Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Introductions by Emily

It's me Emily Rabbit. Here I am being the guest blogger for kj again. This may be my last time unless she starts to pay me. I thought I would charge her $ 5 a week and she says it's not worth it. Hmmmpf! I told kj I think her blog is much more interesting since I've started writing on it for Animal Wednesdays but she thinks I am making that up. I need the money for jellybeans and a bathing suit for the summer. I want to get a polkadot two piece suit that will not come off when I go in the water and bob. If anyone wants to help me to get the $ 5 a week from kj, please help me because then I will keep writing every week. Otherwise, I might leave in a huff.
Here are some animals I am introducing you to:
This is King Jack. He laid an egg and became Queen Jackie just before Anonymous Bird went away but then she hasn't come back and so many people are sad because they really miss her and don't know why she hasn't come back since Jack became Jackie. When Jackie was Jack, he got loose outside and everybody feared the worse except he was finally rescued and then everybody was happy again. I don't know why Ms. Anon isn't blogging anymore but even I Emily, who is ususally very selfish and self absorbed, hopes she is alright and I miss her too.
Guess who drew this: Ms. lololo! Ever since she stopped telling me about bad things on jellybeans, I like her very much and she is always nice to animals, even rabbits who need alot of attention and might throw an occasional or frequent temper tantrum. Ms. lololo is a really good artist and she is a special friend of kj's. I wouldn't mind if she wants to be my friend too but I think she should send me money first.

This is Stella. I am thinking of starting a Stella fanclub which would also have a newsletter that would cost $12 a year. But I can only do it if Stella agrees to pay for postage but so far she says she won't. I did this for kj's dog Rosie when Rosie was alive but she was not reliable and I almost went to jail because people paid for the newsletter and then complained that they did not receive it, but it was not my fault that Rosie didn't mail it to them, even though I was in charge of the money, which I mostly spent for jellybeans.

I am not going to name this person, but I can tell you he thinks he is very smart because he can brush his teeth and he is cute. Twice I have asked him for money so I can buy candy but he just looks at me like he doesn't know what I am saying. I do not normally like little kids but I can tell he is going to get in trouble with me and that will be fun.

Maybe I will be back next week but I might not if kj doesn't stop being so cheap. I don't think she appreciates the service I am providing. Hmmmpf!


  1. Looks like blackmail..........well if that`s what it takes......
    Hope you will get your finances in order so we all can continue to enjoy your stories!
    Please show your polkadot bikini later!


  2. I think we'd all contribute to the 5 dollars if we could see that polka dot bikini. that must be awful cute! Please don't go away Emily, you're so cute and sweet and funny - and kj is so SERIOUS!!!

  3. Oooh, I like that handsome little cool fellow at the end.

    Umm, Miss Emily, so how often do you go into your friend bob, and do you always wear a bikini for that?

  4. :), thanks Emily, for introducing these funny guys to us:)

  5. i am being blackmailed. i don't think i should have to pay $ 5 a week and besides, where will it end? then emily will want $ 10 and then $ 15 and before you know it, she will be eating me out of house and home and then what?

    i would also like to state publicly that i had to pay legal fees when emily took membership money from people for the rosie fanclub and then did not provide the newsletter. she blamed rosie but rosie was a springer spaniel and was not equipped or knowledgable about how to distribute a newsletter.

    more may be revealed at a later date, depending....

  6. KJ, you definitely have to make a contract with them:):)

  7. oh my, you are just hopping with ideas Emily. And you are a good writer too. Maybe you can keep writing just for the thrill of seeing your words in print. To sort of make up for the debt and distress of that lost newsletter. :)

  8. KJ-Give Emily the $5! :-). She is worth it.

  9. Emily, I should give you the drama queen award! (And I mean that in the nicest way!)

    I think you ought to put your polka dot bikini on and stand next to Ms. Em's pink polka dot puppy!!!
    Now THAT would be eye-catching dontcha think?

    hey, that phoenix is stunning ;)


  10. Of course you need to keep writing. What would we do without you.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with riffling through kj's pockets or the pockets in the back of the couch for change. I'm sure you will be able to cough up the money.

