Friday, December 10, 2010

The We-Treasure-You Chest

I know better than to write long post this time of year. Time is so precious.
This post is not only long it is sad.
It's sad because the special author of this post, Renee, died not even three months after she wrote her story of receiving The Treasure Chest.
It's long and sad and it's also totally lovely.
Lovely as in LOVE.
If you know Renee, you will understand and I think you will be glad to hear her words.
If you don't know Renee, I still think you will understand and you will be glad to hear her words.
Here is some history: Last year at this time I kj was tracking a Treasure Chest sent to Renee. The Treasure Chest was filled with gifts from around the entire world. Handmade and special gifts filled with love from her blogging friends.
I mailed the Treasure Chest on December 2 and I tracked it right up until the morning of December 24th because it had not arrived. I was frantic because Renee was dying and time was precious.
The Treasure Chest arrived the afternoon of Christmas Eve.
This is Renee's report of the Treasure Chest (tken from her blog)
On Christmas Eve I received a treasure chest. It was gold and green speckled and I knew that it would leave an X marked on my heart forever, before I even opened it, I knew it would.

Christmas day arrived with many bangs by the bats. They did not want to go outside to play; they said it was too cold. So inside they stayed. I fed them a little bit of bat poison and they seemed to fall asleep. Good thing.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner with curry shrimp, dhal purrie, stewed chicken, trifle and wine.

We sang to Domenic ‘Domenicky nicky nicky nicky Domenicky nicky doo.’ We had tea served to us out of jeweled cups poured by Ms. Josephine using her Mrs. Potts teapot. I even got to drink out of Chip. She wheeled it around on its magic cart and how delicious it was to have invisible tea with nonexistent milk and fairy dust sugar. Nathan was quite happy as he scored the best gift for Josephine.

We opened our gifts to each other and we all thanked and hugged one another. We all loved our gifts, all of our many gifts. We are so blessed.

When we were done Nathan suggested that we all open the treasure chest and so we did. Oh what fun we had. Oh how blessed we felt.

We opened the box.

We gasped.

You took our breath away. You all did.

To see the astonishing gifts blossoming in front of us, the treasure was overflowing. Not only with gifts of love but with stunning splendor and glittering unexpected magic.

We sounded like broken records saying ‘How can people be so generous. Look at this. How beautiful. How talented. How kind. How thoughtful. How humbled we are.’

What did you do you lovely, lovely friends?

You have given not only me these gifts, but all of us. You have given my children memories that they will always have. ‘Remember the time all those wonderful people sent all those wonderful gifts for Mom. And not only Mom but Auntie Jacquie too. Remember that Christmas as we all unwrapped something one at a time and marveled together.’

You blew us away.

The treasure chest full of treasure did more than make us happy, that would be an understatement. It was something else entirely, almost otherworldly. It was as though you were sitting there with us sharing love and fellowship, right there in that room with the Christmas tree in the corner and the family in awe. You were all with us. It was truly spiritual.

Blessed be your hands, with which you have touched life in its beauty and in its need. You have given your hand in friendship, held out your hands to those who were suffering, worked with your hands to create. May your hands be blessed and held firmly in the hands of the Eternal forever. ~~ Kosu Boudreau ~~

I have received many other Christmas treasures too, no they were not in the treasure box, but they were picked up off the sand on the way to the treasure. They were treasure that led me to more treasure; treasure that was just as treasured as the treasure in the box. I have had many dear friends mention on their blogs what has been happening in my life and asking for prayers of loving energy. I have had paintings done and poems written and I want you all to know I will never forget this.

So many of the things we think about within our lives such as jobs, houses, possessions, etc. they count for almost nothing, really. Our lives are about people, and the people that we love.

Truth be told, we are all better when we are together, not because we need each other but because of our faith and trust in each other.

You all remind me that I am doing more than surviving this world and so are my kids and so are all of you. We are all thriving, and one of the reasons is because we have found each other and made love happen! Our hearts have met and that is what is important.

I hope it is okay with everyone if I don’t mention the gift but just your names. The gifts are amazing and they consisted of paintings and boxes and a sacred spiral and ornaments, and necklaces, and dolls and silk scarves, and more cards and paintings and books and poems, and the most beautiful hanging bird that held a dream, healing eucalyptus, and a Renee Angel and a Jacquie Angel, and slippers that were made with bliss in every stitch and a scarf that I know was made the same way and a tea that was specially made to banish bats and an angel cup to drink the banishing tea. On and on and on they go; but I know that it is your heart that mattered; the heart that you put into the gifts.

Thank you dear friends:

Jacquie, Camille, Nadalene and I sat at Jacquie’s going through the same magical routine with her gifts that were sent to her and she; like me, was humbled too. When Angelique, Josephine, Domenic and I had arrived at Jacquie’s she was crying and very sad. Everyone was able to go see our Mom at the hospital as she is very sick but Jacquie couldn’t just get up and go like everyone else. Jacquie had to stay home and miss our Mom from afar. It isn’t easy for Jacquie. When Nadalene and I left at night instead of tears Jacquie was smiling and ever so grateful for all the kindness that you have all extended to her. She remembered that there is a world that people do care for others. Jacquie asked that I let you all know that she is forever grateful.

I am forever grateful to each and every one of you for the support that you have shown to me. I am glad to know that you all inhabit part of this space with me.

Love Renee xoxo


  1. *hugging you angel renee and you too beautiful kj*
    love, lori

  2. I was thinking about Renee too, missing her, remembering.
    This is just like her..., like you.

    She is the only one who got this goodbye from me..."right back at you....xoxo".

    So, much love for including her this year in all our Christmases.

    Right Back At YOU, kj

  3. Renee has been strongly in my thoughts this month.. thank you for re-posting this.... a timely reminder to all of us of what is truly important in life....

    I miss her.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. sniffle, sniffle. tiny tear.

  5. Almost a year? I have her Christmas card on my cork board, not a day goes by when I don't look at it or think of her.

  6. I remember - I could not get into town to get what I wanted for her in time, and had to send my book a week late. I like to think of it as the Treasure Chest addendum.

  7. Love and tears, tears and love. . . I'm so glad I was able to be a small part in making Renee and her family happy that day. Thank YOU dear kj, for your friendship, love and generosity.
    Love and hugs, dear Twinkles,

  8. I was here earlier, but didn't have time to comment.
    While house cleaning, I was thinking about something I hadn't thought of before concerning Renee's Treasure box.
    The timing of it.
    I'm sure you were probably becoming nervous that it wasn't going to arrive "on time".
    I think it's amazing that it got there on Christmas Eve. All the family there to share in her joy and feel the love from her 'other' family.
    I think it was most appropriate. as I've always felt something truly magical in Christmas Eve.
    God's perfect timing.

    Makes me smile all over again,,,, thanks kj for bringing her here.
    You are kinda magical your ownself!

  9. Where has that year gone? Thanks for this kj it's nice to read again xx

  10. I still pop by Renees blog every once in a while. Just to read and enjoy company with her. I miss her. It was such a lovely thing you did ... organising the treasure chest. Isn't it amazing what people can do together? xx Jos

  11. I remember this post and can only imagine the love in that room at that rocked her world and she yours, ours...