Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday 13: Mish Mash Vacation


How fast can three and a half weeks go?
This is my last few days in Provincetown. We leave on Sunday. What an interesting time. Time alone. Time with JB. Time with friends. Time at the sea. Time in the sun. Time on the couch. Time on the streets.
I'll let this week's Thursday 13 catch you up:


The Butts

Don't ask me why, but this picture makes me laugh. Maybe you had to be there to see the wiggles, especially from that certain doll in the yellow dress.



The Light

Here in Cape Cod and the Islands, the light is like no where else. It doesn't just reflect: it bounces. I took this just after sunrise.


The Poet

I hadn't been here two days before I became intoxicated by knowing there are locally signed Mary Oliver books at the Provincetown Book Store. I have bought three. One is currently earmarked for a special friend who I think will be willing to send me one of her unsigned (but touched and lived in) Mary Oliver books IF I send her one of my signed Mary Oliver books. I'll be happy with the deal.


The Tall Ship
The Kalmar Nyckel sailed into Provincetown Harbor last week and is here until August 29th. It is a replica of a tall ship built in 1625 to serve the Swedish Navy and later take settlers to America. JB and I are not going to have the time to take the three hour sail it offers, but I kinda wish we could/would/should.


The Seagull

I've already posted about seeing a glorious ocean sunrise. But did I add that when we got to the beach (a bit of a downward hike), my friend Liz saw these and said "Oh! Turkeys!" She quickly corrected such an uniformed identification and instead said, "Vultures!"


The Men

Some things I don't have pictures for. Like this: JB & I are walking back home the night of the Carnival Parade. 75,000 people came into this little town for this most outrageous parade, and into the night there was festivity and abandon on the streets.
So we're walking up Court Street and these three guys are in front of us, very drunk. They are all tall. The one in closest to me says something like, "How are you, bitch?" and for a millisecond I freeze, on alert, until I remember I am in Provincetown. Provincetown is a safe place. I often don't lock our doors. So I stare him down and I say, "You're calling me a bitch?!" and he immediately gets embarrassed, "Oh my God," he says in an exaggerated and drunken slur, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean it."
The guys proceed to invite us for drinks (we decline) while trying to pick up a small Brazilian man who is walking by. (I rescue him and he thanks me, we both shake our heads and laugh).
This is Provincetown. If there is danger here, I'm glad I don't know about it.
The Sharks

Sharks have been spotted within a mile of shore at Race Point and Head of the Meadow beaches. Yesterday a seal was killed by a great white. So this is no fooling around. I'm told the beach(es) where we go is safe, but this is my extent of coming face to face with a great white shark.


The Tarot

To ask the right question is already

half the solution of a problem. Carl Jung

I have an extensive collection of tarot books. My Mother bought me a James Bond Tarot deck when I was (probably) in middle school, and I read and actually trust the cards, most of the time. At the last YART art fair in our side yard, I charged $ 2 for a three card reading and I made $ 66 dollars. I was exhausted.

I bought this little reference book a few weeks ago and I so recommend it. If you don't know the tarot, and want to, this will be a good start. And if you already know what each of the cards mean, I think you will find interesting interpretations.


The Breast

Hahaha, I offer this without comment for your possible artistic enjoyment.


The Women

So JB and Anne and I are having coffee in a small very cozy general store here in town. It has been pouring all day and we are soaked. Two women walk in and they are even more soaked, they are drenched. They are both in their seventies. We make small talk with them about the rain and they tell us they have just arrived from Minneapolis. They are here to get married (Massachusetts in one of a small number of states that allows gay marriage.)

They are so excited. They ask if they can order a wedding cake at this general store and JB and I tell them yes, but they should also consider Connie's coconut cake (I bow to this cake). I have noticed in the very back of the store, near the bathrooms, there is one remaining bride-bride cake topping--those plastic little dolls that you see at weddings. I ask the women to wait and I go get it and buy it for them. I say, "Congratulations on your marriage" and they say, "This is our first wedding gift." The whole exchange was very sweet.



The Dove

I should look up what it means when a dove appears. This afternoon, after the beach and before the outside dinner at Bubulas, where we have local mussels served in a sausage and cream sauce, JB and i are having drinks on our tiny roof deck when this dove lands and stays on the roof next door. I am totally willing to take this as a good sign. I don't even need to know the details.


The Hearts

And more signs today. Thanks to Robyn ♥, I now look for hearts everywhere. But these two found me: one in front of the incoming tides and one lying by my blanket. No problem, I accept these signs too.


The Collection

Mr. Ryan, seen here watching ScoobyDo (surely I should know how to spell this), gleefully gathered stones and shells from the beach and bay, carefully putting them in a green plastic strainer and a blue plastic pail, and calling it all his 'collection.' Which I guess is no great shakes except that he is only three, and I thought use of that word was a pretty sophisticated word for his little age.
So will anyone join me in doing a Thursday 13? This week or next? Who cares if it's a day or so late? :)
I will be making a not-minor transition in a few days: back home, different season, a return to chores, a return to work. It's been a good few weeks. There is still a little more to wring out and savor.


  1. Here's a quote from one of the sites on animal totems about the dove..."When the mourning dove visits ask yourself if you need an emotional release of some kind. Pent-up emotions can cause health problems and psychological issues. You may be needing a good cry."

