Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I ask for your prayers tonight.

My friend Allegra is sick, her doctor saying she needs a miracle.

Allegra made her blog private a while back, I and perhaps a dozen of her friends from the blogs fortunate enough to continue to receive the blanket of her enormous wisdom and wit.

I will always believe it was Allegra who helped Renee the most, in how to live and how to die. I will always know it was Allegra who guided me past the darkest days when I could not understand that in some circumstance love was not enough. It was Allegra who in no uncertain terms told me the problem was not solvable and told me the problem was not me.

She still reminds me sometimes. Always, when I need it most.

I think time is of the essence. Please pray for the highest and best for Allegra. She will be welcomed by a full stringed orchestra in heaven if that is what is best, but I'd like to think she's needed here on earth for some time yet.

Always, thank you.

love kj


  1. what a beautiful post. Am lighting a candle and trusting for the best for Allegra...

  2. many prayers going out - hope things go welll

  3. sending prayers love and light.

  4. Sending all the blessings I can muster~

    I know she is very loved by so many.♥

  5. You know the depth of my feelings for Allegra.....I have lit my Renee Candle .... let us do our best to stay positive and send her strength......

    Together strong.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Kj, This is terrible news. I have lost track of Allegra when she went private and had only visited her bolg a few times, but could tell she was a special spirit.
    I will say prayers and hold her in my heart.

  7. A beautiful soul will definitely get the grace of God by her own 'Karma'. I pray for her.

  8. i don't know her kj, but i'll say a prayer, she sounds very much loved.

  9. i have just placed a "card of love" for allegra and barry on my blog.
    everyone is welcome to come and post a link to their post for allegra.

    a way to bring us all together in one place....with all our care.


  10. Oh dear one, sorry!
    I am praying.
    Love and hugs.

  11. Sorry for this need, but am sending prayers for your dear friend. And for you in holding her in your heart!

  12. Very sorry to hear it kj. I don't pray but my warmest wishes go out to her and those who love her.

  13. Oh, dear kj, not more bad news. . . I am so sorry to read this, and I will absolutely keep Allegra in my prayers.

  14. I send her love,light and peace x

  15. I am so sorry to hear this, dear KJ! Sending my love and good thoughts!! Love, Silke

  16. elaine, thank you very much. our light will reach allegra. i tried to return your visit but i wasn't able to find you. please come by again anytime.

    mim, prayers head to you too, dearest friend ♥

    suki, thank you. that means alot. xoxo

    lo, sad hard day...but a high double five for you, truly! ♥

    robin, together strong. xoxo

    teri, allegra is uncommonly wise. and she knows it...a very special woman. thank you.

    thank you annie. our prayers are powerful.

    shubhajit, you are very wise. i am glad to see you here.

    thank you lori. ♥

    rebecca, i will try to do this. thank you so much. it is and has been so clear what a wonderful friend you are to beloved allegra and mr. b.loved.

    thank you marie. email coming to tell you how moving your current post is, how appreciated your friendship...

    thank you lynn. your prayers are very gratefully received.

  17. hells, you can be damn sure i pray for you, just because. thanks for always being here for me and those in our blogging family.

    angela, it's been a hard day. we've lost tessa today. the light in the world has dimmed from that alone. thank you always, dearest friend. xoxo

    angela b, thank you so much.

    thank you silke. allegra was a special friend and guide to our renee, in her living and in her dying xo

  18. I've just come by and read this kj - indeed a sad time with the news of dear Tessa's passing just a few days ago. Please know that I am thinking of both you and your friend Allegra. x