Saturday, December 18, 2010

It Was a Good Day


  1. Lovely, warm and festive :) Happy Holdays with big hugs and love from valgal :D

  2. And a good home; I can tell. Hope you have a blessed Christmas, kj.

  3. What a lovely bunch of fathers Christmas I see there. You have a very 'gezellig' home, KJ. Do you have snow? In the west and south of the Netherlands yesterday there was a lot of snow. Enormous trafficjams and no trains and so on. We are bad with snow here :-)
    But where I live, in the north, we have about 4 centimeters. Very small country but sometimes there is a big difference in weather. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Can't ask for more than that kiddo.

  5. oooh, that big Santa wants a hug!!

    I'm glad you had a good day ;)

    I loved your mom's wise crack!!


  6. Ho, Ho, Ho!!!!!!


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  7. Sending you huge hugs and lots of love, and wishing you the very best of everything for the holidays and 2011!

  8. Oh, look - you have a Santa collection to match my snowfolk! They should have a party.

  9. hope the season is ringing bells for you and sending light and love.

  10. I'm so happy to hear that...

    Happy Holiday KJ to you and yours~

  11. It was a regular day - spiced up by a treat of a short visit with a friend!

  12. Mine too, lazy not much done day...loved it.
    Love your santa collection too. ;-)

  13. Sweet. And I guess this means the tree lights stayed on.:-)

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  15. Annie's comment made me laugh out loud. I am not all that patient when the ruddy things don't stay alight either! I love the Santa collection. In fact I love everything about Christmas! Ho ho ho, not long to go.

    I have asked William (5 y.o.) to look out for Santa and tell him that I have been mostly a good girl this year. Yesterday my sis rang to tell me that he is putting his plan in place to stay awake. Eeek! I am in trouble again.

    I know you're verrrrry busy KJ but can you ask Emily if she has any sound advice on this one? Will throwing peas help do you think? ... or does that count as bad behaviour? Oh it's all such a worry! Har har har.

    I am getting in some practise for 2011, Yes I do remember the deal and I got your card today! Just lovely. Big hug. xx Jos

    (deleted last comment as I put 2001 ... duh) xx

  16. I love the lights too! That is really my favorite part of the Holidays.

    Take it easy on the @#%$#&^%$#!! tree. Go here.

    A nice site for the tree light challenged among us. ;>)

    Maybe YOU just need to be lit....

    Ho, Ho, Ho

  17. i hope your having another day today too! as i am sitting here snuggled up on the couch (rain beating on the window) tiptiptapping away with one hand and knitting with the other (i know! how do i do it?) :)
    i am thinking of all the blessings in my life and happily, you are among them.
    love, lori

  18. That makes you Santa # 3 from the left in the St Nicholas lineup yes?



  19. val! TSUP and smooch, always!

    barbara, thank you. i wish you too a blessed (and silly) christmas :)

    wieneke, a gezellig home! aw wieneke, that made me smile wide. no real snow, but plenty cold. i think you and i have the same weather patterns &hearts

    mark, oh i could ask for ALOT more! but i want to be content with what i have :) xoxo

    lo, good day, good weekend. i am seeing people i love. i'm not rushing. and i;m doing my best to look forward not back :) (i love you lo)

    caroline, you are a total wonderful person. yay to you too ♥

    robin, hee hee hee!

  20. angela, you know i wish you the very same in every way. ♥

    cs, a party sounds perfect, when the time is right! meanwhile, take care and take it easy xoxo

    suki, thank you for these colorful well wishes. i am hearing bells inside my head. do you think that's okay ? :) happy holidays to you, suki TSUP!

    thank you pattee, i hope your holidays are going well. ♥

    mim, HA! i too had a regular day - spiced up by a treat of a short visit with a friend! :) (love you mim)

    lynn, who doesn't love those lazy days?! i hope you have several more before the year is done

    oh annie, so far so good. sigh....

    jos, emily said to tell you that she is going to help you on wednesday. she said you can count on her to be sneaky and effective

    linda, HAHAHAHA! I just need to be lit???!! hee hee linda, you know i can be plenty lit!!! thank you for the resource info. the thing is: i have electrical problems. in my body. lights pop when i walk by (sometimes). i've replaced three hard discs. what can i say? i'm grateful the light stays on :)

    lori, 'i am thinking of all the blessings in my life and happily, you are among them.' lori sf, likewise and ditto times five. i am so glad to be among your friends. i am very lucky and grateful. woo hoo! merry christmas! ♥

    ms roo, i'm sending you a huge bag of love disquised as coal. i know you will find the love easily :)

  21. ...Santas big, tall and small, you got em all! Sweet collection. And thanks for your thoughtful words on my decorating, too

  22. teri, you are most most welcome. healing hearts do healing work, don't you think so? ♥