Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good Work If You Can Get It

In challenging economic times, here are some job options for your consideration. You'll have to click on the image to enlarge it because Ms. Blogger is surrently giving me a difficult time. :)


  1. I tried being a waitress once but I decided nobody was worth waiting for.

    Then I became a dog walker but then I realized shit happens :P

    I was a peanut farmer once but it got on my nerves. Too many comments from the gallery.

    I tried being a masseuse but I was afraid of being accused of rubbing someone the wrong way :D this mike working??
    testing one two three.


  2. Tee hee . .did you 'invent' that? Very good. I have no come-back, my witty gland is malfunctioning!

  3. I tried being a...

    Nah - I'm not as clever as my blogger buddies! I'll just giggle at your lists

  4. This is totally worth making bigger. Adorable.

    Speaking of adorable. I got a lovely card in the mail.

    Thank you. xoxoxo

    Have a great weekend.

    Love Renee

  5. what did the pregnant dancer say? 'i should've danced all night!'
    that's the best i can do. ha ha

  6. Very funny and I like studio lolo's list too :-). The best I can do is:I tried being a gardener, but my green thumb broke the first day...Well, I tried :-).

  7. kj 23 hours old, not even a day old. What a glorious gift. Savour this moment.

    A new life, one who has just reached us from the heavens.

    Amazing, steal a kiss from him.

    I am happy to know you to kj.

    We are all a gift to the world, but this new baby is the newest gift of all.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. kj I forgot to ask you who the baby is?

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. I am so confused. I came over because you mentioned a baby on Lolo's blog, on this post someone is asking who the baby is.....but I don't see any baby. Who is the baby and where can I see it?

  10. picture of drew thomas, age 30 hours coming as soon as his grandmother ms kj can download on her own computer....

    woo hoo!

  11. i just love my blogger friends--clever and creative, every one of you!

  12. Congratulations KJ!!!!!
    What a gift you did receive!
    can´t wait to see the pics.

    This list is fun and the additions too!

    have a nice weekend!