Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday It's the Holidays Mini Mish Mash Edition

When JB and kj got lost on their way to the Grand Canyon kj had a temper tantrum and ripped the map in a childish fit.

Who knew that the result would be a replica of Emily Rabbit's EARS?!

Credit Card(s). License. Bills for the Casino. I Phone. A Magic Pocket made by Lori that worked like a charm. (she has an etsy shop, ms. lori times five)

Isn't this kind of far to walk (or run) to a restroom?

I like to think of December as a Magical Season.

Are you knee-deep yet?

I am.

I thought I would have time this year to MAKE most or all of my presents for special people.


I haven't given up on baking cupcakes and sugar cookies and chocolate cakes and decorating each one individually.

Or painting at least one birdhouse and one of my father's old cigar boxes for at least a couple of special people.

Or of sharing meals with candlelight and chinese buffets with family and friends.

I haven't given up.


It's not much but it's what I have tonight: some photos to lighten the mood and change the subject.

Meanwhile, don't stress Jess. Hold on Don. Sing a carol, Harold. Smile Kyle. Don't holler Paula.

(Sorry, I need a little inspiration to keep the atmosphere light and easy for now.)

JB's Jewelry:
I keep thinking it would make a nice Holiday card

One of JB's bowls, which she is giving to no one as a present and isn't that totally silly on her part?

Want to say it with me? Pick the person or situation.

Okay now: Screw you!

Aaaah, that feels better. Now maybe I can say bless you too. :)

Ah Vermont.

Ah Vermont.

This is the proper Holiday attitude. In my dreams....

My mother's approach: "I just clean one wall at a time.
That's the way to do it: one wall at a time."

And I, Emily V.V. Rabbit who threw a tantrum on the living room floor until kj finally told me I could have the last word, am here to wish you:


don't forget to kick your feet high in the air and cry and whine from your stomach if you need a quick way to feel better. and if things get really bad throw or bounce frozen peas and maybe even frozen artichoke hearts.
Can we lighten up?
Shouldn't we?


  1. This mishmash things of yours are very funny! Screw you is very rude to say to your beloved visitors :-))) Your mom is the best! How wise to do one wall at the time. I will try to remember her words!

  2. Lovely mish mash dear!
    I like that screw room :) Is that a dark room with the lights on?
    (I am laughing here...)
    Nice pictures! I have temper tantrums as well not too often but when they occur....
    Enjoy the holidays dear!
    I am trying to do so as well.
    Here all is white, well at least that is much better that brown, mud and rain.


  3. Pee's on earth (ha ha ha) if you have to run all the way down that hallway

  4. HAHAHA HO HO HO! This made me very merry. I love your confession about the map. A wonderful mish mash. We can do this! We can make merry in spite of the stress! xox Pam

  5. This definitely is one of the most adorable of all posts I have ever come across Kj

  6. 'One wall at a time'.

    This is wisdom. I have learnt.

    Lovely photographs especially the doggy..

  7. I'm on my way out the door for my walk but I have one quick question first.

    WTF about the map??????????

    Where was your GPS????

    Then again you might have thrown that out the window and then had to resort to the map ;P



  8. I'm glad JB is keeping her bowl...I would, as well. It's stunning!

    I love your mom's wise words.

    And I love Emily's...Peas on Earth, along with Mim's comment!

    Lovely photos, kj!!


  9. Good Morning KJ! Ah. my pc is up and running again....what a relief!
    (I KNOW you can relate!)

    Love this particular "Mish-Mash" edition.... that map!!! (Yes, I have been that angry..... but how wonderful the map "morphed" into "Emily Ears'!)

    Lori's magical (and practial) "Hold Everything" bag.... it's gorgeous and fun!

    That L-O-N-G hallway - leading to the bathroom! Reminds me of one of my offices at Macy*s..where we had TWO bathrooms for the men on our floor....and NONE for the women! (And women outnumbered the men 10-1!) We had to run up two flights of stairs - or run down two flights.... or...(as I often did).... just "crash" the Men's Room!

    JB's beautiful bowl.... having seen it in person and held it - I can attest to how GORGEOUS it is.....and she should keep it!

    Stella..... with her pink toy! That made me smile!

    Your wonderful and WISE Mum...what a treasure she is! And what a treasure YOU are.... such a loving daughter!

    Last.... that "Screw Room" sign..
    Mon Dieu! Is that the room where one finds all the appropriate "hardware".......a-ha-ha!

    Oh wait... I forgot the photo snd comment from EMILY!!!! My dear Wabbit.... I agwee totallwy....wight now, during Chwistmas-time... we all need to throw more peas and jump up and down! Toss the wrapping paper, the wibbons, the CUPCAKES!

    Love you all!!!!


    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  10. cute post. I'd love to make all the gifts too, but ....get real Suki. Its a nice thought. Have a wonderful pre-holiday time throwing lots of peas and maybe some popcorn too.

  11. Mothers know Best,KJ :))

    Or doggies,relax take a look at Emma then you feel ...ZEN....
    Now I have to hurry,doing my Christmasshoppings ,haha.

    Take care,
    Marja and Mr,B

  12. HAHA. I like you.You're funny :D

  13. Things are much calmer in our car these days now that we have a sat nav!! I asked Trev the other day if he doesn't miss the somewhat dramatic histrionics involved at times in my navigational style ... stunned silence ensued.

    Off to stock up on frozen peas. Good tip Emily. xx Jos