    Fun post like all of the ones on Wednesday.


  11. You know some pretty cool animals, Emily! I love your posts and you and KJ, too!

  12. okay emily i will nag and nag kj to pay up. she is such a skinflint (do they still use that word these days?) so come back next week and let me know if she! old meanie that she is.hey wear that bikini soon, you go girl.

  13. Emily,
    $5 a week is underpayment, you deserve $10. Sounds like you have a bad jellybean habit. Please eat them in moderation. Have you considered a polkadot tankini?

    Jack became Jackie? Jackie O!

  14. Ahh, I remember when Jack surprised us all, layed an egg and left. Life is strange like that.

    Emily, I have a delicate question-do you wax prior to wearing your Polka Dot bikini? If so, how do you know where to stop?

  15. What a beautiful group. Too bad the cash is so rare. We may be able to see more.

  16. hey Emily everyone here likes you and your work... i think you will write even if you are not paid... no money can buy the friends you have here...
    i know this is the reason why you wrote this time too...

    really enjoyed reading and watching this post...

    Lolo's art is so magnificent... as always...
    that bird flying up above people's heads reminded me of Simorgh (the Persian mythical bird)

    KJ... i'm okay... friends like you with their healing words are the best remedy when we are down because of doubt, disappointment, etc...

    love to you my dearest friend

  17. dear everyone,

    i have been very busy playing and stealing (oh, "borrowing") easter eggs so that is why i am just now writing back.

    marianne, i might charge money for a picture of me in my polkadot bikini.

    mim, send the $ 5 in care of kj, but make sure she gives it to me.

    ms. bella, what does this question mean? are you being funny? i know you are funny sometimes but i know you are serious sometimes too. kj says that makes you well rounded. but i like the funny part better if i know when i should laugh. ?

    cestandra, you look very cute in that hat. i want one.

    suki, since i am a little rabbit i think i should be paid. i am not writing for the fun of it, although i do like the attention.

    yay for annie!

  18. ms lololo, what is a drama queen. is that like a lizard who shows off? please tell miss em maybe we can sell pictures of her puppy and me for $ 2 a piece...

    ms. renee, brilliant idea! now you are one of my favorite people because i can tell you understand the importance of money.

    melissa, have we met? are you sure you love me? if you do would you mind sending money?

    soulbrush, you are very nice. please remind kj to give me the money. i do not think i should write for free. thank you.

    ms. chewy, you might be my best friend on this blog. $10 sounds better. but kj is cheap. tank-o-kini. hmmmm. i'm thinking aoout it.

  19. debra kay, i am too little to understand your question but i definitely laughed my head off anyway.

    echo, are you nice? please let me know. (kj says welcome) (i say send money)

    human being, kj says you are a doll. why do you think i would write for free? maybe you are right but i would rather not find out. kj should just appreciate me and pay up.

    sincerely love from
    emily v.v. rabbit

  20. You're asking for the wrong thing Emily.
    Money is so, so, so, well it's just not right in this situation.
    You want, no you need jellybeans, so ask for jellybeans Emily, and If you become very popular the polka dot bikini is in the bag, especially since everyone wants to see you wearing it, and so KJ will buy you the bikini, cause she'll have to, otherwise all the bloggers on the planet will think she's a meanie.

  21. hardwax, is this your name? did the kids make fun of you in school with this name? or did they think it was very fun? anyway, i need money for jellybeans but other candy too. and if i want to take a vacation or buy myself a present. i will tell kj what you said about my bikini. you make a good point.
    thank you for liking me. i will try to like you alot too.

    e. rabbit

  22. Oh KJ we can't have Miss Emily going bunny dipping this summer ... she needs that polkadot bikini. Mind she needs to lay off the jellybeans otherwise her tummy will look like one between the two polka dot pieces of fabric*!*