Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily Rabbit & Holiday Critters

Hello everyone! It's me, Emily!!
Where have I been?!
That's a good question and some of it is a secret that involves me writing a column for the lovelorn (I'm not exactly sure what that word means but I think it means you have a problem and need advice).
kj said I have to keep this short this week because no one has time to read. BUT my business manager Jos asked me what to do with her nephew who is going to stay up ALL night so he can SEE Santa in person.
That's easy Jos: Benadryl or Tylenol PM. Mix it in a peanut butter sandwich or crush it up and put it in a little jar labeled "eat this fast for extra Christmas presents."
See, this is the kind of advice I am going to give in my column. Pretty good, huh?
Okay, so now I will show you some of the animals (well not all animals) that live at # 9 right now. I won't say alot about them, just a little:

If you think it's bad that there is one ear and one nose missing, you should see one of the behinds!

kj says it's amazing what one clothespin and two cotton balls can do.
(Her name is Lucille)

Made by kj, who paid me to include this so her friend Marie Segal could see what she made playing with clay with a five year old boy who made a dragon who bit kj on the knee

Francine is never in a bad mood. Obviously there is something wrong with her.

This is Esther, little Mildred, and Angel Angel. Esther drinks too much during holidays so kj has hidden her broom so she won't pass out on the hall light again (it was embarrassing, even I thought so)

Sometimes this makes kj and JB cry. This is their Rosie on top of the Christmas tree. I would tell you that she is squished this year if I weren't trying to be brief.
I hope everyone has a happy holladaise. and of course peas on earth. Don't forget not to let anyone push you around. Tell them to take a long walk off a short pier if you have to get tough.
Very Sincerely,
Emily V. V.Rabbit


  1. HAHAHA - I've missed you Emily!! happy hollandiase yourself

  2. hey emily! i hope santa is good to you because i think your the sweetest little bunny around!

  3. Good to have you back Emily. Where do you publish this column? I might need some advice.

    Have the happiest holiday ever and keep you chin up and your feet in the air.

  4. Emily, this was hilarious! Love all your animal friends - wishing a very Merry Xmas to one and all!x

  5. Ilike all these ornaments, but am worried about the angel on top of the tree getting a headache. Can't you cut a tad off to make her fit better? LOL

  6. Joyeux Noel Emily & Kj. Tsup*!*

  7. Oh Emily, thank you so much for the advice. I will pass it along to my sister ...hmmm on second thoughts maybe that will get me in even more trouble. Do you know, I think I might be becoming smarter. That bodes well for busuiness in 2011 don't you think? Maybe I will try sneaking a small peanut butter sandwich over to him when sis is not looking. That should do it. Ho ho ho 3 sleeps to go.
    T'is amazing how "useful" cotton balls can be. xx Jos

  8. Ahhh, I've missed you, Emily!! There's only a couple more sleeps until Santa arrives...I hope he's really good to you!! He'll be having to explain why to me if he isn't.

    See, emily, he doesn't live far from me and we have a really good relationship, so if there is anything special you want, better tell me now. I know you've been really good this year, if Santa asks.

    Have a happy, happy Christmas, dear Emily, and I second the peas on Earth!

  9. hello mim! you spelled holladaise wrong too! good!

    hello lori, why that is very very nice of you. i hope i get very very many presents too. do you think i will?

    ms. suki, send me your questions!
    and keep your feet up too. people think your chin is more important but they should know it's better to whine with your feet than with your chin, right?

    caroline, kj says hilarious is one of her favorite words so she gave me $ 2 extra when she read your comment. so now i think you are double wonderful

    sincerely yours,

  10. lynn, they tried to get some of the tree top off but it didn't work. rosie is alright as long as she gets cookies and i am sharing my jellybeans with her too.

    bimbimbie, look how smart you are. that is a new language! kj says same to you likewise, ditto and for sure

    jos, i am SO excited you are smarter!!! that is going to help us alot, don't you think?!
    and jos, hmmmmm, what else do you use those cotton balls for?

    marion, oh! oh! i have to think! i want alot!!! can he make the jellybean business successful? because jos and i could use the money. and what about getting my father out of the NIH cage? and jellies! i need jellies!! and lollies!! and i want a new shooter. one that has different sizes so i can shoot frozen peas, artichoke hearts, and maybe even acorn squash if someone REALLY gets me mad.

    happy day to everyone today
    * i just say 'love' on holidays

  11. Emiwee! You are back! I have missed your wise words! I can see you are weady for Chwistmas.... you, KJ, JB AND Stella have decowated #9 with wuv!

    I know you miss your Lolly-Jelly Garden....but, I am sure you will have a new cwop spwinging up in Spwing! Ha-ha!

    I miss you Emilwee V.V. Wabbit.....take good care of all in #9.....(as only YOU can)! No smashing of twee ornaments, ok?

    Peas on Earth! (and on the Moon too)!

    Much Wuv from,

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  12. Just popping in to wish you, JB and Emily a very very wonderful Xmas and happy healthy 2011. Been a very busy and good 4 months for me, lots going on, may be back in bloggy world in the new year.
    Love ya kj xxx

  13. And maybe,,,just maybe,
    Santa will bring you your very own nail polish this year.

    just wear a sign on your jammies on Christmas Eve that says:
    "It wasn't me"
    That'll work; I've tried it.

    Merry Christmas, Bunnygirl!