Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Poem for Linda

Linda from Arizona 'gets' me. I don't know how or why that is the case, but I always feel she understands, plus she remembers details that sometimes I forget about myself. Her support and presence is a gift I very much appreciate. So when she told me it was time to write a happy poem, that's what I've done.
I'm looking for a title for this poem. In fact, I will award my choice of the best title with a little surprise something. My visitors here are a creative bunch, so please have a go at if if you don't mind!

Untitled for the Time Being
If I were to write a happy poem
Who I wonder would wish to comb
Through my words and find themselves
Dancing with me like little elves?
Is determination all I need
To fill nourish and sometimes feed
The ghosts that prey upon my feet
Scaring me with tales complete
Of mean and nasty lima beans,
Friends who don’t do what they mean?
Those who play at giving thanks
Without a thought to broken banks?
I have good accounts with full deposits
No miserable skeletons in my own closets.
So why the need to understand
When someone chooses not to land
In territory real and true
Why not turn the other shoe
And kick your heels toward better times
Where loving folks wait in the vines?
Where there is play and micron pens
No blemishes there from start to end.
You have enough, god knows you do
So now just look at what is true.
Bless the rest,
Pass the test.
Look beyond
A sad wrong song.
It had the words but lacked the tune
It’s time to wander elsewhere soon
Move on to where life is rich
And there’s no room for witch or bitch!
Okay, Linda, I wrote the words
That sing and have no silly turds.
I hope I’ve carved this poem just right
So life becomes a sweet delight.


  1. Awww, so sweet and lovely! Hi, KJ :)
    Just popping by to say hello and send you love! I love the picture of you with the sun rises :) You look happy and beautiful!

    As for the title...hmmmmmmm, I have to think. It is a wonderful poem for Linda....Maybe just "For Linda" :)
    Like is actually "for Elise" but was misconstrued through the years.

    Good to see you! Hugs and Well Wishes!

  2. I love this Kj! I think the title is in the poem,"Bless the Rest".
    Can't I rig this some way so I can win? :-).xoxo

  3. How about "happiness is a warm poem?"

    Or maybe "A ditty-do for Linda-Lou"
    Too cutesy.

    "Lyrical Ramblings?"

    "Beethoven's 5th.?"
    Shit! That's taken.

    OH! "It was a dark and stormy night!"
    Hmmm. I've heard that before and it still sounds sophomoric. ;P

    Okay. Give me a minute.

    "A Letter To A Friend."

    Okay. I'm done. I like that one.

    I love contests! Did I win anything?

    lo ♥

  4. I like this line a lot: Why not turn the other shoe
    And kick your heels toward better times

    A title then? "The Other Shoe"

  5. I can't think of a title! Arrrgh! My part-time cleverness has deserted me. :) What a wonderful poem for a friend. xox!! Pam

    PS My word vert is 'forstru'. Kinda like 'for you'. Maybe that's the title!

  6. hello kelly, thank you for coming by. happy and beautiful? why thank you, please come by more often! :)

    annie, that is a super title! you are going to be hard to beat!

    lo, thank you for all these suggestions, but i must tell you annie is in the lead. :)

    lynn, thank you. i like this too. (not to make annie nervous...) i always like it when a line or two of what i write is singled out. thank you ♥

    dear prudie1, hard news on renee's blog tonight. damn. xoxo

  7. Annie may have the lead, but did I at least make you laugh?
    Because I was truly cracking myself up!

  8. lo, you always crack me up!! you are one clever girl.


  9. delightful and soulful... that's what this poem is!

    really enjoyed reading it...

  10. Ah kj, LOVE the poem. The word that stands out to me the most, and what i would name this poem is Enough.
    I like that word.

    love you,