Saturday, April 18, 2009

Five Questions from Queen Baino

I volunteered and she asked the questions--she being a special woman and fellow blogger named Baino, who I count as my friend and who I secretly adore.
How can you be sure of the genuineness of those who comment on our/your blogs?
Actually, I’m a pretty good judge. I’ve met four bloggers in person and we didn’t miss a beat in terms of who we thought we were and would be. That’s not to say I haven’t found some limitations and unforeseen problems with relationships that transition from blogging to “real life,” and I especially hate having some good friends at such a distance. I also know there are some bloggers I thoroughly enjoy blogging with but I suspect we might not be as compatible in person or on the block. But do I think Baino is actually a four foot carnival worker or Studio Lolo is a seven foot basketball player?
What are your five best diet tips?
Oh jeez, Baino. I’m the last one to ask about diet tips. If I knew the best, I wouldn’t be struggling to lose all this weight that has no business being on my body in the first place. But okay, here’s a few observations:
1. Get your mind to cooperate
2. Don’t do it alone
3. I think Weightwatchers is the best all around program anywhere, but I am currently on the South Beach
diet and I’ve lost 42 pounds
4. Don’t give up splurges now and then. (think chocolate and pizza)
5. Look forward to a whole new wardrobe.
6. I've added one more tip--my least favorite: exercise.
If money was no obstacle, what would be on your Agenda?
I would travel more often and everywhere. I would start a foundation to help dogs in bad circumstances and another to help children in bad circumstances. I would hire a personal shopper. I would be more generous.
What are two of your worst faults?
Tenacity and sensitivity.
What are two of your greatest virtues?
Tenacity and sensitivity.
Name just one thing you'd take with you if your home was burning!
Well, my dog Stella. But if Stella doesn’t count as a thing, I would take my laptop computer. I would.
Thank you, Baino. I doubt I've surprised you with any of these answers.
Wanna play? If anyone is willing to answer five questions from me, just let me know in your comments and I'll send them along to you.


  1. zzzzzzz. wake up, kj! you're not that boring! wake up!

  2. Q1
    Dont think you can be sure of anyone until you meet them in person.. but as long as what they write matches my own way of thinking (morally I mean).. then I believe that as far as I can tell.. they are genuine. Blogs .. the words, photos, links etc.. tell me a lot about the people behind the computer..

    Diet Tips
    Sorry.. number 1.. exercise.. if only 1/2 hours gardening or housework... everyday
    2. COUNT CALORIES! daft but true.. fancy diets dont break the simple science that you need to use up more calories than you eat too loose weight.. hence why it easier to gain.. rather than loose pounds.
    3. Eat healthy.. but dont deny yourself occassional treats... just be sensible (and count the calories)
    4. Write down everything you eat... (its scary.) and chart your weight loss so you can see how well you are doing (even loosing 1/2 pound every week means you've lost 21lbs in a year)
    5. WILL POWER!! sigh.. this is the think I struggle with.. especially towards the end of the day....

    I would buy a new house.. with larger garden and more countryside.. and work less.. and help others more.


    pride and gluttony


    kindness and sensitivity


    The cats! yup my laptop too.. it has everything on it

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. hope you like mine..

  3. KJ, I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about you. You are a fascinating and thoughtful individual. You sparkle, plain and simple. I especially loved reading the last post about your mother. I can only hope to provide that level of reassurance and love to my own girls.

  4. loved your answers, tenacity and sensitivity, like them lots. yes please i wanna know me.........
    and your comment on my 'impossibility' post was so funny...'what does it mean'? me it means that we can always find that missing piece in life....tee hee you are so funny girl!

  5. I love #3 and #4 - what's best about us is often also what brings us the most grief!

    I'm game, if you want to think up a set for me - I could use the ditraction.

  6. Hi, it's your seven foot basketball shooting friend here!!
    hahahaha, you kill me KJ!
    You forgot to add mass murderer or something evil.

    I love Baino's questions and your answers.

    Count me in girlfriend! I know you'll come up with some doozys! Just make them questions that will allow for interesting answers so I can't look bad :P


  7. Thanks for dropping by KJ.
    Very interesting five questions KJ.
    The question 1, I rather don't comment if I don't have the heart to.
    If we want to comment, we need to comment creatively, logically, positively and with lots of passion:)
    Good night KJ, here is 11.45pm.

  8. whoa! i'd better start asking questions.

    okay. first soulbrush:
    1. What does your wardrobe and fashion-sense look like?
    2. Who is your best friend and why?
    3. What is your favorite art medium and why?
    4. Who was the first blogger to steal your heart?
    5. what do you think are the most important qualities and characteristics for a truly happy life?

    there you go, my friend soulbrush. i enthusiastically await your responses!

