Friday, December 31, 2010

A Retrospective

Unmerited Grace
by kj
It slides through the window—
an elongated ribbon
Carousing the room,
A floating catapillar
With a mid air swish
Down the hall
into and over the lazy couch
And busy stove;
Branches off blanketing
My footprints and car keys
And even my worn sweatshirt
With the Arizona decal on it.
I’m showing up here!
I’m trying to piece together
The cutting confusion
And the magnificent moments.
Unmerited grace
Wraps itself around my ankles
Holding me in place
When I fall short
And pushing me forward
When I know better.
I’ve seen enough, really.
I know life can work when it doesn’t
And it can’t when it does.
I know prime can’t assure admission
And good people die
When they should be sunning.
I know all this
Only too well.
When that ribbon
Of unmerited grace
Finds me spent and shaking
In the far end corner
I could so quickly fold
like a dollar bill
Passed through too many idle hands.
But I don’t fold.
I shake and shudder
And sometimes whimper
From a place so deep
I can say
I’ve never been there.
But I don’t fold.
Finally, I know enough
To appreciate
The arrival of unmerited grace
In any form
And by any means.
When I see it
Sliding through my window
Swishing down the hall
Branching and blanketing,
I drop to my knees
And recite
The only real prayer
I’ve ever known:
Thank you.
Happy May-It-Be-Good Year....Love kj


  1. No kj, grace in your case is well merited. MWAH

  2. beautiful retrospective.

    This is going to be a great year KJ. I feel it in my bones.

    I love the poem, pulling me through to the last line as if that ribbon was wrapped around me.

    Happy New Year PP ;)

    Love you!

  3. kj Just stay the course and the ride will go on forever.

  4. That's lovely. Happy happy, May-It-Be-Good-Year, kj! xxx

  5. Dear KJ,
    What a stunning way to commemorate the old year.... it was a true "mixed bag", filled with unimaginable sadness, yet also containing great joy, a lot of laughter and inspiring us to go forward into 2011 with confidence, strength and ..grace.

    The circle of our friends has broadened and widened....and strengthened. It is a powerful thing and holds a lot of love.

    Sending all at #9 many hugs and kisses,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Just took some time to catch up. A very happy and peaceful New Year to you guys! ♥

  7. lovely thoughts about unmerited grace. i like the metaphor of the bill not folding. great to see the photos marking sad things and glad things. be well, suki

  8. ms. hells, thank you sweetie friend :)

    i'm following you, lo. i love it when you say this and i believe you. and your comment about this poem is so vivid and appreciated. thank you pumpkin. love you always

    ah mark, ♥

    caroline my friend, happy may-it -be-a-good year to you too times 100

    robin, thank you cupcake :) we're looking ahead! i fell into 2011 last night in a lovely spot, and i'm holding on to that, pulling you with me here and there :) xoxo

    cs, so very nice to see you here. it's a new day, a new dawn...xo

    thank you suki. i often mix my metaphors without thinking and this is no doubt one of those times but thank you alot for what you noticed. happy better maybe best 2011. xoxo

  9. oh yes may it be so!

    lovely photos, beautiful poem dear kj. today, this first day of twenty eleven is a very good day, i hope it is for you too!
    much love,

  10. Whether you knew it or not,,,

    personally,I think you wrote this poem for me. I love it, and I want it.
    Thank you,,,

    " ,,a place so deep I can say I've never been there"
    yes, I think you have, or you couldn't have written it. And we have, or we couldn't have felt it.
    Powerful stuff kj, and an excellent retrospective.

  11. Hi kj, just popped by to wish you a very Happy New Year and more wonderful published books in 2011! I love them all so far. xxxx

  12. Beautiful post KJ!
    One of my highlights was meeting you in 2010 and having breakfast at that terrace in Ptown with you and JB!
    Think that picture was taken there.....

    Happy New Year to you ♥ and JB of course!