Sunday, December 26, 2010

Information Passed On

(Baby Drew & Mr. Ryan)
Scene 1: The day after Christmas Mr. Ryan, Baby Drew, Jess, Mike, JB & kj finish a fine breakfast and are moving unexpectedly and quickly to avoid a normal two hour drive in an approaching snowstorm
Jessica to Mr. Ryan: Ryan, you need to get out of your pajamas and get dressed.
Mr. Ryan: No! (quickly escalates to whine and then wail) No! I don't want to go!!!
(ready to change whine to cry and while maintaining wail)
kj Gram: Ryan, you have to go. You want to be home when it snows today.
(Mr. Ryan's interest is piqued):
Mr. Ryan: Why Gram?
kj Gram: You want to be safe and cozy with your family because we're expecting a lot of snow.
Mr. Ryan: Where will you and bb be, Gram?
kj Gram: Right here, Ryan. We''ll be cozy in our house and you'll be cozy in yours.
Scene 2: Mr. Ryan cooperates with changing from his cozy pj's
Scene 3: Mr. Ryan and bb, presumably in the kitchen shortly thereafter
Mr. Ryan: bb, what's the snow?
bb (understanding his question): There's going to be A LOT of snow.

Mr. Ryan: When it snows alot, does it rain too?
bb: No, it doesn't usually rain when it snows.
From patience or love or both, another fact learned and stored. This is how it happens. This is why it's so important. This is reason enough to hang in and show up.
To everyone, I hope the last few days were at the very least interesting.


  1. Hi Gram???? It's me, Ryan.

    Gram??? Why Can't it rain the same time as it snows?

    Gram???? I really, really loved being at your house with BB and mom and dad and my baby brother Drewby.
    But Gram???? Why do I have to get dressed and go home?

    Gram??? Um, I love you.

    me too.

  2. Gram.... I'm home now....and REALLY is snowing....a lot.... but I still don't know why I couldn't have stayed in my jammies with you, BB and Stella... it was so much fun!

    Anyway, I'm home....and so is Mum and Dad and Drewby.... but I still miss you and BB.....



    p.s. Sounds and looks like a wonderful time was had by all! I ADORE the photo of the Boys!!!!!!

    Love to you, "BB" and Stella!


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  3. Yes indeedy. Baby Drew is not such a baby any more, my they grow fast. Now get out of that hot tub before you both turn into prunes. Gorgeous talking to you today MWAH

  4. These are such precious conversations, and we are very blessed to be closely involved, aren't we?
    I'm reminded of an old song we heard on the radio coming home from Dallas:
    "The nearest thing to heaven is a child; thank God for kids"

  5. Why does it snow?
    Does that mean it is snowing where Mr God is?
    Have you seen Mr God ever?
    Does that mean there are clouds in heaven.
    So is there sky and then more clouds and then sky and more clouds?
    Where does the snow go after winter is over?
    Why doesn't Santa Claus get stuck in the snow?
    Do you think maybe snow is broken bits of cloud?
    So is rain snow that's gone wrong? What makes the snow go wrong?
    Why doesn't it go wrong at the north pole?
    Does Santa Claus have warm pyjamas?
    Why is it cold at the south pole too?
    Is there a Santa that lives there too?

    huh huh? Why/what/how Gram? Love it (big cheesy grin).

    Yep, this year KJ ♥. I hear you.
    Love and hugs from here. xx Jos

  6. Apparently the last few days of mine were not anywhere as interesting as the last few days of yours. But then I like the nonsense of no sense.

  7. what sweet faces, what dolls. Hey, somehow I thought we guys up here would only get a little snow but we have a lot big drifts, white out conditions, wind.

  8. I love the questions my grandson comes up with...they grow so fast and the questions end so soon. This is exactly the way my grandson Graydon would have reacted...neither one of my grandchildren wanted to go home, when it was time. Lovely post,'s so great to spend time with the grandkids.

    Happy New Year, dear, if I don't get a chance to tell you sooner..

    The word verification is hipplums. After the holiday, I feel like I have a hip plum or two, heh!

  9. i can just see jess reading this lo: she is saying WTF??! hahahaha! you are too cute. everyone can read this but only i can hear your mr. ryan voice :)

    robin, actually, we had planned to keep the boys until monday night so jess and mike could get some needed relax time but with the predicted blizzard it made most sense for them to all be home safe and snug. we had a really nice christmas, cupcake. the raviolis came out awesomely, and they weren't hard to make!!! ♥

    hells, AHA! what a holiday present i got last night via skype. OMG! i spoke with my friend almost in person and what a doll she is, shy even in the cutest way. another step for man, er, womankind ♥

    babs, yes, yes. yes! treasures and blessings. i just love the learning and curiosity part. i'm glad you and your jack had an equally awesome time xoxo

  10. jos, HAHAHA, your own inside little girl came out asking, asking!!!!!

    is mr. god related to ms. goddess? do they live together?
    do they eat food?

    i could go on of course. but i will stop here and say yes, we are going to push and pull and tweak eachother full ahead, jos. i'm glad for the company, since you are already emily's business manager so maybe you will keep us organized in the personal growth and self love dept. i plan to add giggles and maybe even my annual sex survey before the end of this year ♥

    mark, i don't normally set goals or wishes for the new year but i am going to this year. how about joining me in breaking loose? :)

    suki, it's still snowing here. ther are high drifts and in some spots barely an inch. i know the snow will now stay on the ground until march, for you too, right?
    so the canvas is now white. hmmmmm.

    my dear hip-plum friend, i love when mr. ryan wants to stay. i love that jess and mike can relax here too. i love having lunch in pajamas. i love new year wishes from a very wise and wonderful friend in the chill north. ditto and likewise ♥

  11. oh so precious. i miss these little conversations so much, i need some babies in my life.

    i could picture it all kj, the small voices and big eyes when asking such important questions. (i would have wanted to know why too, since i have no snow experiance).

    i'm glad you are all safe and snuggly cozy in your homes, the storm looks fierce from here. and so beautiful.

    xxx love,

  12. I see you had a very very merry!!
    Happy New Year to you, bb, and stella.
    May you be blessed with so much more.
    Love and hugs.

  13. Those boys are so darling. I hope everyone made it home cozy and safe.xoxo

  14. lori, really, i think you've got to get yourself to nyc or here or nearby for a nor'easter snowstorm. you've traveled far and wide and your eye looks for glisten. so maybe it's coming to be time to stick your tongue out and see what it feels like when a snowflake or two or three falls on it i can't describe how delicious it is:)

    thanks so much marie, here's to a good year ahead with our families and friends ♥

    annie, thank you. they really are darling. i am hopelessly madly in love :)

  15. kj I jumped that fence a long time ago. To write, and write honestly is to have no boundary. I may or may not write well but I do write without lines or limits.