  9. yoon see, i like the passion part best.


  10. cs, here are your five questions. please feel free to write voluminously (did i spell that right?) if it serves as a sufficient distraction!

    1. What would your therapy clients say about you/how would they describe you?
    2. What does your downtown area look like?
    3. Who is your best friend and why?
    4. How do you express disappointment and anger?
    5. What advice do you have for having a maximum amount of PASSION in life?

    i couldn't help the psychological questions...because i know you are a deep and complex woman...and inquiring minds want to know.

  11. Earth Mandalas

  12. That's the link for the "Mandala Tutorial"

  13. Where are my questions?
    And please don't ask about a best friend. I have many best friends!


  14. I loved your answers, I went on the SB diet too and lost 20 pounds and now wear a size 8, but I did get a bit body obsessed, so beware :-). Also if you find an exercise you love doing, it is easier to get yourself to do it :-). I would love to play this game, so ask away. And I KNOW I would love you in person, just as I do in blogland.

  15. actually suki is a five foot tall, 200 pound gorilla in real life who can only say, ugh.

  16. Well done kj. It's a fun meme isn't it? Actually when I wrote the 'burning house' question, I was thinking of the document folder under my bed . .I forgot Lily! Shame on me! And let me tell you, we dieters are fantastic at tips because we've been on all of them . .it's sticking to the program that's a realy bugger!

  17. treesparrow, what's with the gluttony?! and the pride--me too sometimes. thanks for sharing your answers--very fun to get to know you in this way.

    bella, i believe you would do what my mother did. thank you for the nicest words.

  18. ms. lolo, you are not supposed to tell the questioner what not to ask. that is against the rules. so you will thus have this as the first question:

    1. who was the WORST friend you ever had and why? (kj grins at how clever she can be)
    2. what is your favorite part of your body and why?
    3. if you could design your own house and yard, what would it look like?
    4. what irritates you more than anything else?
    5. how would you describe your connection with animals?

    there you go, my sweet friend. have at it. xoxo

  19. okay annie, you're next. we are just getting to know eachother so i hope i'll ask questions you find interesting:

    1. if you could fly, where would be the first place you would land and why?
    2. what is the nicest thing that happened to you on the blogs?
    3. how do you spend an average day?
    4. what is your favorite quality in other people?

    oky doky. your turn, annie. thanks for asking.
    5. what is in your refrigerator?

  20. No questions for me, but I enjoyed reading your answers, esp. about the blog friends, and travelling (yes, Flanders and the Netherlands would be on your list ;-), and your virtues, oh well I enjoyed everything :-) Thank you for your mail and I have finally written some text on my blog instead of blogging flowers only.

  21. I love the questions, except #5 :-). I will do my answer post in the next couple days as I am off to a dinner party. xoxo

  22. Kj, the first question will be a grim answer but I'll try to keep it short.
    Looking forward to answering them...sort of :D

    Call ya later, gator!


  23. Love your faults/virtues answer. I was about to say "Those could be considered VIRTUES then I read the next part.

  24. Oh, Lord. I intentionally don't deal with work stuff on my blog - it's sort of an escape for me from having to think about it. I'll have to consider whether I want to break that.

  25. suki, how did i miss that? you seemed so much more articulate to me.... xo

    baino, yes, this was fun. but i am distressed that you did not purr because i said i adore you... xo

    hildegarde, oh how i love seeing your comment here! i went to your blog and was humbled by the strength of your words. you are a wonderful person.

    annie, hahaha about the refrigerator. that makes me very curious about what you have in it!

    andrea! hello my friend! we should get back in the habit. i've missed you. xo

    cs, oh just change the question--i'm not about crossing lines that are there for a reason. how about "how would your boys describe you?" or "how would your friends describe you?". still, cs.... :)

  26. kj the new baby on the sidebar is so cute. What a doll. How is his big brother liking him?

    Have a good week at work.

    Renee xoxoxo

  27. kj, :) thanks for sharing this. Q1: I guess I go by instinct and generally that works well, haven't seen many blogfriends yet, as most are in the US or in another country than France. Funny thing is, almost all of my "closer" blogfriends love animals:) like I do... I feel that that's a kind of nice bond...
    Have a great day

  28. Awesome! I love these, KJ -- and that last post brought tears to my eyes ... hooray for Rose and you, her brave daughter! xo

  29. Okay...your questions and my answers have been posted at my place :)

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