Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Light Smiles GrowAsanta Pajamas & Cookies

santa in water is expected
to become a functional grown adult
in ten days
Monster pj's need a little size adjustment

Martian pj's with sharkie slippers

Cookie dough finally used this very night:
how fortunate that the photo makes the cookies look
so much better than the reality
This (most likely) concludes Christmas at # 9. I'm now leaning toward deep thoughts so it's possible I might start dispensing my own version of worldly advice before the new year rings in.
Oh Oh.....


  1. Oh KJ those PJ's are fabulous!
    Love those shark slippers. What cute sweet boys they are!!
    Will send you email......

    Hope you can stay warm and safe inside with all that snow!


  2. Those grow-a-santa thingies are amazing aren't they? I had to try one. No I mean I had to try one to make sure they work before wrapping another one up for the boys (yeah right, heard that one before Jos). I love the pre-gift giving trials that just have to be carried out ... the fitting of batteries, the speed trial with the racing cars (oh yes). And there is a saying "you eat with your eyes first". The cookies look delicious and that probably counts more ... I bet Emily would say so too.

    Deep thoughts are good too though KJ. It's not always about fun and games is it? xx Jos

  3. uh oh people RUN!!!! KJ's gonna wax philosophical!!! Run away with your little slippers and PJ's>>>

  4. Today is my grand daughters tenth birthday. I am going to a birthday party for her for the first time in ten years. I will not be putting on roller skates or anything other than Grandpa's face. I did steal ten suckers from the restaurant I ate at last night though. Your cookies look better but they would never survive the trip.

  5. hahahahahaha!

    That's all. Just laughter and smiles from me today.

    While you were making cookies I skyped you!! That's probably the call you couldn't figure out. I didn't leave a message because I was on the computer with no mic!!
    So blonde.


  6. very cute. i want some shark slippers too. and a full sized Santa in ten days. lol. hope the blizzard didnt overwhelm you! Here snow about 14 inches but drifts make some doors blocked.

  7. marianne, the pj's were quite a hit! and the slippers even more so. got your email ♥♥♥

    jos, we got our son-in-law a precision little helicopter. he couldn't wait to try it out. we never stop being children :) you make me laugh jos. i can just see you in quality control mode!!

    mim! hahahaha! i actually wrote the words 'wax philosophical' first--can you believe that? oh well yes you can because i'm so predictable, one, and two, great minds think alike :) take care friend xoxo

    mark, sweet. good. observe and enjoy. ♥

    lo, ahhhh, skype. so you set it up, eh? get ready marianne: she'll be taking the rollers out of her hair and putting on lipstick hee hee hee xoxo

  8. Oh, thank you for reminding me to do a little blog hopping today! Those photos are wonderful - my favorites being the boys in their PJ's!

    And who knew you could grow a man in only 10 days?!?!

    Love, Silke

  9. I want sharkey slippers! Just gorgeous. Yeh grow me a man in 10 days please but without the beard. I can live with the red suit.

  10. It was great fun to experience Christmas at #9! You captured it all beautifully!

    Pyjamas ARE such a great gift! (Ha-ha! Lo and Suki know this!) ,I want those sharky slippers too!!!!

    That "Grow-a-Santa" is hysterical!!!! And..the cookies (I KNEW you would get those posted) look wonderful - and taste even better!!!!

    Hmm...... going to wax philisophical..... I thought that was Emily's "thing"!!! Perhaps the two of you can co-author some posts!

    Drive carefully!!!!


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  11. Oh so sweet, christmas at #9 was a blessing indeed. oh those babies...sigh...i love those little jammy days...

    and snow!!

  12. Such wonderful photos... your house looks so warm & cozy. (I love that "grow-a-santa" - very funny!)

    If I didn't love my sock monkey slippers so much I think I'd have to look into getting a pair of shark slippers... very cool.


  13. KJ,

    please know that our allegra needs us all tonight...

  14. Something about pj's and slippers, especially new ones, can make any day a holiday! Sweet pix!