Monday, December 13, 2010

Three Lucky Ducks Visit New York

I have just spent twenty four hours in New York.

With two of my favorite people on the planet.

In a chocolate shop.

Walking the neighborhoods.

Looking up at buildings.

Shopping in high end specialty stores
(I bought chocolate covered tortilla chips)
(Jess bought an eye liner at Coco Channel)
(Janet bought a sweater by Deborah Parker)

Mesmerized by the lights.

Eating amazing food,
including lightly fried chickpeas
with an aoli sauce to die for

Looking onto Times Square
from the 40th floor

Seeing the musical Billy Elliot
On Broadway

Riding a horse drawn carriage at night in the rain

Thanking every molecule I can for the chance
to see New York holidays

With my family....


  1. Ah ah ah!! oh my gosh kj, hannah just texted me 10 mins ago, it's snowing!! i told her to be careful, she does not know snow! (she "okay mama" and then she laughed at me :)

    oh my gosh what a whirlwind 24 hours you had, great photos, and oh the horsedrawn carriage photo!! frameworthy! i am so happy you had such a good time with your girls, just wonderful. i will be back to look at these photos many times more (maybe even till i get back there myself!)

    did jess go to the new chanel store in soho?? oh agg, envious here!


  2. yes lori, in soho! there we were, in and out of coco chanel, looking at $ 800 purses, and instead happily splurging on $ 23 nail polish :) yes lori sf, it's snowing right now. hannah will LOVE it (i assume she has a hat and mittens from her darling mama). and lori, i personally can't wait until you get back to new york. because i am going to cancel work or whatever and hop on the train or in my car and come find you, if only for a hour! i mean it!! TSUP & ♥

  3. You girls look so darn cute together! :)

    Thanks KJ for sending me those warm and love over.. your prayers will sustain me, i know.

    I am sending a bundle of those too, blessings and hugs!

  4. Ok I officially hate you right now.

  5. You Lucky Girls seems like you had FUN....
    Do you have the recipe of the chickpeas....mmmmm.
    Want to wish you all Happy Hollidays and all the best for 2011.
    Big hug,marja

  6. Ya'll don't get out much do ya? Hell come to Detroit we can show you a good time except we got no horse drawn carriages, plays going on right now or orchestra (on strike) but they might be filming a movie or a TV show here and we can always find you a hot dog slathered in chili, onions , and mustard!

  7. Ahaaaa ! A ladies event! I like it. The picture of the three of you says more than thousand words.
    Coco Chanel, is she still alive? I would not be surprised at all. :-)))

    Hahahahaaaa, the reaction of Baino is killing me.

  8. I'm with Baino.

    I can't think of anything better than to go to New York with my girls...That photo of the three of you is completely priceless!

    What memories you've made here!

  9. OMG I love the shot of the stage curtain, and all those twinkly lights...and the red table from above. Great shots!!!! And the three of you in the Handsome cab (should be called a pretty cab!)
    I'm so glad this was everything you'd hoped for and more (minus that heavy rain.)
    I like that you live life the fullest ;)


  10. Gorgeous photos dear KJ! Your skill with a camera is growing in leaps and bounds!

    NY at Christmas IS the best, isn't it! I adore the photos (I confess the tree at Rockefeller Centre made me tear up for just a second....two years ago, Chris and stood under it...) But, I giggled at your "chocolate covered tortilla chips" they were delicious!

    Love the shot of the three "babes" in the carriage....that SHOULD be framed! And...isn't SOHO the coolest!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Bright Lights, Big City.

  12. Kj, you are a lucky duck indeed. I love New York, I have only been once for five days and I remember it like it happened yesterday.Thanks for the pictures!
    I hope to get back there one day. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  13. Kj, you are a lucky duck indeed. I love New York, I have only been once for five days and I remember it like it happened yesterday.Thanks for the pictures!
    I hope to get back there one day. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  14. Oh how fun! I love the picture of all of you in the carriage.
    It looks like you had so much fun!!
    What a beautiful city at the holidays with people you love. It just doesn't get any better than that.

