truth, I wasn't even sure at first that you were a bunny. For that too, I ask your forgiveness. I must confess that a significant degree of jadedness has come with the passage of so many years--literally scores, if not hundreds, of generations in bunny terms.

    Heres to happy bunnies! May they all feel supported in their efforts to be nice.

  20. hello debra kay, how is your garden and your yard and your animals and your very own self? i hope you are jumping up and down and having fun.

    marianne, did you see that soulbrush got huffy because she thought she wasn't my friend. i had to reassure her because she said she was going to tell kj not to pay me. maybe you could talk to her and tell her i only have one best friend and i am keeping you for sure, and i do have a couple of back ups (lololo kind of insisted), but i can be nice to soulbrush most of the time. maybe you could tell her that...?

    mr snowbrush, i am CERTAINLY a rabbit but i do not know what 'prurient' means because i am a little rabbit and that is big word . anyway, thank you for being nicr to me and i will try very hard to be nice to you too.

    emily. v.v. rabbit

  21. "mr snowbrush, i am CERTAINLY a rabbit"

    Emily, no sooner had I doubted it, than I realized that no rabbit would say she was a rabbit if she was not a rabbit, and this realization made me ashamed of my disbelief. My biggest question for you has to do with how difficult it is to regulate your body temperature when you wear a fur coat all the time.

    "i do not know what 'prurient' means because i am a little rabbit"

    Are you asking me to use smaller words?

    "thank you for being nicr to me and i will try very hard to be nice to you too."

    I am sorry that it sounds like something you will have to work hard at, although whether this says more about you or more about me, I am uncertain. Obviously, one--or both--of us is niceness challenged. To be honest, I sometimes speak bluntly, though rarely with hostile intent.