Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bittersweet Part 1

It's not my style to be misleading. So I just want to say today that at least for me and I think for everyone there is often/usually/understandably a joy and sadness both around the holidays, and sometimes the sadness is hard to understand.
I'm better off letting it be, continuing to do what makes me happy this time of year but not ignoring my feelings either.
The house at # 9 is beginning to look like Christmas. Here's a quick evolving peek.
look annie! (blissful bohemian)

two years ago, at age 92, my Mom strung this garland
from packaging cardboard

'There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept,
things that we don't want to know but have to learn,
and people we can't live without but have to let go.'


  1. I hope that going through the motion of creating your home holiday setting brought some peace and warmth and satisfaction to your heart. Blessings, Annie

  2. may the beautiful, warm and loving part of the season be the one that overtakes your heart and soul.

  3. I love your house it's so warm and friendly. I have yellow walls in my kitchen and family room, I love the sunny look even in the winter. Like your light fitting decos as well. Sadly I have down lights but things are getting a little twinkly round here. You're right about bittersweet but I focus on the sweet.

  4. You home looks lovely and welcoming. I hope you enjoy the your mom's garland. Sweet memories...but know about missing those who are gone now.
    Hugs and Happy Holidays!!!!

  5. ...Love the chandelier and seeing Annie's 'charm'...

    I decorated the whole house for Christmas for the first time since Mike died...I am healing (eggnog helps--homemade with Apple Brandy and Southern Comfort--want my recipe?)

  6. Uhh you'd have to come and do some cleaning out of the ol' homestead before you could find room to decorate. need the address?

  7. Sending you hugs and wishes for peace and as much warmth on the inside as you are creating on the outside...


    p.s. How are chcolate covered tortilla chips?

  8. Cozy, lovely, warm and welcoming. Just like someone we all know

  9. Hmmmm.....seems to me that everyone is echoing how WARM and WELCOMING your home is.....! IS!!!!!

    I love the hanging ornaments...and your Mum's garland is as wonderful as she is. And methinks I see Stella's head popping up in one photo....

    Yes, many of us know how bittersweet this time of the year can be.....but one thing I DO know is that meeting you has made my life sweeter!

    Lovely post, KJ!


    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  10. I'm dittoing Robin ;)

    I love your house.
    I love your decorations.
    And I'll be here for the bittersweet part.

    Now go clean Mark's house and help him decorate!!


  11. :-).
    I know what you mean, I am often sad this time of year, but I just let the sadness be and it leaves. There is still plenty of joy. I love what you've done. I can't decorate much as max my mad cat will destroy it all! Have a wonderful Christmas! xoxo

  12. I understand the bittersweet also,and I'm knowing (and understanding) who part of that is.
    I agree.

    Your house looks like a HOME, kj,,,filled with the love that lives and visits there.

  13. Your home looks beautiful all decorated for Christmas. And I know just what you are talking about with the holidays being bittersweet for many of us... Love, Silke

  14. Love your home KJ!
    I can imagine this time of the year gives people double feelings.....
    It is always a time of remembering and the ones we lost are in our mind as well, also the loves lost.....
    But remember also that Christmas is also the return of the light;)
    The return of all life, hope and new chances.
    Hope you will see the light returning instead of the light fading away behind you......
    love and a big hug!

  15. It's beautiful and warm, of course. You know that. But I also know the bitterweet, so I am thinking about you, and holding you in my heart.

  16. I understand the sadness, sometimes it overwhelms me.
    Then Madi smiles... or a I read my friend's blog... or a star twinkles in the night.
    Love and hugs.

  17. I love that wee saying at the end of your post. This year things will be so tough for my sister-in-law having to deal with Christmas without her son, what can you do but dust yourself off and get up again. Have a happy festive season, kj - thanks for visiting my wee corner of the globe and spreading your rays of sunshine about! :-)

  18. These are really too tidy and beautiful rooms. Perhaps I would have felt nervous while walking from one part to other.

    I like the colors of the walls.

  19. yes you are right, joy and sadness, lots of both. but i think joy weighs more so even if theres sadness joy remains. am i making sense? oh my gosh i am busy kj. guess what?? i got my first big (for me) order. an independant coffee shop wants a dozen of my sleeves. and i've got three separate orders from people in town for 6 more. that's on top of my christmas knitting. which from the looks of it, will still be on the needles come christmas morning... oh well....
    :) hope you are enjoying the season, with the lights on!!
    love to you,

    your home looks gorgeous!!

  20. prettiness. loveliness, and your mom at 92-spriteliness!

    take the good part KJ love and hold them close to your soul. Make them sing, and soon, the not so good parts, the ones with little strings of ache and hurt woven in, will look glimmery in the light through your tears, and really, you can make anything look good that way....

  21. i <3 #9 and her residents...the holidays just make the home cozier!