  15. Wow KJ!!!!
    What a special trip!!!!! And look at those pictures!
    Wish I was there.....

    Well I am home again and enjoying just being home. All went well


  16. I love the picture of you 3 together! What a lovely trip. It's on my do-list! xox

  17. thank you silver. i am root-toot-tooting for you now & always. ♥

    hells, i'll book a room for us in times square for one night--i have marriott points i can use. you hate me? HAHAHAHAHAHA! ♥

    marja, no, i don't have the recipe. it was the weirdest most delicious thing. the waitress told us not to miss it. maybe the restaurant will share the recipe--i'll see.....♥

    mark, is it wrong to say i might eat TWO of those slathering hot dogs? :) i do seem to get around these days, don't i? it's because i've worked my butt off for many years and i know enjoy not to postpone joy (even though its' trite to say so) double ♥

    wieneke, hahahaha! if coco chanel is still alive, can you imagine what she looks like? oh dear....♥

    marion, it really was pretty awesome. the trip and play was jess' christmas present last year and we finally got it scheduled. what a thing to do during the holidays. the city was decorated everywhere. i hope you can do it with your girls too ♥

    lo, i do think i will wear out before i rust out and i am very fine with that. what will i do when i'm too old though? i'll have to write x rated steamy novels just to keep my blood flowing hahahahee ♥

  18. robin, awwww that you stood there. and good that you stand here :)

    we couldn't figure out whether to spend the afternoon in soho or tribeca or the village. and for me soho was more upscale and less funky than i remember it, by far.
    i love that you noticed my chocolate tortillas :) i'm saving them for company, dessert after a mexican dinner ♥

    chewy, indeed indeed ♥

    annie, i hope you make it back. honestly i think new york is a city like no other. ♥

    it was great, marie. i'm glad the carriage driver offered to take our picture. i hadn't thought of it and i think jess and janet thought it would be goofy. but therein is the memory, right there.
    love you marie! ♥

  19. I was just in NYC and I love it!!!

    Looks like you had a fabulous time!
    Are you home now?

    Take care my dear friend and Happy Holidays!

  20. I'm swooning!

    Do you know that for a very long time I thought THE dream job would be to create those fabulous Christmas window displays at Macy's and Bergdoff's and the like?

    I used to do window displays at a teeny little department store in Cairo Georgia and dream.....

    Your NY trip is PERFECT!!! EXACTLY how i would want mine to go down...
    you go with your living life to the fullest self, Ms. Missy!

    {you deserve the best because you ARE}


  21. Oh fabulous, I loved NY when I visited even tho' it was brief! Is Roxy's Deli still there??

  22. Oh it's ok, I googled it and yes that delicatessan is still there. I had the best ever pastrami on rye there (I had always loved the way that sounded when reading it in books and was determined to order one when I was in NY).

  23. Oh, you ARE lucky ducks!
    What a whirl-wind trip,,,and I loved seeing those smiles on the faces.
    I'm just a tad green. Envy green, that is.
    What a perfect time to go,,,special magical times and places.

  24. Ps:
    I bought hot pink panties that said "Bloomies" across the butt side in black. It was the only thing I saw that I could afford,,and I still have them.

  25. marianne, i'm so glad you're home. take care! and maybe next time will be new york! :) ♥

    pam, it's a great family trip, so much to do and see and eat and smile at. happy holidays prudie1 ♥

    pattee, yes i'm home now, back to work and doing my best to stay festive and keep up with social and wrapping events :) so glad you loved your time in new york. happy holidays to you too gypsy sister. we miss that girl, don't we, so much? ♥

    aw rhonda roo, you make me smile a mile wide whenever you show up here. i feel exactly this way about you. ♥

    sag, i walked by roxy's several times as it and our hotel was in times square. i took a photo of the sign and deleted it when i screened my pictures. i 'm sorry i didn't save it for you. next time i will ♥

    babs, HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! i can just see you strutting into the kitchen HAHAHAHAHA! happy holidays dear friend ♥

  26. You had me at "in a chocolate shop."

  27. Mike surprised me with Christmas in NYC one was magical!