    Of course, different sites have different interpretations, but most comment on emotional issues.

    I loved this post. And we've heard about the sharks on the east coast, even way up here!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation, kj, Sunday will come too soon. I like thinking of you relaxing either on the couch or the beach!

  2. I have to run, so I just skimmed, I LOVE sharks, though I don't really want to swim with them :-). I will come back this evening and
    really pay attention when I have time.
    Also, so sad about A.J.!:-(

  3. I have to run, so I just skimmed, I LOVE sharks, though I don't really want to swim with them :-). I will come back this evening and
    really pay attention when I have time.
    Also, so sad about A.J.!:-(

  4. I have to run, so I just skimmed, I LOVE sharks, though I don't really want to swim with them :-). I will come back this evening and
    really pay attention when I have time.
    Also, so sad about A.J.!:-(

  5. What? How did that happen?

  6. Dear "KJB",
    Sunday WILL bring a myriad of emotions for you, JB and..yes, Stella, as you begin the drive West.

    It HAS been a healing holiday for you..... I see it in every word you have written in your novel, in every photo you have posted - every post. Even on days when you feel you are not are.

    Now, to this post.... whenever I see (or hear) Morning Doves - I think of my Mum....she adored them and I always thrink she has sent them to me to let me know she still watches over me. That Dove was watching over YOU...sending love and strength.

    Sharks......yikes! As you might know, SF (cold water that we have) is a BREEDING Ground for Great Whites... and, of course, we have a huge seal, it is not a pretty sight out West from the GG....I actually am awed by the power and strange beauty of sharks....but, I never want to swim (or even wade) anywhere they might be....("Jaws" scared me for life!)

    And now, having read Angelique's post....we all must send strength and prayers to Jacquie as she renews her own personal struggle...

    But....we all have each is something I have learned this Summer.... many, many extraordinary people in our ever-growing "Blogging World"...and YOU, dear one, are the thread that binds us all close....

    Enjoy these last few days at Cape Coddy! Have ANOTHER Lobster Roll for me.... and don't forget to make sure Emily Wrabbit does not stay behind when you leave!!!!

    Love, always,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Ahh, the sharks. I'm hoping it's good news that they've started showing up again. Maybe not good news for the seals, but maybe for the sharks.

  8. so many and various adventures on your vacation. thanks for sharing them with us. Je t'adore. If that is written rightly. Have a smooth transition. blessings, Suki

  9. wow - so much going on....and it is hard to believe your holiday is coming to an end. seems like i was just reading about the first few days -

    love your new foto on the sidebar -- great shot!! and photo number 2 in the post........that light does bounce and you surely caught it girl. just breathtaking.

    hope your transition home is a soft landing of happy memories. xo

  10. Okay, I will try to do 13, but it will likely be a Saturday or Sunday 13. You might have to remind me.
    As to the doves, I have 10 or so doves that come daily to be fed, I think they are always a good sign :-). As are the hearts. I have been collecting heart rocks for years, another good sign. Yes,
    Drew is a smart fella. Have a wonderful next two days of your vacation! Sending out love to Jacquie and family.

  11. Oh, it is Mr. Ryan that has the collection, I got confused, but they are both smart little darlings :-).

  12. Oh, it is Mr. Ryan that has the collection, I got confused, but they are both smart little darlings :-).

  13. It sounds like the perfect vacation. And I might be wrong, but I definitely get the feeling that there is a collection of short stories here. Stories about your time at the beach. I think you have the chapters all laid out. 13. :)) Have fun until you drop! xox Pam

  14. Lovely to read all 13! I enjoyed reading this post

    About the number 11.

    The dove is considered messenger of Mother Earth and is also a symbol of hope, peace, motherhood, safety,fertility love forgiveness and letting go.
    Wow isn't that beautiful.....

    Can you believe your holiday is nearly over........
    I am back from Singapore and things are back to normal again here.
    The kids have their last week of holiday.

    I have been looking forward to going to the states and I knew it that there would also come a moment when it would all be behind me.....
    I enjoyed the anticipation I enjoyed the moment and now the memories.

    Enjoy these last few days dear!
    I love that we have a few common memories now


  15. I was reading about Cape Cod's glacial origins just last night.

    So, what happened? I came home from Portland to find a distressed note from you, which I dutifully sat down and answered immediately despite wanting nothing more than to go to bed, and I've since received silence on your part. I don't know if I made you feel better or worse.

  16. Aaah, it always ends way too soon.
    So many wonderfilled things to reflect on.
    Here's wishing you a relatively easy re-entry.

    I love doves. And I want a heart shaped rock. I look and look, and never find any.

    Sharks are just one more reason I enjoy the sea from the beach only.

  17. I've yet to have a vacation that lasts long enough.

  18. I love #9, 10 and 11. And I think if you can have a collection of stones and shells as a child, you will be alright...

  19. I really love these thursday 13s, i've learned so much about Providence and the east coast and you. I can't believe it either that the 3 weeks passed so quickly, but maybe not. Look at all the fantastic memories you made during this time and now have to take with you.

    #3. friend is going to be one happy person. indeed.

    ♥ lori

    p.s. i love what Marianne said about the dove. and i'm sorry i laughed out loud at the turkey/vultures! heehee